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  1. How do you know how much DC has?
  2. I'd suggest that the likes of Wolves and Leeds increasing their spending will help Chansiri invest more. Add to that Villa, Norwich, Newcastle (I know they've gone up but will be included in the 3 year cycle) Fulham etc etc will all force the "market price" up.
  3. What an utterly bizarre comment.
  4. I used to be a manager at William Hill... and there's no cover for being an idiot. Even online as as soon as you place a bet it offers you less than your stake to cash out.
  5. Absolutely categorically would a bookie not allow you to change a bet. May have been offered a cash out of 50p online, but no way would a bookies cancel a bet.
  6. and the bookies just allowed him to change his bet? .........
  7. I quite liked the fact we walked out of the stadium thinking there was absolutely zero need for crowd segregation at a game involving 2 British sides. If thats tinpot, it felt great.
  8. Rangers was one of the best atmospheres I've witnessed at Hillsborough over recent years. especially considering there was only 16,000 there. Fans were great and I think they are also looking forward to coming back for a great day out. Good call I say, most that went to the last one have said we should play again and now we are. Happy days.
  9. I'm not excited, truth be told I am not sure I would even want him, however lots of bookies are shortening up on us signing him, just like they did with Rhodes.
  10. I do t see it happening, but.... sorry its uploaded sideways!
  11. Lees is not moving anywhere, certainly not for the figure being banded about.
  12. Yep, particularly good for opening PDF files.
  13. I hear ballet is quite popular these days. Try that.
  14. All of it, football is becoming a totally non-contact sport and its shuffle.