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  1. What the roger am I watching? Some of this is terrible.
  2. (Passionate) 'Come on lads go out there and show me what you've got! I have faith in you!'
  3. To be fair I type that in every press conference thread as a Football manager tribute.
  4. Potential to fill JJ's old boots. Also now Helan has retired a chance to claim the vacant 'speedboat without a driver' title. Of course, I jest ... I hope the lad comes good. The re always seems to be the odd gem come through from the non-leagues and we always seem to miss out on them. Maybe this kid is the one we do catch.
  5. When I read this I thought I had heard the name! Signed him on a few football manager games as well.
  6. I tell all my non-owlstalk mates that this site is entirely satirical.
  7. 'Cagey press conference from Carvalhal'.
  8. Suggest we add him to the man of the match thread.
  9. The left winger from the Turner team.
  10. This team is crying out for Paul Smith - best crosser of the ball in Europe.