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  1. Only Reading and Huddersfield in our way and we coudn't do it. It will never get any easier than that.
  2. I think you'll find that over a lifetime there are more downs than ups in supporting Wednesday Spencerowl.
  3. Forget about Buddha, Allah, Jesus and Jehovah
  4. Sunderland I reckon.
  5. I like Carlos, and I'm not slashing my wrists at the news. But I think we'll be in the playoffs again.
  6. He'd get us promoted and is a better manager than any we've had for the last 20 years. I'm thinking he must have something lined up to walk out of Palace.
  7. I like Carlos I really do he's been great, but I just don't think he can take us any further than he already has. Sorry.
  8. £10 million stiker who won't step up and take a penalty in a pressure situation. What is there to discuss?
  9. Decent statement. To be fair we have a good chairman, could be so much worse.
  10. We were poor in both games.
  11. Here Atdhe....throw this at them.
  12. Great recovery Wednesday...character. Come on now let's win this.
  13. We look tired and spent. FFS Wednesday COME ON!