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  1. I'm willing to accept for some strange reason he could have lost his ability. Don't think he has though. But look at his goal scoring record. Why do people go on about Boro. He got 6 in 18 and they got promoted. He didn't play much because no he isn't premier class. No shame in that. People say daft things like offer's nothing but goals. They said same about hooper. He isn't a Drogba but he's one of the best you'll get in this division.
  2. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    Imo it is you being too soft as you say. Not something I'd sing but some people enjoy being a bit boisterous and singing below the belt stuff. Harry Roberts in the old days You get it at all clubs. Just let em get on with it I say.
  3. Northern Monkeys

    I only saw the shandy one. I understand why the posts got deleted but I think a reason I get miffed sometimes is because I've moved out of Sheffield now and I always get the ,oh Yorkshire, whippets,ee by gum and if I say a word in my not very broad accent i get it parroted in some ridiculous Harry Enfield style northern gruff voice lol. It does wear thin but theres no law to protect me really. So when I see stuff I consider banter it makes me think, why is every one else immune from it. If some guy tells you they're gay and you go, oh do you drink shandy then in a jokey manner that is equally annoying I imagine but a crime to boot. Any way I've let it drop now
  4. Northern Monkeys

    I can see why the comment was deleted but haven't we gone a bit mad these days. Imo it wasn't homophobic but just wee wee taking. No one should be immune from that gay or straight. I notice the comment about posh cockney c units was ok though. That could be classed as offensive stereotyping of people in London. Not having a go and board rules are board rules but its a pet peeve of mine political correctness.
  5. Sam Field

    Don't know anything about him but I'd like to see a pacey cm come in. Someone who likes to get stuck in but is a bit more attacking minded and likes to carry the ball forward. But suppose it depends on when Lee is back and how Hutch is doing.
  6. Away shirts

    I dunno what the fuss is about. I really like the away kit.
  7. Carlos haters

    Toxic, Carlos haters? People have different opinions and some people just aren't as pessimistic in life. Way too much over reacting on here at times imo. That's after a win as well as a defeat.
  8. Daniel Pudil

    Less likely to get skinned at cb. LB is always a dodgy position as teams can often be more dominant down their right wing. So he's always going to be tested more than other positions. And a bad game shows up more.
  9. Great result

    Just heard the bloke on talksport say ,got out played for an hour but good win for Wednesday. Not heard the game so not really sure how we played.
  10. Pre-empt

    Got to say if we do lose I myself will get a bit mardy. Theres always a reasonable way to grumble though. And to be fair if you take defeat with a pinch of salt then maybe you just aren't very passionate about the club and the game. Which is ok. Each to his own innit.
  11. Carlos defends leaving Boyd out

    I'm pretty sure Boyd is a good player. He was last year. So why he doesn't fit into our team puzzles me. It's like the situation with mcgeady. Wasn't up to speed but couldn't get up to speed because he wasn't up to speed.
  12. Carlos defends leaving Boyd out

    Do we need players who played 36 times in the prem last season? When you have players like Boyd Abdi and Rhodes you build a team around them.
  13. Abdi

    Big end You must be as old as me
  14. Feel more positive?

    I totally agree with the op. Carlos sometimes seems to miss the obvious or can be stubborn but last night I thought he picked a good team that just didn't work out at first. He changed things and we did ok.Sunderland are no mugs I agree when people say the players need to get us going but until we get back to the old Carlos style or Chansiri decides to get rid we need to be the 12th man. If we do that and they still play dog poo then things will have to change. It's hard because when you are frustrated and can see obvious mistakes it's hard to bite your tongue but I do feel of late not keeping our gobs shut is having a bit of a negative impact.
  15. Say wot ya see. If ya see it say it.