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  1. I'm not the manager mate. I'm giving my opinion as a fan. He could try attacking teams though like.
  2. I'm not suggesting sacking CC. I also know that it's the results that matter but FFS watching us is absolutely mind numbing. We've got the best quality squad in decades and can't create chances. We can't even string 5 passes together unless it's in our own half. It's got to change quickly.
  3. No excuses today. That team is more than capable of making chances.
  4. About time to be honest. I'm a big bannan fan but he's not playing well and he appeared to be undroppable.
  5. Then think again even further to pre Milan. The Beswetherick days. The last two chairmen have been absolutely massive in our clubs history.
  6. It is poor in general. All seater stadiums, a poxy band etc. but compared to the soulless new stadiums up and down the country, Hillsborough is actually one of the noisier ones imo. Especially with the away fans hearing the north stand quite well.
  7. That song sounds much better sung like that. Loud, passionate and with a tempo.
  8. That song sounds much better sung like that. Loud, passionate and with a tempo.
  9. A wins a wins a win I suppose but it is frustrating. I'd take it all season but with the players we've got it'd be nice to create more. The bench alone was frightening today. Could've lost quite easily. We didn't though so onwards and upwards.
  10. Anybody that misses the match 'cos of valentine's day needs a ticket up their ar5e.
  11. Sure I've heard that Barnsley are charging whatever their fans are charged in the reverse fixture.
  12. Danny Wilson, Plymouth at home I think in the promotion season at the lep end.
  13. Better. A lot better in fact. Still not up to last year's standards (on the eye at least) but a massive improvement. Would take the 3 points over the performance all season long.
  14. And mourinho never played the game on the flip side.
  15. Brilliant player when his on it and being played in his position. Surprised by his MOM though last night. Every pass was sideways or backwards.