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  1. I assume we don't really need to change our style. We just need to start the season much better. Perform in the first third of the season like we did in the second and third then we'll be right up there. Did we lose the automatic promotion race before he settled on the style that people don't like? Although obviously it would be nice if we were more attacking.
  2. He just said that he won't be surprised if Carlos goes. Hardly earth shattering information.
  3. Can we all come to your 'sales environment' tomorrow and call you pathetic?
  4. Itchy bum time
  5. Maybe they got nervous and decided that. Nerves play a massive part in this and that Taylor quote is spot on.
  6. Neither
  7. So do we no have to post our reply on the Huddersfield forum. Is that how it works?
  8. Out for the season
  9. What did you buy mate?
  10. It's all ifs, buts and rabies. If you ask me.
  11. Calm down you fannies. Pennos are always about who fancies it. He's not the reason we lost.
  12. Huddersfield Town? DONT MAKE ME LAUGH. To the tune of Boys by Sabrina... Goals Goals Goals I'm looking for a good time Goals Goals Goals Get ready for my love
  13. Woah!!!!!!! You are brutal!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
  14. Ouch!!! burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skinner05 has arrived
  15. What a weird thing to say. Obviously didn't watch or read anything about the play off final...