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  1. one or t'other. no need to do both.
  2. We have missed him when he hasnt played ever since he arrived. oozes quality and his age probably helps us keep him! his positioning and game awareness is top class. it all looks so easy for him. makes other players around him perform better. could make a really good manager one day.
  3. McManaman will get his chance to impress. and when he does i expect he'll take it. the fact is nearly every new player (especially loans) have had to bide their time to get in.he will know that. but 1-0 up at home probably wasnt the best time to bring him on. His chance to impress and get a place in starting eleven may come at Brighton. Winnall and Fletcher will be licking their lips in anticipation at teaming up with this lad.. Im excited that we go into this next batch of games with a whole load of different problems for our opposites. its stopped us getting stale at just the right time.
  4. Its easy to say he was ultra defensive, or it was eye bleed stuff. its said quite alot since time has past, but i dont totally agree, for 2 reasons. 1, that pitch tho! there is no way carlos would have played our ace footy from last year on that old wicket. it was terrible and not conducive to any sort of proper football. 2, we missed some reyt sitters in front of goal. stevie may x4 at home to wolves when we lost 1-0, Nuhiu at home to Brighton in a 0-0 draw where we wasted chance after chance. i could go on and on about loads of games. Loads of threads on ere during that time about our finishing. it was terrible and cost us a play-off place. we was in the top ten nearly from jan for most of the season and victory on the last day would have seen us finish 9th, but defeat (away at ipswich?) meant we slipped to an unjust 13th position. Gray was awesome for us with what he had. i was gutted when we sacked him. till i realised Carlos is the real deal.
  5. Anyone know how many tickets they have sold? I'll go for 3-1 Owls. Fletcher, Lees & Winnall. 27444 KW JH TL GL DP CM BB SH AR SF FF Shaky start but at 1-1 with half hour to go Winnall will come on for Pudil with Adam Reach going LB and FF will go out wide. then we will batter them 3-1. Barnsley wont beat Fulham away so we will be 5 points clear of 7th and only 3 pts behind 3rd... PLEASE.
  6. k den Lee, you keep trying to convince yourself that!!
  7. this millers fan is a funny guy. he always comes on and jumps from subject to subject without a gap, he doesnt like gaps so he asks new questions then answers them himself.
  8. was this guy one of the drunk ones from last night? realised he acted like an ass so is trying to be all sensible.
  9. Its been a long time since owlstalk has made me laugh so much in one night. love it.
  10. Done gave my name as kes trell