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  1. Problem with this is if we are better than Leeds then we cant fail to beat them. Oh wait!
  2. As long as we dont give it to reach in attack, we may have a chance.
  3. Thats just amazing, what am I looking at?
  4. Champions league win.
  5. Just watched that, thanks, but how do I do google drive, without asking, I am 60 by the way. Just read what i wrote. I am asking.
  6. With FF off will it go titieees up.
  7. Creaming themselves on SSN, well done FF.
  8. puddle not playing well? Pudil/ predictive text.
  9. Thats the first time I am happy to listen to the pigs.
  10. Oh my god so that was it! I'm gifted, I'm gifted, I'm 60 and only just found out, I knew I was different, thanks, made my day.