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  1. Nowadays everybody wants a stream like they got nothing to pay, but nothing comes out when they move their mouse just a bunch of gibberish and owlstalk suckers act like they forgot about Dre
  2. Is East Angular even a country?
  3. The louder you scream the faster the ride.
  4. So people think that money is a substitute for the happiness of seeing your team do well? I'd rather sulk and wallow in self pity than bet against my own team.
  5. I've never understood the reasoning behind the belief that playing the second leg at home to be advantageous. Lose badly in the first game and the tie is all but over!
  6. How do the playoff dates work again? 3rd v 6th who will play at home first? 4th v 5th as above Which game is played on the Sat/Tue Sun/Wed ?
  7. Nejc Pečnik's grandfather was in the battle of spion kop in the bear wrestling regiment he was famed for his stronk punching moves and neat ball control and flowing locks.
  8. It amazes me how strange highlights are without commentary but at the same time when at the match nobody commentates cos you're there just listening to the sounds but it doesn't feel that way on highlights with no commentary and at the match.
  9. 1 like = 1 prayer no angery reacts
  10. Is the game on the radio at all said?
  11. Oh, Ross Wallace 12 to 1 to score outside the area on skybet ten pounds put it on To the tune of Danny Boy
  12. I quite like it when we turn out in our road kit.