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  1. We seriously need to change now. He's had 3 seasons so sort our defensive frailties and we're now losing 3-0 at a poo Bolton side. We have chance to get a decent manager in before the season really kicks into gear. It will give us all the boost we need. Its depressing at the minute.
  2. Injuries.. really?

    All of those names were out for various amounts of time last season as well. It isnt coicidence IMO. Arsenal have a similar problem and pundits etc do link it to training methods etc.
  3. Djourou DEAL OFF!!

    Hes averaged 30 games a year in the last 3 years.
  4. Clever gits

    Playing the way we did today, following the dire pre season, and, an inability to address key issues for 2 years running im beginning to think Carlos has to move on. Ill give him the benefit of the doubt but utlimately unless we see something very different, he'll be under pressure very quickly. Pardew would do a job for the season, long term no way. Id break the bank for Allerdyce.
  5. johan djourou

    Averaged 24 games a year for Hamburg, hardly a crock like most are making out. Obviously in his arsenal days he didnt play an awful lot but, was that down to being 2nd choice or injuries? Id argue probably a bit of both. Exciting signing on a free IMO.
  6. At no point did I say he's a journeyman. I said he has a reputation as one , people assume hes rubbish and, been around the block. He isnt a huge name with a big reputation. He's played the vast majority of his career for top half premier league teams barring villa over the last 2 years. He has a good pedigree and I wouldnt complain if we signed him. Dont get me wrong, he's not an exciting signing by any stretch of the imagination but, he'd be a useful squad player.
  7. Hutton just has a reputation as a bit if a journeyman whether its fair or not is another matter. Hes done well wherever hes played and is renowned for his work rate.
  8. Wolves were an absolute car crash last season after a similarly intriguing recruitment drive. There's no doubt the players they have are a very talented bunch but, the way the clubs being run I wouldn't be surprised to see them suffer again. Too much outside influence from Mendes. You aren't telling me that someone as talented as Neves didn't have premier league interest? If that's the case it looks like Mendes has a sweetheart deal with wolves where he can basically get his players in their shirt, make an absolute fortune in doing so in agents fees. I know most agents essentially try to get as much as possible out of each transfer but ask yourself, why would a play of neves quality go to wolves? I know Mendes is their 'super agent' but in reality he's playing them like a fiddle. Remember the clamour on here when they sign cavaliero? Again a promising youngster but it was a bit of a flop.
  9. Nixon

    I dont understand why we're looking at the right hand side instead of the left. Hunt progressed as the season went on and, was arguably one of our better players in the final 10 or so games. Palmer is a capable understudy. Pudil on the other hand was poo all season, havent seen enough of Fox to make a decision on him as get but, we certainly need a left back more than a right back.
  10. Kyle Bartley

    Why are people contemplating the sale of the best defender in the league? Regardless of who we get in to replace Lees, he wont be as good as Lees. We all moan about a lack of progression, is it progressive to sell your best assets? If we're seriously going to be challanging next season, we need to add to the squad, not replace key players with good players.
  11. Noone & Pilkington

    Maybe their being released because of their wage? Id imagine their both taking up a large amount of the Cardiff wage budget and Warnock wants to build his own team. Tom Lees was rubbish for Leeds apparently, he's now our best player after picking him up for peanuts.
  12. Noone & Pilkington

    They would both add a bit of something to the squad. I wouldn't expect them to be shoe ins every week but, they're fantastic options as squad players. Noone is as good as Wallace if not better. Pilkington strikes me as one of those footballers just happy to get by at the moment. He has a wand of a left foot and, with the right manager behind him, he may find that spark to get him going again. Just because we have money doesn't mean we're going to be splashing £10m on every new player. We've sourced our players well, a lot of our first team we're either free or a minimal fee was paid. Westwood, Lee, Loovens, Lees, Wallace, Fletcher and Hutchinson we're all on the cheap if not free. Just shows we don't need to spend stupid money. Also worth noting that the Rhodes deal will go on this seasons budget so as far as FFP is concerned we're already £10m in the red.
  13. Sasso has to play on the right side that's the reason he's behind Loovens IMO. Nothing to do with ability.
  14. Jordan Rhodes statement

    Hang on a Minute, are people really moaning that Carlos gave an honest answer in a post match interview? At the end of the day, Carlos only said what 32,500 already knew, Rhodes didn't fancy it. So what? It happens all the time. Id much rather have someone step up who wants to take a pen than someone doesn't. Doesn't matter how much you're worth, or how much you're paid penalties are mentally tough.