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  1. Get Steve Bru...no wait.
  2. Let's get behind the team.
  3. Thank flip for that, couldn't take much more.
  4. Good luck parking the bus against Rhodes, Winnall and Forestieri....aint gonna work.
  5. When I was a kid we played in the blue Arsenal kit, I was really excited when we moved over to the stipes and was surprised to be told that was our real kit. I could tolerate the blue shirt with white sleeves for a while. I hate these pin stripes. If we do have stripes I'd want 'em down the back as well, not like the awful wigan kit or the one we has a few years back. But let's have the stripes back, proper ones....come on it's our iconic kit.
  6. Delighted for Winnall....can see it means a lot to him.
  7. Neither defence very inspiring.
  8. Steady on....he has started more stupid threads than this.
  9. Seen plenty of Wednesday sides play like that and lose so I'm very happy with the 3 points and back in playoff spot.
  10. FFS they're going to equalise at this rate and would do if they weren't so sh*t. Come on Wednesday.
  11. I work in Tooting and am there right now. Not going to Wade's gymn tho. The curries in Tooting are superb, with a South Indian speciality. I particularly like the Masala Dosa.
  12. I was only kidding when I said I'd sack your Dad if you went to Villa.