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  1. The only comparison I can think of is they both breathe oxygen!
  2. Walking in a waddle wonderland! The best player I've ever seen to wear our shirt! Just amazing!
  3. This for me sums the championship up perfectly! Unlike the premiership, anyone can beat anyone (ok, it happens in the prem but nowhere near as often as the champ).
  4. Anthony Knockaert Jackson Irvine Danny Williams
  5. He took Scotland to Mexico 86, he was Jock Steins no. 2 at the time but Jock Stein died just before the World Cup.
  6. This year. I was happy with the first leg result and thought we would turn them over at home, as soon as I saw the line up I just knew we weren't going to win, it actually angered me! Most important game of the season and he reverted back to that midfield, then to bring Nuhiu on when we needed a goal with Winnall on the bench was just criminal! im glad he's stayed but I hope we go back to how we played in his first season cause this season was hard to watch.
  7. Totally agree!
  8. I agree, it's the play offs and anything can happen but I believe we have more than enough quality in our side to beat them in both games.
  9. Goosebumps, everytime!
  10. Burton the best for me, the amount of noise they made for the numbers was pretty impressive! Worst was Rotherham, pathetic to say it's only ten minutes away!
  11. I'll never get bored of watching this
  12. That has absolutely made my day
  13. Couldn't agree more! As is Carlsberg/Fosters/Carling, flat tasteless piśś!