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  1. Looks like a speculation to me, not a statement.
  2. What about Fulham?
  3. The club is teaching people not to be so whiny. The club can't be making announcements every time there's 50 pages of whining on Owlstalk.
  4. Hypocrisy is strong here Guru.
  5. Is Hutton slow these days then? Used to be the fastest player in the Prem.
  6. You passed - I found the answer as a reward Bristol City H Birmingham H Norwich H
  7. I just made it it up because I thought you'd go off and find the actual answer
  8. Amazing insight based on friendlies that you haven't seen.
  9. Hope it isn't on sale before the season starts.
  10. Despite the lack of activity this has actually been the best transfer thread yet, I reckon. Mainly due to a near total absence of sh*t off topic running jokes. Well done
  11. So additional income doesn't help towards FFP then, apparently. This thread sure is a learning experience.
  12. I'm baffled as to why people are so baffled about CCs comments. We have a lot of other strikers to get fit and Hirst is a boy who isn't yet good enough to challenge them. He's in the development squad because he's still developing.