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  1. So a woman who works in the marketing department spends her time at work on the phone to people having sly digs at her boss? Reyt
  2. We've got a few strikers you can have, can I interest you in Atdhe Nuhiu? He's quality.....honestly
  3. He didn't say that, he said he was getting his leg over with a lass from wolves.
  4. Me neither, foook knows how it's done
  5. £1m is a joke for a young English player of his potential, but it reflects how other clubs will try to take the piiss because he only has a year left on his contract. Really hope we can get him to sign a new long term deal.
  6. £1m bid rejected apparently
  7. Cheers. Thought so.
  8. Yeah but nowhere does he say he "doesn't like stripes" or that he thinks there "unlucky"
  9. Its because there isnt one as far as I'm aware. If anyone can find a link to a quote where DC says he "doesn't like stripes" or thinks there "unlucky" I'd appreciate it. It appears to be another myth grown amongst some of the fanbase, similar to the one where people said DC promised we would get promoted by 2017
  10. Taxi operation? The most random thing ever
  11. You get about 4 crisps in space raiders. Annoying. Also cream eggs used to do 6 pack now they decided to screw us out of a whole egg and only put 5 in for the same price, and they changed the chocolate.
  12. This. You got there before me
  13. In all fairness I don't think you can compare inflation for normal things like chocolate compared to football transfers. Football has gone crazy in a very short space of time because of the sky tv deals.