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  1. Saw this on the other day too:
  2. Is it only me who thinks he sounds NOTHING like himself...
  3. In these situations I reckon we'd be better off just playing to win seeing how other results pan out and that is that! None of this "acting god" rounduns. Also I thought your post was going to be something like.. "getting pointlessly ahead of ourselves but... next year when we're 2-0 up away at Chelsea, do we bring Nuhiu on with 15 left or FF to scare Cahill even more"
  4. Carlos only knows English 5 words, to be sure absolutely garreeooper and he used them all in the pre match interview. So it was over to Bullen
  5. Billy Sharps career championship record (Wikipedia) Appearances - 248 Goals - 78 We've had a lot worse that that... like Leon Clarke.. All time championship record = Apps 208 Goals 35
  6. get em out puggy lass
  7. Literally just woke up from a dream we beat them 7-2, can't remember who scored apart from Rhodes got 1...
  8. George Hirst Genes Emulating Older Relative Gloriously Emphasise His Incredible Rise Scoring Triumphantly
  9. Sasso Scores Against Some Shocking Opposition
  10. From Roverstalk "Granted he scored a brace on Saturday but other than that Joao looked a little clumsy otherwise but tonight he really changed our game. He just won aerial balls or made himself available to feet and the ball would stick and he'd wriggle free with some neat twists and turns and pick the right pass forward. He also got in front of the defender so well for the winner. " "It seems Emnes/Gallagher, or Conway/Graham. But what do I know? Maybe the fact we have scoring options in itself bodes well. Joao was a great get. Any chance for him being signed at the end of the season?"
  11. Warhurst was a real hero uncannily resembled shithouse thome
  12. Nuhiu never usually has Improvement uses
  13. Adamson A Dreadful Appearance Mother Said "Oh No" Sorry chris
  14. Choose the surname of any past/present Wednesday player and make up an Acronym. Bonus points for actually making something that's true! Examples Pressman: Pineapple Rejection Eventually Started Simultaneously Making Abdomen Noticeable Bannan: Borrowed A Nasty Needle Almost Never
  15. 2-1 Bannan (screamer) Rhodes (Left footed goal line toe poke) Geary sent off