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  1. Maybe their being released because of their wage? Id imagine their both taking up a large amount of the Cardiff wage budget and Warnock wants to build his own team. Tom Lees was rubbish for Leeds apparently, he's now our best player after picking him up for peanuts.
  2. They would both add a bit of something to the squad. I wouldn't expect them to be shoe ins every week but, they're fantastic options as squad players. Noone is as good as Wallace if not better. Pilkington strikes me as one of those footballers just happy to get by at the moment. He has a wand of a left foot and, with the right manager behind him, he may find that spark to get him going again. Just because we have money doesn't mean we're going to be splashing £10m on every new player. We've sourced our players well, a lot of our first team we're either free or a minimal fee was paid. Westwood, Lee, Loovens, Lees, Wallace, Fletcher and Hutchinson we're all on the cheap if not free. Just shows we don't need to spend stupid money. Also worth noting that the Rhodes deal will go on this seasons budget so as far as FFP is concerned we're already £10m in the red.
  3. Sasso has to play on the right side that's the reason he's behind Loovens IMO. Nothing to do with ability.
  4. Hang on a Minute, are people really moaning that Carlos gave an honest answer in a post match interview? At the end of the day, Carlos only said what 32,500 already knew, Rhodes didn't fancy it. So what? It happens all the time. Id much rather have someone step up who wants to take a pen than someone doesn't. Doesn't matter how much you're worth, or how much you're paid penalties are mentally tough.
  5. Bannan got the assist for Fletcher.
  6. If Carlos reverts back to last seasons tactics, id argue there isn't many better.
  7. I don't mind Reach. He's usually solid. Last night he struggled. He seemed to lose all footballing ability in a heartbeat. He is incredibly one footed, never really noticed until last night but everything is on the left foot. This meant we were slow and wasteful down the left because a lot of the time he was under pressure straight away, his inability to take the ball in on the half turn with his weaker foot cost us a few times. Everyone's entitled to a bad game every now and then, id argue he's had more good than bad performances in a Wednesday shirt. He's a confidence player IMO. If he makes a few early errors you're carrying him for 90 minutes.
  8. If you can no longer afford to go, no problem you're doing the right thing. However, you're saying your completely wiping your hands or everything Wednesday, sounds like a massive flounce tbf. As posted above, I can almost guarantee if we got promotion you'd be there regardless of price.
  9. Have to say i can't see him staying. Phenomenal talent but, for me he's off. I don't think he's enjoying playing here anymore.
  10. Id rather have Carlos finish the job off. He knows what we need to move forward. We haven't played as well as we did last season but, as a team we've won more points, in a tougher league. We've won ugly at times but, a wins a win. He deserves the option to take us forward next year, if he decides its not what he wants then so be it. A managerial change isn't always sunshine and rainbows, even when the manager has a proven record it can go wrong. Sometimes the grass isn't always greener. We all complain as fans about the manager merry go round. We should show some faith, look at Pearson at Leicester. Improved each year then romped the league in his third season. Even though they were heavily fancied the 2 previous seasons, a you could argue they failed. The chairman stuck with him and they prevailed.
  11. Sure this is a 2nd leg ratings thread, not a season rating thread. Even so, Hunt started the season poorly but, has grown as the seasons gone on to be one of our more consistent performers. Did absolutely nothing wrong today and you give him a 5. Fletcher offered far more than Rhodes did. As i said, moved in to space and offered himself for the ball in the channels allowing us to get out numerous times. Held the ball up and moved on. Didn't have a bad game at all. Arguably the game changed in Huddersfield's favour when he came off.
  12. The fact you've given forestieri a 7 and fletcher a 6 is beyond belief. Fletcher held the ball up, moved in to channels, linked the play, basically everything he was asked to. I don't think he was exceptional but he most definitely wasn't awful. Again hunt 5? Seriously?
  13. Sorry but that's utter testicles. Loovens and Lees both played very well tonight. Both composed on the ball, and both looked the set the ball rolling into midfield. Lees was essentially doing half on Hutch's job, stepping out in to midfield and finding bannan or lee numerous times. Compare that with Huddersfield, their centre half did a step over and turned backwards and, passed the ball to the keeper twice from a free kick on the half way line. They passed the ball across the back aimlessly then Mooy punted the ball into their right winger who tore pudil and reach a new un.
  14. Westwood - 7 Hunt - 7 Lees - 7 Loovens - 8 Pudil - 5 Bannan - 9 Hutch - 6 Lee - 6 Reach - 4.5 Fletcher - 7 Foriestieri - 6 Never have I seen a player as one footed as Reach. Huddersfield targeted our left side for a reason and at times tore us a new un.
  15. I don't buy this argument about their budget. They're paying absolute peanuts for the likes of Mooy, Kachunga and Izzy Brown. 3 players who would get into most sides in the championship. That's just three, im sure they have more loan players for which they arent paying an awful lot. Yes their budget is low but, its bobbar or bust for them this season because, signing luxury loan players isn't something which is sustainable. Wagner has used his links in Germany well, the wages out there are slim compared to what we are used to seeing. You have to give credit for that but, like i said, you cant relay on getting those too class loans in.