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  1. Any Pigs on this SAG committee? probably.
  2. Anyone know what ground this match was played?
  3. Ooh ooh i like surprises, can i be one of the 'some' please mr plonk?
  4. He did sort the defence out first.... by leaving well alone. 17 clean sheets under Jack Charlton - owls record 17 clean sheets under Stuart Gray the year before Carlos arrived. 17 & 16 clean sheets in the two seasons under Carlos. Im not saying we dont need to buy now, we do. but i can fully understand why he didnt 'sort it out' when he first came.
  5. Regarding Des Walker its a weird one, for a few years he was proper world class, but i would say he peaked early and his best years (form wise) were before he ever joined us. not sure he ever reached the same heights after the England/Graham Taylor debacle of failing to qualify for USA 94. Dont get me wrong he was great for Wednesday and i loved Des when he played for us with distinction for so long, Waddle was also world class before he signed but arguably got better while with us! same cant be said for Des. for that reason Waddle should be ahead of Des Walker IMO. Glad Sheridan is on it though. one of my favorite players of all time, underrated.
  6. HT 3-0 England Bannan Fletcher et al wont be happy..
  7. what a hit. Jodie Taylors two goals for England v Scotland women weren't bad either.
  8. While i tend to agree that Reach is a LM rather than a LB it depends how we set up on where i'd prefer him. If your defenders are there to defend, be a strong bank of 4, Reach probably isnt your man. but with our CM so deep and our full backs often asked to provide the width i would love Reach and Hunt to go marauding, overlapping FF and Wallace/Boyd I think CC gives this freedom to the right hand side of the pitch allowing/trusting Wallace and Hunt but on the left side we chop and change players, and the tactics down that side often changed game by game too. (no surprise reach & pudil struggled at times!) for me, Get a class new CB and release the shackles on both flanks. It Would bring the best out of FF, Reach & Hunt IMO.
  9. Hard to say. Bit of a kop out but if its not one from Westwood Lees Lee FF or Hooper then i dont know who it is.
  10. What does this mean? how can they not be good enough for 40+ games? so if they are good enough to play in 20 games why not 46? CC said in an interview the other day that he does see FF as a winger didnt he?
  11. So do i. I was well happy when we signed Mcgeady/McManaman/Buckley. thought it brought us somink different to what we have, and they probably did... but ultimately we didnt use them, didnt give them a chance to find form and at the end of both seasons you wonder what might have been, (McGeady on his PNE form during play-off final v hull? or Mcmanaman on fire at S6 v udders? that history stops me from moaning about what i want cos even if we manage to get another top wide man in will he play? doubtful. I do think Carlos is willing to make changes between seasons more than during so we could change it up a bit tactically? we shall see. Ultimately im guessing based on what we have and what Carlos says, rather than what i want. else i'd be a reyt moaning fannie!
  12. both our full backs will provide crosses for the forwards, as will any of the 4 wide men mentioned, Wallace/boyd mite shift it a yard and cross rather than get round the outside to the byline but it matters not. Lots of posts saying what we need in the posters opinion. in my posts im not talking about my preference as it matters not. its based on what i think CC could be thinking as the squad takes shape.
  13. *countered?
  14. Maybe he will play FF out wide most of the season? not out an out pace but defenders hate it when he runs at them, Reach no slouch either. Just like CC doesnt like the beast in CM, i think fast wingers going on the outside isnt something he is crazy about either. got a feeling FF and Reach will alternate on the left, looking to really go at their RB. with Boyd and Wallace sharing RM but playing much narrower allowing Hunt to overlap. If we dont bring another wide player in (not forgetting Matias) and go with the above, i wont mind that.. as long as we dont see BB, Abdi or Lee out wide all season we will do well.
  15. Semedo or Mourinho? IMO none of them are..