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  1. 70% at the last count.
  2. Seriously, how do we bump the vote? I can't find it.
  3. Yer can shove yer foookin trumpets up yer ar53 Yer can shove yer foookin trumpets up yer ar53 Yer can shove yer foookin trumpets Shove yer foookin trumpets Shove yer foookin trumpets up yer ar53
  4. We allow it at the end of the day. We'll stand for owt including them putting us to one side for the Leeds scum then turning up again the week after. We're too soft!
  5. Bring back the fackin revolution!!
  6. As opinion polls go that is a very large percentage of the electorate.
  7. Can someone bump the vote from on here a year or so ago. The one that had 700 ish votes and was 70% to get rid? Send em that!
  8. Maybe there's a reason for the subject constantly coming up.
  9. Andy Pearce scored as well. Cult lend.
  10. I can't help thinking that somebody either within the club or within the authorities wants to force us to move. We're getting squeezed tighter all the time.
  11. It's not really the point mate. It's not about a particular single song or who started it first. It's more about the fact that Wednesdayites start a song, without the help of the band. The band learn it, slow it down and change the tone, to suit them. They've even changed the tune to "singing the blues". A foookin Wednesday classic. They then take all the songs we sing around the country, on their opening of an envelope tour, and create a national generic atmosphere, of which we are now part of. It's annoying, boring and not at all intimidating for visiting teams. It's basically a clap-a-long to out of tune slow played songs with the occasional "WEDNESDAY" chucked in. Time to go!!
  12. They'd have to be forced out by the club mate. They'll never leave, they think it's funny that they pi55 people off. They also like to think they're important and generate the atmosphere, when in truth they ruin it. To be honest i think we're probably a bit soft as a set of fans. Lots of clubs' fans would've forced them out themselves.
  13. It's the WAWAW that foookin riles me. It was our unique saying/phrase now it's foookin everywhere. We're like a generic crowd nowadays 'cos if them cnuts.
  14. Our atmosphere is exactly the same as England's at Wembley, Leeds rhinos at headingley, the women's hockey team, the opening of an envelope etc. We're like a foookin embarrassing franchise. Tin pot.
  15. The last vote on here was 70/30 to get rid from 700ish posters.