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  1. This was a great opportunity to put the dream 150 year print on there. would have looked epic... even if it hasnt been created yet!
  2. Bit loud. would prefer something more understated and classy. still a major improvement on the current look so im all for it.
  3. Ill be well surprised if Fulham dont win. they look a top 4 side to me. My only hope is that once they reach the top 6 (like Derby) they will start to feel the pressure and drop their standard a bit. Us and Reading taking 4pts outa the last 15 hasnt helped much either mind.
  4. I think its funny how many pigs ring up talking about the prince's funds next season, oblivious to the fact the prince has been nothing to do with the cub for ages. Deluded
  5. Is your top button done up tonight Martin?
  6. Longer than this thread hopefully
  7. i fooookin hate that sweaty dinnerlady barsteward get
  8. There has always been goal updates from other games in the OMDT. SWFC Twitter or the BBC feed has live reporting on just our game for the more binary among us.
  9. so many times this season ive wanted the games to be over after 30 mins cos of the scores at that time, come 90mins its all change and im gutted. Need that to happen today cos these scores after half hour couldnt be worse, barring Reading.
  10. Wealdstone leading at truro city
  11. Fox loves to whip a cross in. i like that about him
  12. handball ffs. i reckon the referee works in a bank