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  1. Everton are interested in hirst
  2. I'm from the Lake District and no way am I supporting kendal town
  3. Pigs away
  4. Tinkerman to Leeds I think
  5. He's only human I mean would you want to play for Leeds?
  6. Taylor yes please
  7. Jota please then at cb I think it will be Hanley
  8. Having watched his interview after the game, I think he's going, he says something about where we are now and the work started continuing, but seemed like it wouldn't be him, maybe it's just me.
  9. I doubt it
  10. Good pen that
  11. Lethargic is a word I'd describe first half
  12. Jota would be top of my list in a minor tweak
  13. I think it will all come down to avoiding defeat against Fulham last game, and if that's the case no way will we lose that game.