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  1. This....the other week after the bomb went off in Manchester, the One Love concert was arranged for less than a fortnight later at Old Trafford cricket ground with 50k present. Can you imagine SYP agreeing to this at such short notice? In addition, it was Carrick's testamonial at the same time at Old Trafford football ground so probably 70k present, i.e. 120k people at 2 separate events within a mile of each other. Can you imagine how SYP would cope with that? They can't even cope with another event when the snooker is on at the Crucible
  2. It was the semi final against Arsenal and Seaman was beaten yet again from distance when he should have stopped it. We slag off Woods but Seaman dropped some right howlers from club and country (Nayim, Gazza, Ronaldinho, Keoman spring immediately to mind and there were others) yet he is lauded as some sort of goalkeeping god!!!
  3. I still get a shiver thinking about this. It was an unbelievable signing and whilst, in the end, I wasn't a Francis fan, his presence undoubtedly helped steer this genius towards S6, rather than sign for Leeds who were champions at the time. We'd all seen some his tricks for Marseille (including what would have been one of the goals of all time.......Christ he could even play in the dark!!) but didn't really expect the same for us. I remember turning up at his first game (Everton away) expecting it to have been a dream but there he least for 15 mins or so until he was injured. But at least we knew he was ours. In an era when the word great is now used to describe bang average players, he truly was a great player, probably the best I've seen playing for Wednesday and I doubt that anyone who was at the West Ham game will ever forget it. I doubt that even the likes of Best, Messi or Ronaldo have dominated a game like he did. I feel privileged to have seen him play for us.....sighs wistfully for his like again (and Hirst, Shez, Roly)
  4. Absolutely, he showed (albeit in glimpses because of his injuries) that he is capable of running the game. In the first half debacle against Brentford, he was the only midfielder who wanted to move the ball forward, was always looking for opportunities to bring the forwards into play
  5. Sorry but that's rubbish. You couldn't go through the back of someone even in those days. Your view flies in the face of your avatar.....Roland didn't need to try to cripple the winger to keep him quiet, he did it by skill. It makes me laugh when I hear Wenger bleating about his badly done to players have been injured by the naughty opposites who dare to tackle his players......and there is Bould sat next to him!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. This. Adams and Bould were thugs and they got away with it because of who they played for. The tackle on Hirst was a shocker even by the standard of those days and to compound it, Adams followed through after he scored to make sure he wasn't getting up. It still makes my blood boil thinking about it and the weak referee who didn't even caution Bould
  7. I disagree. We've both got a place at Wembley for a place in the Premiership to lose. If we had drawn Huddersfield at home in the League Cup where there is no replay, we'd be ecstatic. What's the difference?
  8. They are, and also an excellent example of keeping faith with your manager even if he takes you down
  9. Good points well made but even if it is a bit of a let down and we get relegated, we know that we'll come back stronger because of the megabucks.
  10. this was my sons first experience of the good times.....being Wednesday, he'd had to endure the Palace game 2 seasons earlier! He can't wait to go to Wembley again, he's convinced this is our season, and has the timetable from Newcastle to Kings Cross etched on his mind. Thank god it's a 3.00 pm kick off so can celebrate properly if we win without having to rush off. UTO
  11. This. I live in Stockport and my lad started out as a City fan then followed Liverpool. I didn't push him too hard but gently cajoled him in the right direction. His first game was Brentford at home in 2004-5 and we did the usual Wednesday up against 10 men, couldn't get a second and then conceded 2 in the last 10 minutes to lose. That didn't help his initiation. But he saw the light and he's now a true owl. He's at Newcastle uni and still adores us..... I've got him hooked for that child cruelty?
  12. Relax, Huddersfield haven't thrashed anyone all season....their goal difference of -2 says everything
  13. Thanks.....majestic sight
  14. Anyone got a photo of last years lights?
  15. Smurf, how do you return them? I've got 3 to return for family who live too far away to make a night match. i can't find anywhere on the website about returns/refunds and, not surprisingly, couldn't get through to the ticket office.