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  1. On a day like today I couldn't care less either way, getting worked up about football is stupid when you think about it. Hopefully we can give it another good go next season.
  2. What a controversial penalty saving our skin against Rotherham? And a hard thought Yorkshire Derby where we just came out on top even though Barnsley played us off the park? We weren't convincing all season.
  3. And against Wolves surprise surprise he started with Bannan, Lee and Hutch across the midfield.
  4. I can't take you seriously. For one we drew with Preston and Wolves. Two of the worst performances of the season absolutely dire. Last minute equaliser by Reach saved us from a terrible defeat. Wolves game at home was awful.
  5. A tougher semi final? Load of rubbish. That first leg we played against 10 men from the 50th minute mark, Knockaert went off injured and Brighton had their best midfielder injured. Second leg they absolutely hammered us first half most one sided half I've ever witnessed, we got a goal which should have been disallowed. We put a decent second half performance in I'll give it that. Those 5 wins you refer to we played with two wingers in every single game. Wallace and Reach. No shoehorning Hutch, Bannan or Lee in. Fair enough I think FF started some of those games upfront (not in the Birmingham and Blackburn games however where we partnered Winnall and Rhodes up front)
  6. Think he was referring to the first leg, but you make the right observations.
  7. I just want to see us compete in the league we deserve to be in. A club of our size should be in the Prem, unfortunately we don't have the team to match. Maybe I'll stop moaning then. Probably not, I'll be on here calling for the manager to leave when Chelsea knock 5 past us
  8. Is Pudil just knackered all the time then and that's alright? roger me, I could excuse him at the start of the season because he had played in the Euros but come on he's had months to be fit and raring to go. How can he be knackered when he's been in and out of the side all season. If FF is not 100 per cent, why start him? I couldn't think of anything worse than a player like FF coming off the bench in a game like that, harassing and chasing down defenders. You've got two proper strikers in Rhodes and Winnall on the bench who should be itching to start, why not put faith in them? We spent good money on them after all. And if Kieran Lee wasn't fit, he did very well at hiding it on Wednesday night.
  9. Disagree. He deliberately sat back and tried to contain Huddersfield, he was negative from the off and that set the tone for the game. Completely different performance to that away from home at Ipswich and QPR. We allowed Hudders to take control, we were happy for them to do that putting faith in our defence to keep it at 0-0. It worked but backfired on us eventually. Just like how he sat back and led Hudders come at us when we went 1-0 up at Hillsborough. Seen that too many times this season, it's worked against crap sides but Hudders were always going to get one given how good they are and what was at stake in the game. A couple of my non-wednesdayite supporting mates commented on how we took our foot off the gas at 1-0, criminal. For the second leg, Hutch didn't have to come in. We had the home advantage. We had absolutely NO outlet out wide, Bannan and Reach offered nothing in the wide areas. Credit to Bannan for the performance he put in but Huddersfields full backs had a stroll for 120 mins. Fair enough Wallace going off didn't help things but we still set up with a system which tried to shoehorn those three midfielders in, he has simply not learnt that all three no matter how good they are individually can not play together. Against the top side s in the division we can't get away with it. Also starting FF up front. It is not his position. He never gets close enough to his strike partner for flick ons, second balls and knock downs. Because he is not a frontman. It hinders our play, the ball doesn't stick when FF is upfront;. Yes we missed Hooper, he's vital and he links well with Fletch but he should have put faith in a player like Winnall an out and out striker who could do the job Hooper does, maybe not the same ability, but similar. Hutch and FF hinder us in a formation of 4-4-2. Unless you put FF wide left there's no point of him starting. Hutch drops too deep and acts as a third centre back. Shock horror the exact same problem can be seen a year earlier in the Play Off final against Hull. Can we have faith in Carlos to learn from the mistakes he keeps making? I'm not sure.
  10. Fair post. My criticism of Carlos is exactly the point you made at the end though. We didn't have our cards in order from August/September which we really should have. We lost away at Burton, home to Leeds and a last minute point at Brentford. Hopefully if he does stay he'll learn from that. But with CC I just get the impression he's not the man do take us up, he makes too many mistakes and his stubbornness will be his downfall. I'd love him to prove me wrong. But 6 wins on the bounce and then to go and change it for the Play Offs the way he did was criminal for me.
  11. Shouldn't have used the word bottle (although we did bottle it this year in my eyes). I really like Carlos, but my gripe with him is his stubbornness and his shoehorning of favourites into the side. This has been a criticism I've had for both seasons now, he didn't learn for the Hull defeat. Can I see him changing his ways? No. Managers are stubborn and set in their beliefs and ways, we've had managers before CC who were just the same. That's why I think we need a fresh start with a fresh pair of eyes on the abundance of talent we've got in this squad. I will honestly pull my hair out if at any point next season we have Barry Bannan out wide, Hutch in centre mid and FF playing in a front two. Do I think we will see that if Carlos stays? Yes unfortunately. Two play off failures also is mentally damaging to any group of players, psychologically in my eyes it effected players like Lees, FF and Bannan during our first half of the season. Now we've had a double hit and it takes a lot of mental character to hit back and fight for automatic. I think we need a change to get rid off the play off hangovers. Yes we've made progress under CC points wise, but twice now we've put in pretty awful performances at the stage where it really really mattered.
  12. For everyone comparing us to Brighton.... Hughton bottled it once in two legs where everything went against him. Carlos has bottled it twice now.
  13. Said it before I'll say it again. All for their effort and brilliance it is very difficult to accommodate Hutch and FF into the side unless we change formation. If CC stays and sticks with 4-4-2 he should really think about cashing in on these two.
  14. If that was the case why did our style change from the first season under CC to the second?