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  1. Savlon. stupid really, still irks.
  2. How is that progress?
  3. There is a flaw, BIG DAVE.
  4. He used to have an inni now it's an outi.
  5. Redcar by the sea, nothing beats the light show from the I C I plant, along with a walk on the promenade of the old steel works.
  6. So is this on top of the one he is doing already.
  7. Pooopy doo
  8. Yes I know you was, but I couldn't say all above which would have included your post.
  9. would love to have that scarf, oh and yes to all above, apart from the wonderland kid.
  10. Read Owlstalk, and thought , best not.
  11. Hope you scrolled down, where he said, "only joking ".
  12. Opened the cooker door once to find next door neighbour dipping his bread in our gravy.
  13. Don't think that will go down well with certain players.
  14. Score more goals than the opposits.