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  1. McManaman was a quick player who could take a man on and deliver a cross. But CC never gave him a chance. Its not his type of player unfortunately. I pray that CC changes the way we play it next season because I really can't be bothered to turn up to Hillsboro and watch the same predictable and desperate performances.
  2. Hooper is key. He brings the best out of whoever is next to him. We need to keep him fit this season, sorely missed him in the Play Off games. We need pace. Out wide, genuine pace and power someone who can carry the ball up the pitch. CC won't though, get your money on Downing. A slow old past it player who can cut in.
  3. Have we actually officially signed Rhodes?
  4. Born in 2001. How old does that make you feel.
  5. Born in 2001. How old does that make you feel.
  6. Jota would be one of those players who comes here and flops
  7. Funny idea, but why don't we just sign good footballers in areas which need improving?
  8. Tom Cairney
  9. When you consider that Maguire has just gone for 17m, 8m for Hughes is probably about right in today's market. Young, English attacking midfielder who has already played a lot of football for his age. Different sort of player to Lee and Hutch but potentially I think he can be better than both these two players, he's already on there level IMO.
  10. Except Hughes is a lot younger and plays consistently for England Under 21s.
  11. I don't like them getting above their station. I love beating them. But I'd take losing too them twice if it meant we make top 6.
  12. Never heard of him. His record isn't great.
  13. I just pray the man learns from his mistakes of last season. More often than not though football managers are stubborn and stuck in their beliefs and systems. Personally don't think he should be here after last season and what we missed out on. Won't have anyone tell me that last season was anything but a failure, it was. I watched that play off final and we bottled it. Both of those sides were utter garbage.
  14. Pingu returns after his year of playing football manager scouting obscure foreign players.
  15. Francis Jeffers