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  1. Couldn't agree more! As is Carlsberg/Fosters/Carling, flat tasteless piśś!
  2. I used to work with Spencer, genuinely thinks he's one of the top boys! He's a fanny and an arrogant tails.
  3. I hope not, my birthday is on the 1st, that means I'll be eternally hungover
  4. Ha ha ha, I thought he was going to start crying at the end
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157745428470315&id=885525314
  6. 450

    Propa Gansta!
  7. Get well soon Carlton, WAWAW
  8. I wonder which one of the cowards I am a man really is. HGB? HRH? I genuinely can't remember the other names, it's been that long since they hid away
  9. I'd pay for train but he'd probably miss it!
  10. Totally agree, he'd be worth at least £50m nowadays. In fact if Andy Carrol can go for £35m I'd chuck a few more mill on!
  11. Didn't he score against us for Donny the last time we were in the championship? If memory serves, he scored an overhead kick at the kop end!
  12. Everytime I see that sign I just want to pull over and edit it!!!
  13. I must've watched a different game cause we were poor. Absolutely no cohesion or game plan.