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  1. I honestly dont think there is a budget as such, the only constraint being FFP. If the right player is available and affordable within FFP then he will be signed. Since DC has arrived always been about improving the team and money seems to be no object, if you factor in our huge squad last year. Think we will see squad size trimmed this year and quality improved.
  2. Barry is a good player, retains the ball well, lots of energy, very underrated in terms of the creativity he brings and good injury record. A player we should be looking to keep unless offers in excess of £10m which would allow us to bring in a replacement of similar quality.
  3. Be surprised if Westwood leaves, he is on a good thing with us, decent money, first name on the team sheet and playing well. He has done the premier League and sat on the bench enough.
  4. Suspect he considers Rhodes deal already done given he has been with us for 4 months with permanent deal in place, so 4 or 5 in addition to Rhodes.
  5. Good news IMO, knows how we play and a solid squad player able to step in when required.
  6. Flint, im not sure....adds height but slow and hardly solid at bristol last season. One of best CB's I saw vist hillsborough was the Cardiff lad, Manga? Solid defensively, not slow and a threat in the air at set pieces.
  7. Like to see more of buckley, who would be a realistic target budget wise. Would also like to see someone like Tom Ince who can beat a player and carries a goal threat. We were linked with him before but whether credible or not don't know.
  8. Has to and suspect that would have been discussed with DC. Fine margins but a more attacking mindset, play 15 yards further up the pitch. Hypothetical, but add in players like Mooy, Cairney and Ince to our team, and easy to see how we could dominate possession, force teams back and be more creative. These three, a quality CB and another pacey wide player would see us capable of challenging for the top 2.
  9. Happy with our striking options, creativity in midfield is where we need to strengthen. Nuhiu can go for me, joao needs to buck his ideas up and start to challenge for a place in the team, otherwise out on loan again with a 24hr recall clause in case of injuries. Hirst can fill in where necessary and start to integrate with the first team. Much rather he on the bench than nuhiu and would help his development.
  10. Nice to hear, identified we need squad in place earlier and a stronger start to the season, something we always discuss every year. Other rumours suggest we are looking to add pace, something we also recognise. Gops stuff
  11. I hope so, but suspect he won't. Maybe if he brings in the players necessary, i.e the likes of Ince who we were linked with may see an attacking shift. I hope DC made this a key consideration of extending his contract......sell/release some potatoes and buy more fish.
  12. Guess now Silva has become available and the Porto gig disappeared, looked more likely. I was an outer last year, but come back round and on balance pleased as continuity probably the most important thing to maintain momentum with this group of players. He knows this league and we are a big hitter, he needs to change mindset to reflect this, worry less about the opposites and impose our brand of attacking brand. When we go a goal up, dont sit back, go and get a second....and third etc. Had we approached the Huddersfield game in this manner we may have been looking forward to a trip to Wembley. Fine margins, if we can improve by another two league places next season, will be very happy! DC has given him tools to challenge in this league and sure he will have more to spend....looking forward to next season.
  13. Would be a backwards step for me. Great player, but apart from getting Leicester promoted (with probably the biggest budget in the league that year), what has he done? Football evolves quickly, pearson doesnt seem to and possibly the reason he bombed at Derby. Clubs hardly queuing up for him?
  14. Thought we were getting Pardew? Worth looking at... Steve Bruce Jokanovic Gary Monk Dean Smith Someone from Germany in case we need to do a penalty shootout again
  15. Rather have Alan Irvine back.......NO!!