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  1. He was crap and thats being nice
  2. Jack hunt always on holiday Now there's a surprise
  3. Did his feet leave the ground.
  4.  Amoured Farmers Tankie

  5. If they come up and we don't go up, then we should play them twice next season, once at home and once away. Hope that helps.
  6. Annie get your gun.
  7. I'm in the Midlands so was going to try my luck this weekend.
  8. Try red duke of york, earlies, think I will do some Kestrel as well. Are you up north, when are you planting out?
  9. Going to give charlotte a go, nice waxy one, done casablanca in the past bit floury but good if you like mash. looking for something different this year.
  10. Allotment time, get my earlies in.
  11. His answers were utter tripe, and every one listening knew that, you could have wiped the floor with him, but you let him off the hook by being bloody minded.