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  1. You couldn't make it up
  2. Agree,I think hooper but for now will need to be winnal
  3. My thoughts like the question asked
  4. I think we will finish above Leeds
  5. And what did Leeds create one stupid lack of concentration from us that's it, I'm not saying we were superb we were not but Leeds were worse and got lucky with their goal
  6. We were the better side
  7. Leeds did nothing we were the better side saying that we create so little with the players we have
  8. He has too many players too choose from and I think he's trying too keep too many of them happy
  9. Where to start Leeds are awful but we are toothless, Carlos needs to decide his best team,it's like we have too many good individuals and he throws them in at 3pm on a match day and see what happens
  10. They scored it was disallowed player shoves ref gets sent off