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  1. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    This song needs to be banned at all said. Somebody could die.
  2. That skill ball looks like an accident waiting to happen.
  3. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    First time in a long while where I'm at home and can't be arsed to listen to the match on the radio. Just sat watching scores go in on a results page. Living the dream of lethargy.
  4. Fox and Pudil

    Great name for a pub!
  5. * presses continue without giving a team talk * * shakes fist at screen * The players will know.
  6. I'm tempted to turn off the internet and read a book or something. Nightmare.
  7. Rhodes today

    This is like on Football Manager when you do an individual team talk before the game and you say "I have faith in you, go out there and prove a point!" ... and then his morale bar goes green and says 'looking happy'. This is what I would do if I was CC or playing this game on my Football Manager save.
  8. (Assertive) I'm expecting to see much better performances today.
  9. This is like on Football Manager when you have a disruptive player, let's call him Z and he says on his info page that he doesn't like X player and so you decide to rest one of the players or just not include him in the squad on purpose to make a point and hope they become friends and then you press continue and sit there and look at your screen and nod in approval and hope that they get the message.
  10. The teams are warming up, please wait.
  11. LED Boards

    Could this be the signing of the summer?
  12. LED Boards

    So I actually thought that the digital boards were just CGI that the tv companies used over the traditional boards so people on the telly could see them. Had no idea they were an actual thing. Also, we should open up a kickstarter to crowdfund an owlstalk sponsorship only have something awesome like Neil's smiling face in digital form or something as simple as 'got any ticket stubs matey?'. I'm game for a fiver. or sausage arms, give him rightful place on the pitch. or, or sausage cottage gifs!
  13. Brilliant article by a QPR fan

    Enjoyable read. Surprised a few on here didn't know about CC's book. That was the only thing we talked about when he was announced as head coach, wasn't it?