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  1. I am sure we are fast approaching the necessity stage mind!
  2. That was what the club was targeting was it not? promotion in 2 years....
  3. You could, but even looking at that team, there is one ingredient glaringly missing..... Pace, we have no pace, without pace you become easy to play against. Not only that, our full backs would be more exposed than they are now when we play 4-4-2, which would be pretty scary.
  4. But with the players we have, you cannot really change the style of play. I guess we could go three at the back with 2 wing backs (chelseaesque) but this would still mean needing to bring in at least one centre back if not 2, and players capable of playing the wing back roles. Some may say Reach would be capable, but I very much doubt the ability Carlos thinks he saw in him. You then still need a midfield enforcer.
  5. Yes, we do. I agree we are lightweight in midfield, but this is the fault of Carlos, no one else. He brought in player capable of pressing high, then stopped them pressing high. I would hate to lost Hutch/Bannan/Lee (especially Lee) but I feel one of the has to go.
  6. We missed hooper massively in these two games. We seem to have had a few hamstring injuries this season, which is a worry.
  7. I think he is told to sit deep. Either him or Bannan drop so deep they are the closest player to Westwood, I think its because they are both capable of pinging the ball pretty accurately, but 9 times out of 10 we just go sideways anyhow.
  8. I have been saying for a while we need a Diame type midfielder. I have no doubt we will lose a few this summer, need to move on the manager pretty quick so he can sort the wheat from the chaff. I just hope we can keep hold of the likes of Lee and Lees.
  9. And a manager. Should see us ok next season. You cannot have the likes of Rhodes, Fletcher & Winnall in the side and put one decent cross a game in.
  10. He has been poor for much of the season, never again will we be offered the kind of money we were being offered last season, when we should have sold him.
  11. Bet365 are streaming the play offs I believe. Still have to use a VPN though as can't get in gambling sites in America.
  12. I thought Bartley was just on loan until the end of the season from Swansea.
  13. No.... It's true. We've done it all season. Fact Thanks
  14. Ask us again on Friday when we follow that performance up with a tepid effort against Cardiff .... Oh no, you won't be around will you!!