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  1. Work is a struggle. At least there are no Huddersfield fans here to stick the knife in
  2. 2am coach from Meadowhall, arrived at Victoria 6am. Dark night of the soul.
  3. Is anyone driving back to London after the match on Wednesday night? Would love a lift if anyone can offer. Would split petrol money!
  4. Thanks -- I'm getting the 9.03 to donny
  5. If we're playing on the Saturday I'll be joining you so will keep my eyes peeled - and let me know if you find anything in the meantime
  6. 5.30am though! At least the Fulham fans will be quiet...
  7. Is anyone else coming up from London? Have only just looked up trains and, well, there aren't any...
  8. First game was 5-0 against West Ham in 1993... Last game with my dad was QPR yesterday ^^
  10. Thanks mate -- just got through to ticket office and got mine!
  11. So still looking if anyone can't go!
  12. How I still didn't get them on 550...?
  13. Yeah -- no call yet... On 550 TPP so hoping it'll be soon.
  14. Nice. I'm on 550 TPP and put my name on the list before it sold out, so hoping I'll be fairly high on the list...