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  1. We don't need another first choice centre back and sasso is fine as a reserve and should be signed for another year. Those wanting some sort of miracle play maker centre back are crazy. We have two brilliant , solid centre backs and have a fantastic defensive record. Our issues are up the pitch with the lack of creativity , flair and goals .
  2. When you have the top teams in the premier league farming footballers like puppies at a breeding mill I see virtually no value in our youth set up. The best young players will be hoovered up by the top flight teams. We are probably best just getting those who come out of those academies.
  3. Suspect we will see more traffic between us and wolves given Portugal/ doyen sports connections. One of those things i guess. i would loan him out to a championship side who will play him. There is a player in there somewhere. His miss for Portugal seemed to knock his confidence.
  4. Westwood is a tremendous goalie. I wouldn't swap him for another keeper in the league, and not many from the league above either. you need your goalie to have an edge to him. Show me a likeable goalie and I will show you a bad goalie. The best are arrogant beyond belief, aloof, unfriendly, demanding, and interested only in their own stats and clean sheets. We definitely have one with some of those attributes and that's what makes him top quality. i still think Loovens is our best player. we have been defensively brilliant since he joined, watching him is like driving an old rolls Royce. Have said it before but he could play in slippers in this league . Any Wednesday fan wanting to be a centre back, watch loovens and learn.
  5. Was a really decent player under gray, but has gone backwards since . He is heavier now than when he first arrived and I think that has really impacted his effectiveness.
  6. We only need one reserve centre back. Hutch can slot in if Loovens and Lees are both out for some reason.
  7. Rhodes slimmed down big time at boro, he carried timber at hudds and blackburn. That's because karanka wanted him working harder for the team, running the channel etc. We had him doing the same here, some games he was chasing back to our box . thats not Jordan Rhodes. If I were Carlos i would be feeding him mamas special lasagne and garlic bread every night and tell him to put on some timber and stop running around as much. Just goal hang and finish and get your strike partner to do the graft.
  8. We are obsessed with new centre backs despite it being our strongest part of the team. We need one half decent back up but we don't need a replacement for Loovens or lees. this nonsense about needing ball playing centre backs. We have 8 other players to create. We were brilliant at the back last season and the season before. That's down to proper defending by the centre backs.
  9. Loovens is absolute class. If he is fit we would be mad to drop him . Plays the game in slippers.
  10. Would be a good signing and give the centre backs competition for places. He will need to move Loovens or lees out of the team first , which won't be easy as they were outstanding last season.
  11. I don't get it. He did absolutely nothing in the rare times he was fit. The stuff about him being our best player and to build a team around him ? Madness. It is like saying build a team around david jones or Liam palmer.
  12. David Graham . we are absolutely crying out for a new striker, that was our response. Wretched signing.
  13. He certainly fits the profile of being past it, Scottish and expensive to pay.
  14. An experienced neat and tidy midfield player to compliment the other 100000000 we have. Absolutely laughable signing. Our scouting is so poor.