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  1. tbf its not the all important games hes come up short in... had 2 wins v the champions and 2 wins and 2 draws (with only an own goal conceded) v udders and won 6 out of last 7 when he really needed to. i think its the littler games we fall short in, Burton home and away, ipswich H, lots of others before the turn of the year where if we had won them, we would have been with Brighton and Newcastle chasing the top two places instead of trying to catch up reading, udders an Leeds. We lost 6 at home this year compared to 2 the year before, Leeds before they was even playing well and i dont even wanna mention Brentford at home 2-0 down at HT an we were terrible first half.... Brentford away we BATTERED them and drew 1-1 !! I always think Carlos can pull a one off result out the bag, Arsenal & Toon last year in cup, brighton in home play off as a few examples. Its the run of the mill league fixtures where we drop too many daft points, yes it is the nature of the championship and we aren't the only side to do it, but with our quality squad we should have been more consistent than we was.
  2. Stay...He goes when he wants.
  3. Since you are our moral moderator would it not have been better to help us all with your wisdom last night, rather than nearly 4pm today? so any slagging of our staff on social media from last night is your fault then? you've let the side down fella. poor from you...
  4. Hutch was our midfield leader for most of the season and when fit and on a run of games he was awesome this year, (pipped in POTY by westwood) problem during the play offs is he wasnt the only one playing but not sharp/fit/firing. FF had just found some super form for 3 or 4 games before he got injured in march. add K Lee to that list of players that was on the pitch but not firing (Jordan Rhodes too) and its no surprise we struggled. not to mention Abdi and Hooper being unavailable.. shame.
  5. players always seem better when they aren't on the pitch..... but tbf tonights game did look like it would suit him. I think Reach as a sub would have been used from the hour mark for his legs, playing from the 5th minute because of Wallace injury stopped that happening, Winnall all the way for me.
  6. Always a silver lining 'mate'..... at least piggy sharp will be able to try and back up his mouth by 'smashing us twice next season'.... funny how the thick piggycnut didnt say anything about finishing higher than us though int it! hmmm even the most deluded know their boundaries.
  7. Im not as gutted as i thought i would be. probably because they deserved it over the 2 legs.
  8. im so upset yeah yeah, its not fair.
  9. Jokanovic is going to west ham by all accounts..... oh go on then we'll take Bilic. on a serious note i wouldnt grumble if we kept Carlos, He he's got enough credit in the bank to deserve our support if HE thought he had unfinished business and a go again attitude. but sadly i agree with you that its probably time for a change, not because i dont want CC, but he is an emotive manager and there is only so many times you can go to the well. on average a team that misses out in the play offs (final) finishes 13th the next season, last year was a no pressure free shot. this year we had the players to do it and big teams were tripping over themselves falling by the wayside, opening it up for us.. with the same group and leader it will be really hard to come back from this stronger again.. Villa/Norwich/Derby/Fulham/Brum will all be alot stronger next year. If CC goes i wish him all the luck in the world, i think his class has made all the fans just a little bit better people for hearing his wisdom, and showed the neighbors up for what they are - classless. as for who i want next? i dunno, someone who isnt scared of going toe to toe with the above mentioned teams and smashing the fookers so we get automatic.. that hull boss maybe, Jokanovic would be great too.
  10. I remember the year we both came up from L1. us in auto's and obviously udders beating the pigs at wembley. early in the next season we had udders at home in midweek, lost 2-1. i just didnt see it coming, Oliver smelly Norwood for them i think. I then remember going to the charlton game in FA cup with the winners playing the pigs at the sty in the QF, we fooked it up and lost 2-1. these games make me nervous. but then i remember needing to beat cardiff at home last season, pi$$ed it 3-0, and Arsenal midweek, again 3-0. teams that lose in the play off final finish (on average) 13th the next season. but we knew the play-offs had 3 other really tough teams in it and our flourishment was in its infancy. we have done amazing to bounce straight back the next season and make the play-offs again. last nights result has opened it up and left it crystal clear what we need to do, udders at home and Reading at a not so neutral venue as we have that experience from last year which could make a major difference between the two sides on the day. (as it did last year with ull's recent trips to Wembley) I so hope we do it, we need to as i think it will be harder (mentally) to bounce back next year like we did this.
  11. and if we get given a penalty in the 5th minute? or concede one? should we try and push our fan emotion to the side at that second to make sure we show our respect? Tomorrow evening is our most important match in 17 years, its is about the game, and only the game. Bradley has been shown more love, more compassion and been lavished with more red letter days than most adults would in a full lifetime, his recent experiences will render our 30000 fans song to him as not even a hairs on the neck moment i should imagine. Its a football match that has no relevance to sunderland, but massive relevance to us. Ill be busy singing a Wednesday song in the 6th minute, even if im singing on my own. Naming a stand after him is great but what if in 20 years money is hard to come by and a sponsorship option is on the table? Family will still be alive. i reckon taking his name off will upset them.... each to their own tho.
  12. have you read back yet? do you know what happened next?
  13. I got a feeling you ant read all of the thread have you?
  14. i dont blame the fences, i dont blame the stadium. i dont blame the fans. i also dont let myself get swayed by ''independant panels'' one way or t'other. sooo much talk on this subject studying every single angle.. for me it was simply ONE mistake, if you open the big gates at the back and let 2000 go straight in you are asking for trouble and letting the fans down, oh dont tell me, it must be the stadium too as it had problems in 91 for a spurs S/F.... yeah and guess what, they opened the main gates that day too!! lunacy...what it created on them two occasions it would have created at any stadium in the country. that was a fault of the police that has already been noted. this witch-hunt to blame everybody and everything else is whats daft.
  15. This was a great opportunity to put the dream 150 year print on there. would have looked epic... even if it hasnt been created yet!