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  1. Could end up in back in the side if CC doesn't last the season. Dont think we have seen the last of him here
  2. Ahh - The kiss of death
  3. Also recommend Cavoeiro and Porches down on the coast..if you get the chance and if you play golf, then Quinta del Lago is worth a stay..its nice even if you don't play and want a good break.
  4. Nice - and much more intersting than flying too.
  5. Thats quite a treck - through Denmark, Germany, France into Spain and then Portugal?
  6. Or low and you will never be dissappointed...
  7. What's disappointing is the lack of any insight or opinion. As for my comment, all subjective really. I dont always agree with what he or other say but I don't resort to petty one worders. Perhaps my expectations were a little too high.
  8. Is that all you have? Basically an inability to add anything constructive to a debate. It may be funny once but becomes a little bit pathetic after that.
  9. If he isn't gong to dislodge Lee, Bannan or Hutch there is no point in signing him. And that goes for any other potential CM signings
  10. Statistics mean very little with Derbies - proper ones, not Rotherham etc.. At home Last season we had a tendacy to turn up for the second half and rarely forced the pace. Cant afford that next term as the Blunts will be in our faces right from the off. We don't like that. Dont share you optimism for the home matches - its away where I think we will do better.
  11. We'll see
  12. Difficult matches and Wilder has done well so far. The way CC gets us to play at home inspires me with little confidence we will win and they will be all over us in the away fixture. Actually think if we get a result it will be away as CC does make us stubborn to break down. Thus predicting a home loss and away draw, maybe a sneaky win.
  13. It's wasn't great but CC didn't get anywhere near the best out of them.
  14. We had options but CC won't use them.
  15. No convinced CC would a) persist with him or b) use him properly and get the best out of him.