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  1. He is an excellent player...proven at this level, good team worker and great attitude. Came into a negatively set up side lat year, devoid of creativity or flair. I am very confident he will score 20+ this season given service, set up as we did last year and he may get 10-15?
  2. No, Carlos learn to learn quickly that players need to play in their correct positions. Better with a youth player i.e. O'Grady playing in his natural position than Pudil or Hutchinson 'doing a job' at CB
  3. Agree but like your optimism. Apart from Reach CC doesn't really do youth more tried and tested fits our recruitment strategy so doubt he is on our list. Would like us to develop some younger players though, short term thinking re recruitment will come back to haunt us should we not be promoted his season or next with no youth coming through.
  4. Personally I think FFP is a smokescreen, DC seems to be a canny negotiator on fees, so suspect this public press release reminds selling clubs we will not pay over the odds. He has shown he is willing to wait until the last minute to get a deal on his terms and think this year looks like it will be the same. Just hope this does not cost us as it did last season, with a slow start.
  5. His best position would be at another club
  6. The sponsorship thing may have some truth to it, I can't see any other reason for being so incompetent in releasing a new kit. Things usually move at speed when DC is in town, hopefully he is back this week and we see a kit and a new signing or two before the season starts.
  7. Wanted Bartley and/or Ayala, but obvious we are working to a budget in view of FFP. Dean and Mulgrew would improve the team/squad from last year and would be happy with this. Adding Hutton into the mix still baffles me though
  8. Agree, not a player I would have gone for but while he wears the blue and white shirt (assuming it is blue and white, not seen it yet!) should get our full support.
  9. Maybe we could play in the scottish pub league, reckon we could win that
  10. Didn't realise he was that tall. An understated signing but a player I thought looked good a few years ago., been off my radar though recently. Could be good, rather £1m on him than £5m on Hanley. Much rather have Bartley or Ayala though.
  11. Considering current injuries/knocks likely to be Jones and Bannan When fit hutchinson would be the first on the team sheet, difficult then to choose between bannan and Lee....bannan maintains the ball well and can dictate play, Lee has more energy and attacking threat. Jones and Abdi still relative unknowns due to lack of game time, although Jones has looked decent in preseason highlights. 5 very good championship midfielders, nice problem to have
  12. Agreed, I suspect we parted on good terms, allowed him to have a look round and left the door open. Useful back up and players speak highly of him, morale goes a long way in this league.
  13. Thought it was ominous that he didn't go to Portugal. Would have liked to see him given game time this season.
  14. Exactly, this is Wolves so easily worth £15m to them Personally, I would keep Joao as an option from the bench. He has a bit of pace, is a big lad and offers something a little bit different. Can't see the value in loaning him out again, especially to a rival.
  15. Hoban must be the back up option, can't believe he would be the first choice target. Expect if we are after him, would be to fill the Sasso role of recent years.