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  1. The bigger question is, will he ever be ready at this level? Plenty at his age showing potential have fallen by the wayside, too many Owls are getting carried away because of who his dad is. Wenhave to to trust the club in these matters, if they think he's worth keeping long term they'll do it.
  2. As far as I remember, Hirsty didn't have a say in the matter.
  3. Ganes have been getting moved for years now. Can we not just accept it??
  4. Why are some fans 'fixated' with our MF?? Individually we have good players and fan favourites in Lee, BB, Hutch as well as others who didn't get many games. It it looks like we're entering a third campaign with the same - do we not think it could be improved? After all the current lot (and I'm not blaming MF for our frailties) haven't got us promoted so why should we think they will this season? after the Hull final a lot of fans were saying we were lacking in MF - personally I think that's still the case.
  5. Hmmmmm good point
  6. It was supposed to be some academy education centre of some sort. Got binned a while ago
  7. So he was about the same age as Boyd is now when joining us, yet some say Boyd is past it........ hmmmmmmm.........
  8. Good luck Paul.
  9. We're going to dedicate a huge amount to the @SkyBetChamp @SkyBetLeagueOne and @SkyBetLeagueTwo - far more than just commentary
  11. I follow him on twitter - he hasn't mentioned us
  12. M25 stretches to Newcastle???
  13. All true. What does bode well is our end to last season, when we had a dip and many (including me) thought we'd miss out on top 6. Showed great character and experience to finish as we did. Shame the tactics failed us in the play offs.
  14. Yep - possibly so, although this season I thought Norwich would be top 2. Theres always the worry of teams coming down and the money they have etc, but time after time that's proven to mean nothing when those same teams are in turmoil and sometimes being run by owners who are just in it for the £££. What is proven over the years is that teams who build over a period of time CAN make the PL with investment alongside stability, no matter how 'big' that club is. When you look at Burnley, Bournemouth, Watford to name but 3. Teams that have made the promised land that have managed to stay there. We're going in the right direction, maybe the manager will change (that happens) but there's no reason to say we won't get there. Might just take a couple more years