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  1. People often forget about the winger from Arsenal. In fact I can't remember his name. Wasn't Megson backed to bring him in after Marshall but he just wasn't a very good choice?
  2. I've been singing this song to myself for a good 4 hours a day every day since the play offs. I appear to have developed all kinds of alternative melodies and rhythms and I'm still not tired of it. Although I believe it may eventually drive me insane.
  3. What about if you're in Botswana?
  4. Not for Santa or anyone that has Bank holidays off.
  5. Some people are actually serious
  6. Most of the recent planning applications will have some plans and elevations. Search for Hillsborough Stadium here... World Cup plans will have the most... Such as... Not exactly what you're after but not bad.
  7. I bet the Fulhams fans who didn't go to the match were posting 3.5 seconds after kick off, not like them folk who went to the game who were all busy 'making their way home' and 'going for a pint' and all that kind of rubbish.
  8. What a cöck end
  9. Oh absolutely. Win win though for them as now we've been lucky, like that's a bad thing.
  10. It's... It's... almost like things aren't as easy as people make out.
  11. Could say the same about your 13 threads in 13 minutes.
  12. The old captain eh, he blöody loves it.
  13. Buckley in front of RW and CM. Bit of surprise but he's more than capable.