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  1. Thanks mate -- just got through to ticket office and got mine!
  2. So still looking if anyone can't go!
  3. How I still didn't get them on 550...?
  4. Yeah -- no call yet... On 550 TPP so hoping it'll be soon.
  5. Nice. I'm on 550 TPP and put my name on the list before it sold out, so hoping I'll be fairly high on the list...
  6. If, in theory, someone were to sit with the home fans, does anyone know where that person might want to sit?
  7. Bumping again -- just in case...
  8. Still looking, if anyone can't make it!
  9. Couple of high-ish TPP owls fans (just missed out at 550...) still want villa tickets -- if anyone can't go please let me know and I'll ply you with fine ales, alcopops, or whatever floats your boat...
  10. You jest, but...
  11. I know it's a pain to have so many of these threads, but desperate for two tickets. Will of course buy beers for anyone who can help. Have mine and my friend's ID at 550 and 480 points respectively, but they sold out two hours too quickly! Hoping against hope...
  12. If anyone else has a spare ID with high TPPs and can't make the game, and wants to help out a fellow owls fan, I'd really appreciate it -- we're two season ticket holders looking to bring a third person (member with 90 points). Cheers!
  13. Millwall are little slugs with no personalities. Pleased for Barnsley
  14. Jarvis - wearing a great suit. Was confident of a Wednesday win.
  15. Hi Owlstalkers, I know it's a long shot, but I'm a member and would love to sit with my non-member mum. If anyone has or knows of a spare member's ID that I could use for her, I'd not only be eternally grateful, but also buy you Wemberley beers! Cheers, LyonOwl