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  1. Yeah it hurts shows how much we wanted it but we have to move on automatically next season Wednesday till I die
  2. Going to ask if I can finish work at 5 instead of 6 wish me luck oh and I am so nervous
  3. This time in two weeks we will be premiership believe
  4. Thanks can't imagine the chaos it would cause
  5. Hi doe's any one know if Herris rd is closed on Wednesday night Street force re surfacing
  6. Got my fidget spinner oh no broken it
  7. Oh my goodness so nervous got to keep believing come on Wednesday
  8. Cos everything is going to be oreyt
  9. We'll be ryet
  10. The 3rd place is ours
  11. Got under 11ys kop ticket if any one wants it
  12. Me Dispenser Barry Bannan because he has got to tablet