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  1. Anyone know if this could mean anything towards a summer budget? the statement of capital in March of this year...
  2. Get rid of Nuhiu and Joao for me. Strikers of Hooper, Rhodes, Fletcher and Winnall is good enough with Forestieri used upfront when needed.
  3. Aside from not being bitter...I would prefer Huddersfield to lose anyway as they wont be as strong next season as Reading would be.
  4. Initially said I wouldn't watch it but I think I will now. Hopefully see Huddersfield lose on pens. I'm not bitter at all.
  5. Minimum we need in my view... 1x CB assuming we keep Sasso too 1x RW with pace to give us something different to Wallace 1x CM who is a beast The reason I say only 1 winger is because id be quite happy to let Reach and Forestieri fight the the left wing spot. If I was being very greedy id want a RB as I don't think Palmer is good enough. So only 3 or 4 signings needed really, all about quality not quantity this summer. Agree with others we need to get off to a good start too.
  6. I wouldn't class the last 2 years as the best in my opinion, because they both ended with nothing to show for and a devastating feeling. I enjoyed 2005 and 2012 much more personally.
  7. If Carlos thought last season was pressure wait until what next season will be like, people will rightly or wrongly expect top 2 as the only natural progression under Carlos. Let's hope he learns from his mistakes. And let's hope he doesn't bench millions of pounds worth of new signings to stick with his favourites who have now failed twice when it mattered.
  8. Jokanovic for me. Not sure how realistic he is but I'd certainly be trying if I were DC
  9. IF Carlos does leave then I'd really love to see us attempt to get Jokanovic from Fulham. I know it's a long shot and maybe a sideways step for him, but I really rate him, plays attacking football, and has already won promotion from this league. I believe he could take us up and in style. Not likely to get him so pointless post really
  10. David Moyes anyone
  11. 1. Villa 2. Sunderland 3. Norwich 4. Leeds 5. Fulham 6. Hull
  12. I can promise to try my best to beat Usain Bolt in a 100 metre race.... is not the same as me promising to win the race itself