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  1. I'm going to rearrange my record collection. Autobiographically.
  2. I think Abdi is finished with us. Watford have done us, we all hear about how great he was for them during their promotion season & the first year in the prem but they still let him go. We bought a player who never seems to be fit & takes an age to recover. Now he's the wrong side of 30. I hope he proves me wrong next year but I can't see this guy playing much of a part for us.
  3. Great statement. DC will have been disappointed with last night but young Att will have been devastated. As an adult you understand the highs & lows but for the kids it feels like the end of the world. DC might have had a soft spot for other clubs in the past but all Att will have known is Wednesday, that true emotional involvement will rub off on DC.
  4. I don't care what anyone says, penalties are easy unless you over complicate them. You set up to take a 10 yard run at it & then you boot it as hard as you can down the middle & even if the goalie gets a hand to the ball it will still go in. Rhodes should be ashamed for ducking a penalty (if reports are true). It is a non negotiable part of the job requirements for a striker.
  5. 2-0 to us. Wallace to score first. From outside the box. He will fancy trying his luck from distance & the ball will skid all over the wet pitch causing the goalie problems. Its a shame Ward is back in their goal.
  6. Sheffield Wednesday 2 Huddersfield Town 0 I think there will be plenty of good quality play from both sides but I back us to get the win. Wallace to score a banger from distance & Rhodes to make sure late on. I have a hunch there will be a red card too. UTO.
  7. 'Self confessed foreigner Carlos Carvalhal has openly admitted he is trying his best to get Sheffield Wednesday promoted to the Premier League. The ENGLISH Premier League. You read that right. Who does Carvalhal think he is with his close to perfect English language skills, affable manner & respect for opponents? It's people like him who are ruining ENGLISH football and this paper can't for one can't wait to see the back of him. He needs to realise that Brexit means Brexit which means Brexit whatever that means.....probably Brexit'
  8. A decent example of 'catenaccio' from The Owls. Tom Lees MoM for me. Loovens, Pudil & Hunt all made an error or two & Lees was there to cover them. Still can't believe Leeds let him go for pocket money.
  9. Without wanting to sound overly arrogant, from a defensive perspective, that was a walk in the park compared to what Brighton threw at us 12 month ago in the away leg. Hopefully it will give us the confidence to take it to them a bit on Wednesday.
  10. I agree with that. When you consider how hard (& well) we worked to keep our shape in defence it's a shame we undid all that good work by being unable to retain possession in the middle of the park. A little more composure across the midfield & we may have stretched Huddersfield enough to really test them. All in all nil nil & back to Hillsborough isn't bad & I don't think Huddersfield have much of a plan b. I think we should be too good for them at home.
  11. Gerra'grip. Prem will be brill. Just imagine sitting down in front of the telly at half ten on Saturday night. Da da da daa da da da daa da da da da da!! Wednesday back on MOTD, lovely stuff. I haven't watched it for a while tho I must admit, does Life of Riley still soundtrack goal of the month?
  12. I loved this, I would even put a suit on for imaginary cup final day.
  13. Fulham Shmulham. Our boys won't panic like other teams do when they attack us. We don't even panic when we go a goal down. At this point in the season I truly believe our lads expect to win every game we play. We are the team to beat.
  14. Football Football! Everybody's talking about it! Football Football! Everybody's playing it! Football Football! The next big thing!