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  1. Who does he play for?
  2. Silk scarf tied around wrist....classic.
  3. And people get their view dismissed for watching it on the telly rather than actually being there.
  4. This. A bleedin' travesty. It will NEVER be easier...only Hudds and Reading FFS!
  5. A bit off topic but when I was a boy in the 70s my Dad and his mate sometimes went with a blind man. The mate used to commentate for the blind man. My Dad said that once they were walking down Wordworth Avenue on the way to the match and saw a bus at the bus stop 50 yards away and so just ran for it without thinking. When they arrived breathless at the doors of the bus, the blind man was still with them. My Dad used this as an example of one of the bravest things he had ever seen a man do.
  6. Well I thought it was funny.
  7. If he had written insisting on the stripes being reinstated I would have had more time for his letter.
  8. Played attacking football Practiced flipping penalties Worn stripes
  9. If we had played the playoffs in stripes we'd be in the premier league now.
  10. Gi'em back.
  11. The Germans have a logical systematic approach to pens that sees them win more than they lose. We treat it as a lottery and put it in the lap of the Gods...and lose. Was Rhodes practicing 'em in training leading up to the game? Did we have a plan for pens where everybody knew what they were doing because we'd been through it all prior to the match? It didn't look like that on the night. It was f*ing chaos with people botting it and other manning up regardess of ability.
  12. It's not a lottery when your star striker is too nervous to take one and the line is lead by f*ing defenders or midfielders. We've been through this time and time again with England. The successful sides practice penalties and know who the takers are. They don't treat it as a 'lottery' and they win....especially the Germans.
  13. Can't stop myself.
  14. Did we practice penalties?
  15. Initially I was kinda neutral about Carlos getting a new contract because I like him, but as time has passed I feel he should have been sacked for his p*ss poor tactics and blowing the playoffs. But I suppose we will have to get behind him now.