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  1. I know what your saying, but no one is advocating changing managers as often as Derby have, they have had 5 managers in the last 22 months!
  2. Absolutely bang on! I also forgot about that throw in until you mentioned it, sums us up doesn't it. I've supported Carlos a long time but he has to go now in my opinion, i and many others may have been kidding ourselves for a long time that eventually "it will click" with the quality we have, that's obviously not going to happen under Carlos, this slow tempo sideways backwards style is never going to take us up. Your OP pretty much sums up exactly how I feel mate.
  3. Steve Howard?
  4. Hope your right but a Fox and Semedo CB pairing scares the hell out of me
  5. If we weren't about to go into our most important game of the season with the injuries we have I'd be more confident. Just hoping we can win by any means on Friday so that hopefully the 2 week break will see us recover a few player's. Get behind the team on Friday lads and lasses.
  6. Turns out you didn't, well done
  7. Our pitch is already one of the biggest in the FL
  8. That we cant break down teams at the bottom and Fulham can?
  9. Right full back sweeper
  10. The loser mentality of some of our fans annoys me Yeah mate let's knock about in the football league forever then shall we...... because you think we have a better chance of winning games against the likes of Burton (not a game we've won this season by the way). Good job Leicester didn't have that mentality. Have some ambition FFS!
  11. Love the optimism and I'll cling on to any hope I can, but us having a better chance of top 6 than Leeds, really? Doubt that very much.
  12. Reading is a must win it really is. I don't care how we play just win the game, we then don't play for 15 days and a chance to recover some players for the next one.
  13. Agree with the OP.