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  1. That's stoneware, I want a china one from Thailand.
  2. If we were close to concluding a deal we would not let him play, and if they did win it would be a miracle if they got us.
  3. But how would that benefit him, if he was close to signing there is no way he would play, and we would also make sure that he didn't play, otherwise all negotiations would be pointless.
  4. Think he said best goal Wallace has scored at Hillsborough.
  5. That reminded me of "one long one, one short one, and one with a bit of ######## on, and one with a fairy light on to show you the way. The Dicky Dido song.
  6. Think a tad too old to diet, wouldn't know where to start, leg,belly,leg,backend, have to do the legs one at a time.
  7. I take exception to that, I like to amble, when you get older ambling is the norm, some games I amble more than others so much so that I thought it was half time then they turned the lights out. So have a thought for us oldies.
  8. I am a season ticket holder, takes me 3hrs to get to Hillsborough, sat at home, made the right call, Boring.
  9. need to get winall on, more threat up top.
  10. free header already, come on, play up Wednesday.