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  1. OMDT - BOLTON - V - WEDNESDAY - (League Cup)

    Wildsmith Palmer Lees Pudil Fox Wallace Jones Abdi Winnall Rhodes Forestieri Subs: Dawson, Baker, Reach, Boyd, Matias, Nuhiu, Fletcher Thats my bet.
  2. Nixon

    It's needed if Abdi can't get fit. Hutch is a crock and Lee is out injured. Would have loved Lewis Baker back here, unfortunately Boro have taken him on loan.
  3. Joao

    Like his goal against Brentford?
  4. Jones - the enigma

    I certainly don't believe we are a top two side. I'll be happy with the play offs yet again, personally think unless we don't recruit we'll do well to make them. Just defending Jones. Don't agree with the stick he gets from people who sit round me and people on here.
  5. Jones - the enigma

    We've needed a new midfielder since Wembley, Abdi and Jones don't offer the solution to what we needed. But I don't get the Jones bashing, decent player who does his job well.
  6. Jones - the enigma

    It worked against Sunderland and Fulham if we want to look at the present. Face it Hutch for all his effort hinders us in the middle, I know you don't like it but it's true.
  7. Jones - the enigma

    Reading home wasn't a bad performance. Al Habsi kept them in it. Wigan away 3 points, Burton home and Preston away both got points. That leaves Villa away where it didn't work. I could highlight a number of bad performances with Hutch in the middle. Including three of the most important matches in our history.
  8. Team for Bolton

    Wildsmith Palmer Lees Pudil Penney Wallace Abdi Jones Winnall Nuhiu Forestieri
  9. Carlos haters

    One win won't change my view. We've been here with Carlos before. But I was impressed with the performance against Sunderland and was impressed with how we did the job yesterday, so I'm not going to grumble. I'm happy with the last two performances. Nothing worse when someone comes on here trying to score points and not just enjoy the win. Fans like to moan when Wednesday lose deal with it, it's nothing new.
  10. Bannan and Jones

    Jones doesn't deserve the abuse he gets. Good game today and gets the best out of Bannan.
  11. How will Dom Howson cope ?

    He's just doing his job.
  12. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Are there no streams today? Except that Ifollow thing
  13. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Are we on tele abroad?
  14. If Burke's agent had any sense he'd do his research and make sure his client doesn't join us under any circumstance. We'd ruin his development.
  15. He's a winger. Carlos doesn't like wingers. Would be a pointless signing.