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  1. At the steering group wasn't it said that current capacity is 33,600? if so theres your attendance.
  2. If we we're both 3 points clear of Leeds on the last day and both only needed a point, I have a feeling Fulham would try to beat us to knock us out of the play offs, as they probably see us as a bigger threat than Leeds. Also because if they are 3 points clear of Leeds they don't really need a point do they, because of their far superior goal difference, for that reason I reckon they'd try to knock us out.
  3. How you feeling now @just visiting
  4. One of Westwood's wrist is missing Excellent work by the way!
  5. People wouldn't be going for the game in that case, they'd be going to party and enjoy not having heart attacks
  6. Soz i can't stretch to that, im saving up for next season's shirt.
  7. Pics of your Mrs please
  8. Then he wouldn't be a local ten bob millionaire then would he
  9. For the benefit of you @Big Ron's Sovereign
  10. I know. But go back and look at the post I quoted and the post he quoted. Nothing to do with stripes no idea why your getting involved
  11. I'm not missing the point as I'm not even talking about stripes here, I'm talking about never wanting a small time owner ever again, nothing to do with stripes.
  12. Who cares about it working or not working for a team we don't give a shiit about. It HAS been terrible for Sheffield Wednesday and that is the club I support, I never want a local ten bob millionaire ever again.
  13. I don't care about any of them?