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  1. Concentrating on league.
  2. We should win 2-0 toneet.
  3. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    I dont have a wife.
  4. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    It doesn't even rhym.
  5. The old badge looks much better.
  6. Wallace at it again.....

    He's stood in a peculiar way.
  7. I love Llera. good luck
  8. Cantona to Leeds

    Oh yes me.too.
  9. Cantona to Leeds

    I know I was so glad it didn't go well for him there.
  10. Cantona to Leeds

    I hated it when Connor Wickham went to Leeds.
  11. M1 To Leeds

    I'm not surprised curry and strip darts far too much excitement for one day.
  12. Lets not get ahead of ourselves

    Quite a few people on here don't like having laugh and get really offend when people start cracking jokes and lightening the mood.
  13. M1 To Leeds

    Now that made me laugh.
  14. Lets not get ahead of ourselves

    I still miss Big guns he really kept it lively on here.