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  1. SheffieLd yOoWnited
  2. The bigger issue for Forest would be why did Mccormack take such a woeful penalty? Even if Westwood had walked, ANYONE could have saved that!
  3. Fessi, Fletcher, Hooper, Winnall, Joao, Nuhiu and possibly even Rhodes. Can't give all of them a good run at the same time can we? Simple fact is we have too many strikers for them all to play. While I agree in part about the service, at least 2 of these need to be moved on. Joao and Nuhiu are the obvious ones
  4. I love the FA cup, but can see this being a very dull affair. You just know Jordan Rhodes will get the only goal in a terrible game. But who for.......?
  5. Terrible top 10! Most were pretty run of the mill saves! The Newcastle match the other night produced 5 or 6 saves better!!
  6. My memory might be failing me, but didn't we score first that day but it was disallowed?
  7. I can't believe I forgot ben10!
  8. After seeing ANOTHER Jordan Rhodes thread, it got me thinking. Surely Rhodes has been linked with us for longer than anyone else in history? Any others that were continuously linked? and did we end up signing them?
  9. Newcastle runaway leaders and Wednesday finish 16th. Worryingly accurate though. They have The Blunts not getting promoted haha
  10. Walter Smith was all set to be our manager. Remember seeing it in the news but he opted for Everton at the very last minute. I also remember hearing that Big Ron had lined up deals for Lombardo, Klinsman and Lauren Robert before Richards sacked him
  11. Magic sponge is a wicked podcast. Some great stories from the not so professional side of the game
  12. I remember the night we beat Watford 4-0 in the cup and Hamshaw ran from halfway to score a solo goal. After that went in the Wednesday fans on the kop were doing the conga. Announcement came over the tannoy, "would all Wednesday fans, dancing the conga, please return to their seats". Was brilliant at the time but a few years later I spoke to a Watford fan who was at that game. He told me the announcement wasn't just to the kop but was " accidentally" played on the away end. He said losing 4 -0 was bad enough but the conga just killed them!
  13. There's also contracts in place for the rights to show live games. Similar to apps like tune in radio. Once the match starts they can't broadcast it because Wednesday player has the rights to online commentary.
  14. Can't even pronounce Cantona! What a moron. I'd love Villa to join dem blavdes in the pub league next year
  15. An old coach of mine used to say "speak softly and carry a big stick" I.e stay quiet on social media etc and hit em hard on the pitch. This is exactly how we should approach this season