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  1. Horses for courses in it. That's what squads are for.
  2. Not sure he would to be honest. He's never scored 20 in a season before and I've seen nothing to suggest he's going to up his tally by that much. I think the talents there he just doesn't produce his best often enough.
  3. Be honest, they're both far superior in the centre and we also have players who are better than them out wide. There's no reason to ever start players out of position with our squad. I accept that circumstances may change things during a game but starting either of these two out wide is accomodating them with the squad we've got imo.
  4. Exactly this. It's accomodating players out if position that's the real problem not the formation.
  5. Hirsty. Legend and local lad. Closely followed by Waddle, Shez and Roly.
  6. Stay for me. I can see the argument for both sides but I'd give him another shot. He really needs to release the shackles though else a few bad results will see fans getting frustrated imo.
  7. Don't think that's the point mate. He's spent millions on players that can't get a game is the point the OP is making. (I think).
  8. Outstanding player. Not on the wing though FFS. Central midfield or on the bench for me. Same as Keiron Lee. Centre midfield or bench. Stop accommodating players.
  9. Correct. As soon as I saw the line up I feared the worst. Accommodating players instead of using our squad properly.
  10. And needing a band.
  11. First half at Hillsborough they were the better side.
  12. It's a bit harsh on Winnall not even making the bench considering he's scored in his last two starts.
  13. That's exactly my position on it. I like him and it doesn't bother me that he's a blade. I just can't stand amongst thousands of people who are singing anti-wednesday songs.
  14. Foook em. Seriously. Why care? It's always been the same with the north and south and not just with football. It'll never change its just the way it is. Southern pr1ck5.
  15. They're not!