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  1. Fulham Shmulham. Our boys won't panic like other teams do when they attack us. We don't even panic when we go a goal down. At this point in the season I truly believe our lads expect to win every game we play. We are the team to beat.
  2. Football Football! Everybody's talking about it! Football Football! Everybody's playing it! Football Football! The next big thing!
  3. It's the hope that kills you...
  4. Yes bro. I'd rather one of them oinkers get burned instead of an Owl!
  5. That mister what wrote that about us seems like a silly sausage.
  6. Don't like Harry Potter, it's unrealistic. A ginger kid with 2 mates?!
  7. Owls win 2-0. Fletcher to score first & Forestieri to come off the bench & get the second.
  8. It happens. Ditch the zip & go back to button fly.
  9. A lot of our friends from north of the border & Ireland can be susceptible to the condition known as 'celtic skin' Caused by mild increases in uv rays sufferers can develop symptoms such as salmon coloured foreheads & freckle chops. A serious case ruled Darren Fletcher out for 18 months after he sat too close to the light of his open fridge whilst trying to see if milk really could turn quicker than Steven Naismith. Doctors advise drinking copious amounts of Irn Bru & reading The Broons whilst in the shade. I have suffered myself & I can tell you Barry had better be slathered in factor 80 tomorrow.
  10. RS- 'Will Fernando Forestieri play any part tomorrow?' CC- 'Despite what John Lennon says you cannot sit on a cornflake, we are Sheffield Wednesday & I am the egg man, I am the walrus' RS- 'Are you happy with your league position at this stage in the season?' CC- 'Sitting in an English gardenwaiting for the sun, If the sun don't come you get a tan from standing in the English rain' RS- 'Erm ok, would you be happy with a point against Newcastle? The twitter pundits are suggesting only a win will do' CC- 'Expert, texpert choking smokers, don't you think the joker laughs at you ho ho ho, hee hee hee, hah hah hah' RS- 'Rightio, your cross city neighbours can secure promotion this weekend?' CC- 'See how they smile like pigs in a sty, see how they snide'
  11. In the style of Barry Davies: There's not long left on the clock now & we look to be heading for extra time. This has been two good sides cancelling each other out. It has been delightful weather here in Wembley & I must say it was a marvellous experience driving down from Yorkshire & using the new 'M1 midlands bypass' turbo ramp. So convenient landing just outside the capital. Kieran Lee has come on for Barry Bannan to make his first appearance following his return from injury. We have been waiting for a moment of inspiration all game, could this be it as Forestieri picks it up in his own half, a fleet footed turn & he's away, a quick one two with Lee. Forestieri pushes the ball out wide to Wallace neatly skipping over the defenders boot. Wallace looks up for the cross but dummies. He drags the ball back inside & the defender drops his note from the manager. The ball flies across goal & Winnall leaps in to the air, he is first to the ball & by the hymen of Olivia Newton John that is close! The ball ricochets off the post & in to the path of FORESTIERI! Almost. Cannons off the bar! By the power of greyskull Wednesday are forcing there way in to top flight. The ball bounces on the edge of the box, who will get there first...... LEE! ITS KIERAN LEE! Of course it is, it had to be! The championship Iniesta has gone & done it for the Owls. The Wednesday fans are going crazy & in the Leeds end it is so quiet you can hear the sound of an inconsolable Paul Walsh tearing up another betting slip. They are back, the fans had told us they would be but now Sheffield Wednesday are back!!! The dream for Carlos & the fans has come true.
  12. Either bright light, getting wet or eating after midnight.
  13. There is a great clip of Tricky Trev running up in to the crowd to give his Mrs a big snog after we beat the Blades at Wembley. You can see how much the win meant to them. I would like to think it's just one of many happy memories for the Francis family. Sad news.