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  1. If we aren't playing as well as we can then it's only fair to grumble. Some people went over board yeah but others made their point and whether Carlos or the players took any notice or not, they did improve. And that's all people wanted. We have a real steely feel about us now and even if we don't play like Barcelona we can beat anyone. Credit to Carlos and the lads.
  2. Yeah but my mince pies saw a side getting out played and a manager taking gibberish at times He knew SOME of the criticism was valid and so did the players.
  3. Thing is you can only call things as you see them at the time. I thought Carlos needed the full season but at the time i didn't think he was getting the best from the players and made some dodgy decisions. But it was just a sticky patch and he seems to have addressed most issues. There's no way to know that at the time. I think the season could have gone either way just as easily so there no shame or glory in being wrong or right.
  4. Close between Wallace and Hutch for me.
  5. We are capable of beating anyone in the playoffs. Last year i felt hull were a better team and if they turned up it would be very tough to beat them. This year we have the better players imo and as long as they are confident we have a better than good chance.
  6. We have relied on individual brilliance quite a few times to get us out of a hole and i doubted Carlos myself but since that sticky patch when you could see we needed to step up i think he has managed the team well. People make a call and sometimes they are wrong. He wasn't doing as well with the squad as i thought he could back then but calling for his head was always premature. He wasn't doing a poor job after all.
  7. To be fair things did need looking at and Carlos has looked at them He has certainly earned his corn recently. It makes us look daft when we moan but to be fair things weren't going as well as they could have. But now they are so yeah he's the man again.
  8. Carlos had a dream.
  9. Things weren't going great and people were totally justified in questioning Carlos. We are still are hanging on a tad in games for me ,even if that does show character and an organised defence. But you can put that down to pressure at this stage. It's daft to get too down after a bad run but at the same time its equally daft to gloat and get carried away after a few wins. Let's see what happens come the end c of the season
  10. My dads one of those strange creatures that doesn't have any interest in football.
  11. I think to myself that if we don't finish in the top six then we never had a hope of winning the playoffs anyway but if we do make it then we have enough about us to have a chance. I think we'll do it. But I'm not going to cross my fingers and hope for favours. We'll do it if we deserve to.
  12. I've met him away from Hillsborough and he doesn't seem the same Jokey hirsty people know from match days and evenings with. Bit quieter and doesn't seem as approachable. Where as megson is a funny guy and much easier to chat to openly about Wednesday. Even in the supermarket lol. But people can't always be smiling and a rate laugh i suppose. I can be a miserable sod at times.
  13. I really hope he is but come on, getting giddy after a win is as daft as getting morbid after a defeat. Let's wait till the end of the season for the told you so's.
  14. I would hope people base opinions on watching months of football rather than on just one game. That's the inners or the outers
  15. We aren't doing terrible but you've got to be a little frustrated because we have great players and we could be more or less guaranteed a play off spot by now. I think we arent seeing the best of what this team is capable of. 6th or not i just feel there are issues that could and should be fixed. We potentially have the 3rd best team in this league but often we play like a mid table side or worse.