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  1. Nightmare return in the train . Cuts it very fine
  2. Featherstone Skipton This is what makes them bigger though I suppose. Fans everywhere. It works for Man U. They should be bigger mind, with this sort of catchment area.
  3. Can't be true that mate. Leeds took 25000. Fact!
  4. How many we sold?
  5. They've been asked in person numerous times pal. They're not even willing to cooperate with the fans to improve the atmosphere never mind pack it all in.
  6. Definitely gonna be winnalls on fire just as soon as John and the boys return to action.
  7. Sums em up really.
  8. I think they'd have to go of their own accord pal. It seems the powers that be like them.
  9. OK then.
  10. So when can people bring the subject up then?
  11. When we're playing bad people say "we've got bigger problems than the band".
  12. There must be a reason why they weren't there yesterday. It'll be back to normal next home game no doubt.
  13. Could work well. We just need to get the drummer drumming to the fans rather than to the pace of how the band would play it. Much better though .
  14. Corrected it for you mate.
  15. Great to hear (or not hear). Why the absence, does anyone know?