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  1. GET IN!!!!!! just practising
  2. good win wednesday now on to rovrum
  3. Absolute ringer of him as well
  4. Thanks OP for clearing up the aim of football
  5. Pm me please if there's a spare 🙏🙏🙏
  6. Another in need here, I'm flying in from Australia for it x
  7. 1 pub for 40,000 wednesdayites, hope they've got more staff on
  8. I know there are going to be groups of wednesdayites scattered around throughout LANDAAAAN TOWN but where will be the best place to congregate before the match? Will folk be just going out where they are staying or making a journey to a central location? Shepherds bush is always a good shout, (just don't bring any milk) was there for qpr Nuhius first game and was a cracking atmosphere at walkabout. What are your plans?
  9. HOPEFULLY flying in from Perth Australia arriving the Friday morning, was originally coming back for Glastonbury on the 10th til end of June but asked for the previous 2 weeks extra off work as well. Find out the decision this afternoon - wish me luck