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  1. Not on a holiday unfortunately just been busy working and got out of the habit of posting. Hope you're ok.
  2. I was a doubter i thought he'd be going but he's extended his contract and obviously I'm very pleased, hopefully he'll be back smashing goals in for fun and help with our promotion chances. Come on Wednesday stop messing around we can do it.
  3. Come wednesday 3 points today we can do it 2-0
  4. Omg I love that I want one.
  5. Leave it as it is there has been too much change already kit, badge seats etc.
  6. We shall see on Saturday but if Carlos is confident then so am I.
  7. Hi Tinks, Im just not in the habit of coming on all the time any more. I hope you're ok x
  8. I hope Carlos is still the man for the job, come on Carlos sort out the problems and get us back on track.
  9. It's good to get it off your chest
  10. Too many changes it was never going to go down well.
  11. Let him go if he's not happy here WAWAW don't think he is.
  12. So last year.
  13. Be good if true.
  14. Thank you.
  15. Reach for the stars Climb every mountain higher Reach for the stars Follow your hearts desire. Im so excited is he here yet.
  16. Haha as we are a little goal shy at the moment i thort 3-0 sounded quite ambitious.
  17. As ive only been going to matches for five years mine has to be Wembley would love to have hammered Hull 3-0
  18. I really wish he hadn't gone there as i cant wish him luck now. I think he'll do ok for for them.
  19. Hi Tinks ive had a lot on so just got out of the habit of coming on here. i hope you're well x
  20. haha it was me being witty.
  21. Wrong section!
  22. I'm not sexist one bit where as Carlos is a sex bomb Bruce is more a comfy slipper.
  23. Typical bloke always thinking the grass is greener.