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  1. He did ok when he was on the pitch, nothing outstanding but nothing dreadful. I think what held him back was his general attitude, he strikes me as one of those blokes who just is never happy. He looked just as p*ssed off on the pitch as he did warming up. I might be completely wrong but my guess would be that Carlos just got fed up with him.
  2. All four spent considerably more than we did, yes this season maybe Brighton paid less in fees but over the last 5 years they have blown us out of the water. Middlesbrough spent nearly £20M on just two players in 2015/16. Burnley spent £9M on Andre Gray along with having players like Barton/Keane/Heaton on big money as well. I agree that with the players we had this year the top 2 was possible and without injuries to Hooper and Lee at the same time I think we'd have pushed the top 2 more.
  3. I'll watch it, I don't give a sh*t who wins. Will spend most of it thinking how rubbish the atmosphere will be.
  4. They will I agree but so will we and I think we're better than all 3 of those.
  5. Who are these teams you are talking about? Since Carlos has been here only Burnley, Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Brighton have finished in the top 2. Which one of those spent less than we did?
  6. I agree 100%, if you look at 15/16, Brighton's 15 point lead over us that they were so keen to point out was all made up from their amazing start and our stuttering one. I think we'll certainly challenge for automatic next season. I don't buy all this harder league stuff. There's no Newcastle, there's no Brighton and of 3 that have come down 2 of them are a mess. We've got as good a chance as anyone.
  7. Ideally you'd like to get most of the players in as early as possible. I agree a good start is important, if you look at the last 2 seasons the one area we had problems in both was August, after a good opening day win in both we didn't win again in the league until September.
  8. So he was as close in August 2015 as he is now?
  9. Delighted.
  10. Yes very, I think like most the Brighton away game was the day it became more or less impossible. As an optimistic fan I did think if we still had a half chance after the Norwich game but we then had the bad run which ended any hope.
  11. I don't want this to sound like a criticism of Sam (even though it kind of is but stick with me) but for me we need a partnership that is going to play 90% of the games next season. Consistency in your defence is key and we all know that Sam can't play that amount of games due to fitness and we also know that he is fairly likely to pick up a couple of suspensions as well.
  12. It's an interesting debate, I get the feeling that some fans sometimes forget that they don't actually have to support this club. They can do other things with their money.
  13. lee

    Erm no, because the fella is bang on.
  14. lee

    Good post, I agree 100%.
  15. I like to think he means we bring in players who are already at the level of the players mentioned. Making those players the benchmark of what we should be looking to attract. Sadly I think he's just a bit daft.