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  1. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    Didi he? Well there you go..Very hard to tell tbh
  2. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    It's pretty big, especially when you factor in McGugan, Melo etc - the forgotten men of S6 If I recall Burnley had a pretty small squad when they went up and the 1st team personnel were picked pretty consistently that season. CC just seems to want quantity in every position bit if planning is done properly and key areas identified and strengthened it can be achieved with a lean squad. I just feel we are squandering the opportunity provided by DC at the moment and could come a cropper at some stage.
  3. Abdi tonight

    Abdi isn't a deep lying midfielder so no wonder it didn't come off. Classic CC selection and tactics. So frustrating and largely the reason we haven't seen the best of Abdi. Play him correctly and he will deliver - he has done so elsewhere and at a higher level too.
  4. Some Fans refuse to admit there is a problem

    We have been saying this for some time but beginning to think DC won't pull the trigger, at at least not until it's far too late. They are far to close CC onto a great thing here and he knows it.
  5. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    Factor in we struggle to score more than 1 goal a game (last night excluded) and we will struggle to win any game where the oppo score.
  6. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    We have a huge squad - these excuses were valid under Gray but don't wash under the current regime. Scattergun recruitment and duplication in areas we don't need habe largely caused the issues we now face. The squad needs pruning and the areas that need cover addressing - neither has happened this pre season. Its a mess.
  7. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    Another winnable game thrown away due to our inability to play for 90 minutes. It will keep happening until we get a new manager
  8. OMDT - BOLTON - V - WEDNESDAY - (League Cup)

    I know - it's mental. We have one of the strongest strikeforces in the league and we can't score more than one in a game. What does CC coach these guys?
  9. Wallace at it again.....

    He is just slouching I think, deciding which part of the pitch to cut inside to
  10. If Fletcher can stay fit this season....

    Best partnership - fitness and CC's inconsistent selection policy will be the factors that stop him playing. Needs to start as often as possible
  11. Lets not get ahead of ourselves

    Exactly this - a lot of people behaving as if we have just won the European cup - it's one victory and still a lot of work to be done
  12. Winnall to Leeds

    Be more upset to see Winnall go than Rhodes..the latter just doesn't fit in the current system whereas the former seems much more versatile. With Wood going, losing one of these two strikers is a real possibility. But the money would would be key - if we sell we need to ensure we get the right return for once.
  13. Bannan and Jones

    It is controversial and imo doesn't work. Bannan is a central attaching midfielder and should be used as such - If we have better then he needs to make way. As for Hutch, I'd have him at CH or cover as a defensive midfielder. Yes we shipped a few goals when he was at CH but that's because the cover in front of him wasn't operating properly. He is a decent CH and should be a handy replacememt for Loovens when he runs out of steam. Jones seems to be settling after finally being given a run by CC so let's keep him there, enabling Bannan to get forward. Bottom line we cannot accommodate everyone but CC won't hve it which is largely what's the root cause of some of the crappy football we have seen over the last year or so. Be interesting to see what happens when Lee gets back.
  14. Bannan and Jones

    If Jones is doing the job he is supposed to he should stay We tend to play better when CC has to pick other squad players outside his favoured selections and he is forced to pick a balanced team. The problems start when his favourites are fit - they get shoehorned in and we lose cohesion and underperform.
  15. Bannan and Jones

    You just know given the chance CC will do it though.. I just wish he'd stick with something that has a semblance of working