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  1. Fair enough maybe he should be on.. its just a pity he wasnt as good as the other four!
  2. Doubtful, wont be able to have many keepers on it and for me he doesnt get on it above Pressman/springett/westwood/Hodge just off the top of my head.
  3. Are any managers being put in the scene, and if so will it be just 1 do we think?
  4. Im wondering which player has carried the ball further up the pitch than Reach this season? Folk moan about our sideways/backwards pass pass pass hoof to JR, well Adam Reach is the one player that actually dribbles the ball forward, FF may do it in the opponents half or the last 3rd, in small spurts, but Adam Reach actually carries us 50/60 yards up the pitch then lays it off simple ball to one of our flair players then goes again finding space giving an option for a return pass. or he will win a free kick 60 yds up the pitch. i dread to think how we would have done in alot of our games this season as he is one of the only ball runners in the squad since K Lee got injured. i guess you could say his end product isnt always great.. but who's is? I appreciate seeing him carry us up the pitch without resorting to a pele ball to do so. i guess its what you look for in a player, if its end-product i can understand some frustrations of AR. but for his all round contribution to the team the criticism is harsh.
  5. Whats embarrassing is the folk who feel like cos we were cwap 1st half it cant be owt to do with the ref... its two separate things ffs. were allowed to admit our marking at the set pieces was dire, and that the first half was as bad as ive seen for a long time, but it doesnt mean (because of that) that the ref's immune from criticism.
  6. The Ref was more than likely cheating rather than just p1$$ poor. else all these bad decisions would have been 50/50. His performance was a stain on the beautiful game is what it was. Im not a ref, but if he wasnt cheating, im a better ref than him.
  7. good post. while everything my not come off for the lad, especially in the final 3rd, hes not scared to try and attack, 1st half he was the only one who shew any urgency. also coped well with some horrible passes off KW or Loovens that instantly put him under pressure.
  8. is it only me that thinks the difference between the 2 halves was the wind? had we kicked towards kop 1st half we could have been outa sight. i thought the wind in our face made us go negative and get to HT at 0-0 hence that dire 1st half performance. we was always gonna batter them 2nd half, but because of the conditions rather than being 2-0 down and them sitting in.. or am i talking cwap? i was sat in the Grandstand so didnt feel any wind up there but a few of Westy's kicks kinda came back towards him 1st ten mins and we sort of went into panic mode and tried to run the clock down from that point. weird performance 1st half though
  9. Law of averages coupled with Brentfords recent defensive record suggests its nailed on Rhodes will get one tonight. We wont get away with a poor performance and still take 3 points tonight. we might play really well and win comfortably, but ive got a feeling if we dont play we will drop points. so on that basis ill go.... 4-1. ff 2, JR 1, SF 1. 25989
  10. or 2010..
  11. thats weird.... the site im on says this game was in 1984 not 1983.... 1983 says we beat cambridge 3-1 on the 26th feb
  12. Beat Bolton at home 1-0 in the first game after i was born, mind, the last game we played before i was born was an 8-0 defeat at midd'bro!
  13. we are '2 defeats on the spin' away from looking over our shoulders again. thats not me being negative, its the nature of this league. but if we can continue this run, we have to win 3 more games than one of the top 2 over the last 13 games. thats well do-able IMO. (coupled with more draws) I do think Norwich or Fulham will catch someone in the top 6 come end of the season tho, as nearly every season at least 1 team in the top 6 has a meltdown, we need that team to be 1 of the current top 2 to give us a real chance. if its one of the teams from 3 to 6 they will miss out altogether.
  14. yep. only 4 games in March but 7 in april. seems a bit daft.
  15. that leaves a long gap between 2nd leg of play-off and the final doesnt it? bit unfair for the other team that make the play-off final.