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  1. But hes 16 next month. People could leave school at 15 not so long back. I stayed on but some of my mates had jobs at 16.
  2. In fact I'd probably put Bannister in as well. During that season under Wilkinson him and Varadi helped change the club into the massive one we know today. Lawrie Madden is a legend for me too.
  3. I'd put Varadi in and drop Di Canio. Top player but not a legend.
  4. We've always had players and managers from outside Europe so will it really make any difference this brexit lark?
  5. Could he do a job
  6. Bleeding tryhards will give everything against us and probably win both derbies even if we go up as champions.
  7. I'll agree to disagree but when I've been to Thailand I've been taller than the average Thai bloke and I'm a short arse by English standards. But it's not all about height it's body structure and the ratio of leg to torso So for me people are different in more ways than just skin tone. But back on topic, I don't think we lack black players for any real reasons. I don't think Carlos is racist
  8. I could probably point you in the direction of conflicting evidence but that goes for most subjects. But it's not unreasonable that different continents have a physically different population. If you look around the sporting world it does seem that way.
  9. And yes you will get 6ft 4 Chinese but you are splitting hairs. It isn't the norm for that part of the world.
  10. Doesn't matter if it's physical or because of the environment. Black athletes dominate sports that involve running. You can add to that Basketball and arguably boxing. There hasn't been a white Olympic 100m winner for nearly 40 years. Centre of gravity plays a part. I'm not going to argue but I have looked into it. It's something that's made me question why before. So I think it's out of order you just dismissing it and having a dig. As I said most Chinese people are different physically and that is just how different cultures have evolved. Nothing racist or stereotyping about it.
  11. It's something to do with the difference in the length of legs and torso. Not massively different but one is better for running and the other better for swimming.
  12. You wouldn't argue that Chinese people are genetically different to Black people. You don't get a lot of 6ft 8 Chinese basket ball players. They come from a different part of the world , why wouldn't they be different.
  13. Please do some research before gobbing off. There is scientific study and if you use your eyes you can see the best runners are afro carrribean and the big USA football and basketball players are predominantly black. Even Carlos Lewis said something along the lines of black athletes are genetically better.
  14. I think it's just swings and roundabouts. We've had times when We've had a lot of black players in the first 11 and times where we've had a few Scandinavians in the team. I don't think it's for any reason. Black people are a still a relatively small percentage of the population and probably over represented in the English game if anything. I don't think it goes for all , but black players do tend to be athletic, pacey and strong in their style of play and maybe we could do with that sort of player in the team. It's in their genes innit , think it's scientifically known that they have some of the best sportsmen and women for a reason. Don't think it's racist to say that but you upset people if you say anything about colour these days
  15. Sheridan. He always looked like he'd got a hangover but his skill the ball was messi like and he liked a tackle.