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  1. Did you miss the promotion season under Ron Atkinson?
  2. With the quality we have vs them it shouldn't have been close. That's comes down to the managers tactics and team selection. CC was found wanting when it really counted, second season in a row. What makes you think he will do anything different next season?
  3. I'm sure he'd have got another chance.. But cant wait to read your next pearls of wisdom.
  4. That 6 match unbeaten run got us over the line ..if we had carried on as we were before the Rotherham game we probably wouldn't have made the playoffs. And that occurred when CC had to put players in their best positions. Once Lee and Hutch came back it went out the window People have very short memories and seem to have forgotten the dreary football we were served up at home in a regular basis.
  5. 4 - think we will have similar season last season with the same end result. Treading water.
  6. Not overly happy, based on the fact I dont think we will see anything much different from last season. As such I think we have a very similar season coming up. People think he will change - he won't. We have talent and backing but I don't think CC is the man to utilise it properly - he hasn't so for. Players like Rhodes and Abdi should flourish here but won't under CC - he doesn't know how to deploy them properly ..total waste I'll back him if he shows he has learnt from this season but I won't if he doesn't.
  7. Hope you are right but not confident any of this will happen I'll back him all the time he shows he has learnt from the mistakes he made this season in terms of selection and tactics. People have short memories - last summer was a shambles with no semblance of a recruitment plan or strategy. A lot of the football was turgid and not reflective of the talent available. Under pressure last season? Under much more next. I think a lot of people here will are going to be disappointed very quickly.
  8. Progression? PO final year 1, knocked out by huddersfield year 2 in the semis. That's regression He has shown nothing in 2 seasons that he indicates he can get us into top two.
  9. What make you think he will do anything different? Pacy players? You must be joking. Underwhelmed by this - another season of underperformance vs talent beckons. Expect a season similar to this just gone. Wr are standing still If he persists with three midfielders i'l lose interest very quickly, What would make it interesting would be if either Bannan, Lee or Hutch were sold and IMO a smaller squad would massively help - he can't mould a side with lots of options.
  10. If CC stays what will he do different next season that he hasn't done this? I dont see any further progression with him at the helm It will be more so the same - we may make the playoffs, but we will get found out again when it counts. I am beginning think DC and CC are too close and it's clouding the formers judgement.
  11. Carlos would give him 10 minutes, from whence he would disappear without a trace
  12. Be a top job for Carlos - if they offer it I think he will go
  13. He'll would either end up on the bench or in the the reserves. We have too many players and a substantiinal amount need to be shifted out before anymore some in. If CC stays we need a much smaller tighter squad - he has proven this season that he cannot pick a balanced cohesive team with so many options. He is better with a smaller squad where he has to put players in their best positions.
  14. I think he can/will prove himself here but if will only occur under a new manager - I dont think it will even happen under Carlos. All the time Bannan Lee and Hutch are here in set the current regime, they will continue to be selected whenever possible, irrespective of form. if I were Abdi and CC stays, id probably hand in a transfer request...
  15. CC is a sophisticated suave fella and would probably shop at Waitrose, not ASDA