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  1. Yeah because people that are desperate to see us back in the big time and feel a bit pessimistic because we really had the chance to move on but made it hard for ourselves with below par performances don't support their team.
  2. Agree. He was also good at carrying the ball forward and then giving it to the more technical players. He'd be tackling at right back one minute and then tackling someone on the left wing a minute later.
  3. Megson did a good job at Wednesday. Harshly sacked even if it did work out. Wouldn't grumble if he came back. He is capable of taking a club to the premier league. Probably have to sack him then though
  4. Not the most consistent but we've not really seen any consistency this season. Maybe a bit "lazy" but you need water carriers and water drinkers lol. Not every player is everything in the championship. On his day, the sort of player we've been missing. Probably too late now for him but he was too good a player to completey disregard.
  5. Next season we will PTL
  6. Arsenal, spurs, City, Utd ,Liverpool, Newcastle, Everton, Chelsea games would all be over 40. Leicester , Hull and maybe Sunderland and Boro would bring loads. Sunderland used to fill the away and. I think you'd be surprised how many away fans we'd get in the premier league. Every club that was in the premier league back in the day and is still in it now has increased their attendances since the early 90s. We would too. By how many is a guess. Would be absolutely stupid to build a small stadium.
  7. It worked ok for Warnock. Motivation is a big part management.
  8. Id rather wait till the summer. Carlos has had us playing well before. If he can get us playing to that standard again we stand a chance of promotion although it would be hard to beat Leeds or Huddersfield i think. Reading i think we could probably scrape past them. I think we need some different kind of players in the team for next year. A better balance. Players like Lee who we've badly missed and a bigger physical presence. I don't think we have the right balance even though we have some fantastic players and it would be hard for a new man to come in and change things round to how he would do things. Probably stand more chance with Carlos going into these last games. Not confident tbh but i think Carlos has earnt a bit of slack.
  9. I'd be sad to see him go. I think he needs to realise everything isn't fine and start admitting it isn't up to scratch and start doing something to get us back to how we can play and for more than 20 mins. He's had is playing some good stuff and looking like a top 3 or 4 team so he can do again.
  10. And all season long you've been told to stop moaning, nowt wrong with playing below par, we're winning/sixth, look at where we were. Even a blind man could see the team hasn't been playing to their full potential, three points or not. We may well pick up again and make sixth but the players need a big wake up call and Carlos needs to get us back to last season's best or at least admit we aren't and he's not sure why. Id respect him for that. Better than being a mourinho wanna be and never take any blame.
  11. There's always been booing but now it's the in thing to call it toxic atmosphere. I don't agree with it myself but if the players can't handle it we need new ones. They don't go out of their way to play crap. If they are,the manager needs to decide which players are doing the business and organise, motivate the team. The players don't decide who goes or stays on the pitch.
  12. I know people say no right to success and all that but i think when you buy Rhodes and have the quality players we have you should expect sixth. I think he will just about get us over the line in sixth but if for some reason he didn't then i would expect him to go. I like Carlos and I wouldn't mind some stability but I'm not 100% sure he knows how to build that mix of team you need to finish top two and that should be our aim next season if we don't go up. Very hard for any manager but i just don't see us turning into a more consistent and physical team under Carlos. I think we'll always be a bit hit and miss over 90 mins.
  13. I think people go overboard with their reaction to opinions. Nobody is wrist slitting or demanding success but it might come across like that in some people's posts. Some say look where we were, we are sixth, others say we are playing some poor halves, fix that and we will be the better for it. That gets taken as settle for owt clapper or moaning ingrate.
  14. There are more than two types. Also everything is just opinion. Just because you think one way that doesn't mean it's the only way to think. I'm not saying my opinions are right but they are what i believe and many others too. They'll be many who share your views. No side is wrong. Also i think sometimes discussions and opinions get taken in a stronger more life or death manner than what people mean them. I like a moan on here and for me we should be a more consistent team and seeing more from certain players. That might be harsh considering where we are but it's what i think.
  15. Wait till the end of the season. Imo we are worse , more wins or not. We don't have the same 11, we now have a better one ,although it doesn't seem like that at times. Lincoln beat Burnley but that doesn't mean they are better. Wnning games doesn't equal improvement. We've been very lucky in a spell just before the recent defeats.Our defeats haven't been unlucky. If people dismiss how poor we've played in many games then just like big Nige Pearson I'd have to ask if they are ostriches