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  1. When we were really against in under jones he dug in and produced some fine performances. Did well when he came on this season as well Thanks for the memories .
  2. Keep the defence means we will concede very few goals, like this year. Great platform to build from. Lee fit for the season hopefully. More pace on the flanks from new signings. rhodes sorted out in pre season hooper hopefully fit better option off the bench than the big fella. no Newcastle to take up one of the auto spots big chance next season
  3. We don't need a centre back. The first choice 2 are excellent and hutch and sasso more than capable reserves. the focus needs to be on game changing, quick ,inconsistent amusement arcade players who will change a game and frustrate at the same time.
  4. It was our top flight spending that killed us last time.
  5. The money just gets spent, it makes no difference.
  6. I would rather play the pigs, Leeds, forest, Fulham et al in proper competitive games than dire games in the top flight against any of stoke, Swansea, bournemouth, Brighton, wba, watford, Burnley, Southampton,.
  7. It doesn't matter that we didn't go up. Next season will be more enjoyable battling at the top of the championship than a season of misery in what is increasingly an extremely boring premier league.
  8. @Grandad the comfort to be taken from the situation is that, ultimately, football is at its most enjoyable when you win. It doesn't really matter against who. We will win a lot more games next season than we lose. The opposite would be true had we gone up. I cant imagine the fans of any of those teams in the area where we would finish ie bottom 10 are especially happy with their seasons. Essentially I am saying the only great thing about promotion for a club like ours is the promotion itself, not the season that follows in the top flight.
  9. Loovens isn't the problem. He was part of a defence that conceded 1 goal in over 200 mins. The issues of creativity are further forward. Being a playmaker aint his job.
  10. We do lack game changers in the attacking sense. As some have said, we have never really replaced JJ/ Antonio with a similar wild card, quick, direct player. Yes the final product will likely be inconsistent at our price point, but that's something we will need to build in and work with. Reach doesn't look like that player, I do worry on Reach whether we have a player who is first team class.
  11. He has been hopeless apart from Norwich at home who defended like school boys. tonight showed how far off he is being any good. Has a massive pre season ahead .
  12. Was there when relegated in 1990 was at arsenal in 2000 when we were relegated. saw the wretched games when we were relegated to league 1. This tops the lot. Awful .
  13. This is the worst thing literally in history
  14. See you in Mabel's. for what it's worth I think we will be tight as hell first half, then go for it start of second, score and shut up shop. we will win one nil I think
  15. Lees and Loovens both excellent, as was Westwood. How bad was jones when he came on, was absolutely hopeless.