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  1. We're going to dedicate a huge amount to the @SkyBetChamp @SkyBetLeagueOne and @SkyBetLeagueTwo - far more than just commentary
  3. I follow him on twitter - he hasn't mentioned us
  4. M25 stretches to Newcastle???
  5. All true. What does bode well is our end to last season, when we had a dip and many (including me) thought we'd miss out on top 6. Showed great character and experience to finish as we did. Shame the tactics failed us in the play offs.
  6. Yep - possibly so, although this season I thought Norwich would be top 2. Theres always the worry of teams coming down and the money they have etc, but time after time that's proven to mean nothing when those same teams are in turmoil and sometimes being run by owners who are just in it for the £££. What is proven over the years is that teams who build over a period of time CAN make the PL with investment alongside stability, no matter how 'big' that club is. When you look at Burnley, Bournemouth, Watford to name but 3. Teams that have made the promised land that have managed to stay there. We're going in the right direction, maybe the manager will change (that happens) but there's no reason to say we won't get there. Might just take a couple more years
  7. He played footy the highest level in this country and he's not allowed to pass comment? Remind us of your footballing pedigree
  8. Disagree. JR plays on the shoulders of defenders, looking for the through ball from midfield which we never provide because we don't have midfielders capable OR they are told not to play that way.
  9. On the flip side we were a few Kieran Lee late interventions from missing out on top 6 all together.
  10. Bosh!!
  11. Well we've experienced the lot in 12 years. Relegation, automatic promotion, winning p/o final, losing p/o final and losing semi final. Cant say it's boring
  12. Worse. Ended up up losing in the semi final rather than the final, with virtually the same team as a year ago. I struggle to see how anyone can say we have improved.
  13. I agree to some extent with the OP about stability etc, but.... Perhaps teams like Brighton (in the past) and Derby chop and change managers 'til they find the right one? Sticking with a manager and giving him time is all well and good if he's the bloke to get the job done. The one stat that jumps out to me, about last night, is this..... 10 of the starting 11 last night played at Wembley last May. Now you might argue that's fine because it's a very good team and we were unlucky last year - but I doubt many think that. Or you could point at the money CC has spent and the players brought in and ask, has he improved the squad since 12 months ago? I think the latter has the strongest arguement. I also don't really get the 'but we've improved, we finished 4th' arguement. TBH, if you're not top 2 then 3rd to 6th it doesn't really matter. We made the play offs (minimum target attained there) but didn't make the final, against a weaker team than the Brighton one we beat last year. So no, really, we haven't improved have we. We finished the same distance behind Brighton this season as last. We were as far off auto as last season - we confirmed a P/O position with one match to spare. So yeh yeh stick with your manager if you're confident he's the one, but with CC I'm far from being convinced. Having said all that - I do think he'll leave anyway, probably a mutual agreement.
  14. I think if you took the blue n white specs off mate you'd see it slightly different. Yeh FF does take some hits, but my God he doesn't help himself by going down far too easily at times. Even when not actually hit with a tackle, if he has a defender on his back and he knows he's losing out he collapses to the floor. Quite embarrassing at times - and totally understandable why Udds and others give him stick for it. Btw Purely on that, I just knew he'd miss his pen. Just for the ribbing Udds have given him these last 2 years I thought here we go they will have the last laugh.