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  1. I disagree. We've both got a place at Wembley for a place in the Premiership to lose. If we had drawn Huddersfield at home in the League Cup where there is no replay, we'd be ecstatic. What's the difference?
  2. They are, and also an excellent example of keeping faith with your manager even if he takes you down
  3. Good points well made but even if it is a bit of a let down and we get relegated, we know that we'll come back stronger because of the megabucks.
  4. this was my sons first experience of the good times.....being Wednesday, he'd had to endure the Palace game 2 seasons earlier! He can't wait to go to Wembley again, he's convinced this is our season, and has the timetable from Newcastle to Kings Cross etched on his mind. Thank god it's a 3.00 pm kick off so can celebrate properly if we win without having to rush off. UTO
  5. This. I live in Stockport and my lad started out as a City fan then followed Liverpool. I didn't push him too hard but gently cajoled him in the right direction. His first game was Brentford at home in 2004-5 and we did the usual Wednesday up against 10 men, couldn't get a second and then conceded 2 in the last 10 minutes to lose. That didn't help his initiation. But he saw the light and he's now a true owl. He's at Newcastle uni and still adores us..... I've got him hooked for that child cruelty?
  6. Relax, Huddersfield haven't thrashed anyone all season....their goal difference of -2 says everything
  7. Thanks.....majestic sight
  8. Anyone got a photo of last years lights?
  9. Smurf, how do you return them? I've got 3 to return for family who live too far away to make a night match. i can't find anywhere on the website about returns/refunds and, not surprisingly, couldn't get through to the ticket office.
  10. Good point, I'd forgotten about this but at the time, I thought it was a red card. McDonald went flying in out of control and would definitely have walked if Hutch hadn't been sensible (how often do we see the words Hutch and sensible in the same sentence?) and got clattered
  11. A good point....the OP being biggest fool of us all!!
  12. This completely. What happened to the instructions to refs to book players for dissent, be it verbal or by throwing their arms in the air (a la Jones at Brentford)? That appears to have been forgotten about
  13. Agree, I said at the time that it could be a red card even before the ref came over to him. I'm not for crucifying our players but it was a stupid challenge brought on because he had been fouled.....but that's no excuse
  14. This might be a stupid question but how does one return tickets? I can't see how to do it on the I have to join the queue or is there an easier way? Thanks in advance