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  1. Awful injury, hope he recovers quickly. He was amazing on Football Manager 2005.
  2. If United match our spending of 2012/13 they will be relegated. Simple.
  3. I don't think it will come down to that last game. If it does I think we'd beat Fulham with a huge crowd behind us.
  4. Mostly fair points I would say however who genuinely cares what other fans think? They more than likely don't give a sh!t what we think.
  5. I love how wound up some blades are over the fact that they might struggle to adapt to this division. I don't think it's an unfair statement to make to say that without some additions they would be in the bottom 6 and even with some good additions it's still likely to be a struggle. If they start badly then there will be less of this "Chrissy is a top man" sh!t and more of the "get Warnock back this cnuts sh!t". Judging by the way Radio Sheffield talk about United and ourselves they are desperate for a derby but in my opinion we shouldn't really be thinking about the Championship 2017/18 until we know whether we'll be in it or not and for the record I don't think we will.
  6. I don't get people that don't rate Wallace, he's been a top end Championship player for years, had some very good games for us since he arrived and has scored some very important/iconic goals. Was the obvious choice for Player of the Month. I think it's a case of people having short memories and forgetting that before Wallace there were the likes of Maguire and Maghoma in our ranks as 'wingers'.
  7. Can you tell it's the international break?
  8. I know but my point was Ian makes it very clear he's with "my mate Shaun" but Shaun never say's "Oh I've got ex Blackpool Ian here" They're both complete to55ers anyway. I agree about 2-1 Ken, good caller and a nice bloke.
  9. Ian the ex Blackpool blade, friendless? Never.
  10. Shaun quickly becoming the most annoying caller shortly followed by Ian (did you know he used to live in Blackpool and now lives in Eckington). I do find it strange how Ian always calls Shaun "my mate" yet I don't remember Shaun ever mentioning him.
  11. I agree 100%, some of the fouls that have been given against him are amazing. Birmingham away this year Michael Morrison grabbed him round his neck from behind and pulled him down yet the free kick was given for Birmingham. The one last night was almost as bad, Atdhe was already in the air when the defender backed into him.
  12. I watched most of the game, he played well. Deserved his goal and took it well. It appears that he still gets absolutely no protection from the referees at that level either. There was one 'foul' he got penalised for where the defender literally jumped right into him. Ridiculous.
  13. Design's impressive, some of the names.......... less so.
  14. The best thing about tonight's show was Ryan Hindley's Chris Eubank impression. Kyle Walker isn't even the best right back in the England squad in my opinion, he's always been suspect defensively. To suggest he's the best right back in the world is another example of Sheffield United bias nonsense alongside such things like "We produces Gary Cahill" and "We only went down because of Tevez".