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  1. I thought WATP stood for we avoid tax paying.
  2. They made great Progres in Luxembourg, biggest team in the world my ass
  3. Cheers
  4. Wow never rite
  5. Only thing I think there was abit of a history of years ago is Irish Catholics in Manchester being Man Utd fans and Liverpool fans were a lot of Irish Catholics. Aresenal had a slight Irish link years ago but mainly with players I believe. all pretty irrelevant these days
  6. Unfortunately I agree, it would be inevitable I'm afraid. Glad we don't have it in English football despite how heated it can get against the blunts.
  7. As a half Irish catholic I don't have much love for rangers obviously, but each to their own and il leave it there. To be fair least it will bring more revenue than st mirren/ port vale, and to be honest the rangers fans were well behaved last time..the chanting will always be there, and both sides are as bad as each other at times. Getting back to Wednesday, hopefully we will spank them and it Will give the players a decent run out
  8. More prestigious than rangers considering You know the link I am talking about to the less desirable fans of English clubs who indulge in the the rangers wankfest...The we are the people brigade, the types that caused the disgraceful landsdowne riot in the 90s. ....and yes both sides are disgusting at times il wear my 1989 green/white hooped away shirt and see how it goes down
  9. Hardly a prestige friendly against the equivalent of a league 1/2 side. Hopefully we will Progress against them! As for atmoshrere? aload of 'loyalist', 'watp' EDL type knuckle draggers from various English Clubs e.g. Chelsea etc singing the billy boys and build my gallows and the rest of their bile
  10. Song came on last night at a party and I'm sure Some fans have occasionally sang it as chant for a player recently but can't think For whom?!
  11. Kenny c**t
  12. Wim jonk kenny Lunt patrick blondeau sibon scott Oakes jay bothroyd lee briscoe
  13. Southampaton home 1993-1994 season when we got off to a bobbar start. Shows you on season review him walking off with it