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  1. Our next manager without doubt
  2. Huge number of loans, especially since relegation. Definitely agree with those called out on the thread so far. Alex Bruce was really good in his loan spell, as was Rocastle - both heroes of the play offs. Ben Sahar wasn't bad, and recently the goalie Martinez did OK. Crossley was on loan and was pretty useless apart from his goal vs Southampton. Gary Monk was pretty good. Some other stinkers - Stuart Ripley was miles past it when he came here. Jon McCarthy ,a little bald winger who couldn't run, was as bad. Leon Knight was rubbish.
  3. I get the sentiment of the op, ultimately football is enjoyed most when you win games. Hence why I enjoyed the two league 1 promotion seasons ahead of all of the prem seasons after 93/94. I loved the laws season when we finished 9th after a terrible start and enjoyed it way more than say 9899 under Wilson when we finished lower mid table in the prem. when we go up it will be no different.
  4. Plus Brexit of course, which may mean non full internationals from current eu partners cannot come in. We need to keep hold of hirst for another 2 years.
  5. Won't get the game time here given the number of strikers we have, and assuming we bring Joao back l. He should spend next season out on loan in league 1 or 2 and see if he rips it up.
  6. Many congratulations. Wonderful times, bloody hard work and totally life changing but in a good way. Took my kids (7 and 5) to their first matches this season , a magical experience.
  7. Leeds won't get into the play offs we will be safe in 5th, they will be level on points with Fulham in 6th. We will run out on that final day of the season in flip flops with Wallace in goals, nuhiu at full back and a strike force of dielna and Urby and simply lay down a red carpet to Fulham to score as many as they would like.
  8. That is simply not true. his stats for tackles and interceptions per game are significantly lower than bannan and hutch, he has been passed by in many games and carries no goal threat at all. he played ok yesterday but overall is way off others in the squad in terms of contribution and quality.
  9. One swallow does not make a summer, he has been hopeless most of the season.
  10. It has always been bullen. the free transfer who skippered us to play off glory. The 35 year old centre back in goals repelling milwall. The only former player on the coaching staff. he is our next manager and the one who will take us up.
  11. Asteener calls it right ( and also is the reason why big name managers will come and go but the boss who gets us up to the prem eventually will be Bullen. Was written in the stars 12 years ago).
  12. Love the big fella, problem is since we started playing tippy tappy keep ball he doesn't fit in. Once Bullen takes over and tells the players that the minimum acceptable distance for any pass is 50 yards the big fella will be back at first choice.
  13. Unbelievable thread. He is carrying an injury and still keeping teams at bay simply due to his positioning and talent. A master in how to position your body as a defender, just watch him defend. For some bizarre reason we are expecting our centre back to be some kind of playmaker. Koeman and beckenbauer aside, centre backs don't do that. They are there to defend, there are 8 other outfielders to do the attacking. So of course playing it back to Loovens slows the game down. It's probably deliberate. No one passes backwards to their centre back to speed up an attacking phase.
  14. Number of live games on sky this season ?
  15. Number of internationals in the squad Whitechapel ?