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  1. Well done you've reached Dom Howson level of desperation for clicks.
  2. Both these games would have been moved anyway though wouldn't they? It's not like we weren't expecting it were we?
  3. Did Watford not sign McGugan and then realise he wasn't better than Abdi?
  4. The only reason I'd sell Joao to another Championship club is if it was crazy money. It's not like Wolves to pay silly money for a player is it? Oh no wait hang on.....
  5. There are hundreds of players who have had periods of frustrating injuries and have gone on to have good careers. Considering we have a new medical team at the club let's give him a bit of time working with them before we make a judgement eh?
  6. It depends on how you look at it. In terms of raw ability I think Forestieri is our best player. He can change games within an instant, he's got the sort of ability which would cut it in the Premier League.
  7. A lot of qualified physiotherapists on here tonight.
  8. Unless you're Carlos, how could you possibly know what he is or isn't going to say in the build up to a game 2 and a half months away?
  9. As a footballer there is no doubting Lewis McGugan is a great player at this level. I was delighted when we signed him permanently but at the same time I never felt he was a Carlos player and I don't believe for a second Carlos wanted to sign him in the first place but the deal was already in principal prior to his arrival and they probably didn't want to ruin a decent relationship with Watford. I don't know if it was him or not that refused to play in a certain position but all the evidence points that way, one thing that is 100% on him though is the way he conducts himself in terms of playing in the U23's and training hard. At the very least it might get him on the radar of a few clubs. If he knew he was not in the plans for last season(which is a fair assumption I think) why did it take him until March to request an U23 game? Why does he not want to play football? Is the money we're paying him that good that he'd rather sit and rot for however long until his contract is up rather than earn similar money doing what he is more than capable of doing which is playing football and scoring and assisting goals?
  10. I'm one of Ross' biggest fans. I think he's been excellent for us since he arrived and will be a key part of things next season I'm sure. However I don't blame Carlos for playing the 'keep them keen' game with him. If it keeps him motivated and gets the best out of him then it will be a stroke of genius wont it?
  11. Why do you need to club to make a big song and dance about it?
  12. What about the bit in January that said it would become a permanent transfer?
  13. Beat me too it.
  14. Taking up an option and signing a new deal are different things. Dawson actually signed a new contract didn't he? If it was just an option for Wildsmith in his existing deal then their isn't really a need for an announcement.