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  1. Exactly this.
  2. both pudil and reach have not had their best games
  3. Let me know when it gets occasionally
  4. Bit early mate
  5. Don't live anywhere near Nuneaton do you.
  6. I have a spare ticket for anyone who can give me a lift there and back for the Huddersfield match at Hillsborough. I live in Nuneaton.
  7. Names on the ticket.
  8. Live in Nuneaton, how do I get the money if they can't send it?
  9. My friend has 2 tickets one on his/her season ticket (loaded ) and one downloaded and printed off, he/she would rather give them to someone on here as getting a refund. What's to stop people using both his/her Id and get his/her final tickets when they come up for sale. That's the worry, but I have told them that they would just have to trust that this would not happen. Am I right?
  10. At home, last train home leaves Sheffield at 21.00, so another missed match.
  11. Its a staff that pikes use. Hope this was useful.
  12. Walk round at the end, Bannans daughter was head and shoulders over her dad.
  13. Their second goal was not shown on the big screen, so that says to me it was either hand ball or it didn't cross the line. Ref was useless.
  14. Is he on holiday, not seen him for a while.