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  1. Good point well made....I was making sure the PC brigade didn't think I was insinuating anything happened appertaining to a certain court case. Speaking of which, a blunt had to refer to the fact that they would have gone up if he'd still been around for the last 3 games.........long memories, bitter and twisted
  2. This......I would much sooner have that selection of quality strikers than Hooper, Rhodes, Fletcher and Forestieri.....oops I'm forgetting Winnall who cost the same as Ched. Anyone would think he's the Messiah....when in fact he's just a very naughty boy (and yes i do know he's been found innocent but I always like to take the opportunity to quote Python!!)
  3. Definitely one of his better games......but the least said about the volley the better!!
  4. I know where you're coming from but he was defending the back four when Hutch was playing and that's been my gripe with him (and our style for most of the season). Yesterday, it was fine for him to sit deep with no Hutch or Jones but bizarrely, he played a more advanced game despite Lee doing what he does best and linking well with the forwards.
  5. This......too often he looks for the easy short pass with Lees/Loovens/Sasso which is a waste of time and detracting from what we could do further up the pitch. He tends to faff around too much doing the pirouette turning away from players in space, as though the ball can't be passed to someone in acres of space (usually Hunt, Pudil or Reach) and waits until they've been closed down. Hooper gave a masterclass yesterday in bringing team mates into the game at the time right time. I don't dislike Bannan, last season he was very good but this season he has been so negative and, for me, is one of the reasons why we have been so turgid....I feel as though I want to run on to the pitch, shake him and tell him to look for the forward pass (and not the bloomin' 50 yard Hollywood pass!)
  6. Except that he doesn't. He's usually alongside Hutch/Jones looking for the short pass leaving us short on numbers further up the pitch
  7. What I like is that when he drops off and gets the ball, he looks for someone in space (which is usually out wide) and gives it them straight away rather than faffing around until said individual has been closed down. This allows us to move forward much quicker than having to look for a pass inside and slowing play down
  8. This.....Bannan has been the biggest disappointment for me this season. The various threads on Bannan and Abdi by the OP beggr belief. If he thinks that Bannan has played well this season, apart from in small patches, then he is either a wind up merchant or is Bannan himself!
  9. Yes, it's a shame as that 3 would be a class above anything else in the Championship, irrespective of who comes down. We'd have all bases covered, Hutch being the hardman playing deep (allowing the full backs to continue to provide width), Lee doing all the running and getting beyond the front players and Abdi to open up defences with his craft and vision
  10. I'd love to see us go 433 with a midfield of Lee, Abdi and Hutch (but possibly Sasso per previous post if we're going to play Hutch alongside Lees) with a front 3 of FF plus 2 of the proper strikers
  11. I'm prepared to be shot down in flames here but I actually think that Sasso could do that job. He's shown consistently that he can play which is where Hutch lacks a little. yes, he's no beats but, like Jones, he reads the game well and would help us stop being bullied in midfield
  12. I still get a shudder when I think about the 91-92 season. I was sat with the great unwashed for the game at the Sty, not a pleasant experience. I never did use my ticket for their game against Luton (I think game)
  13. I agree. We should give ourselves credit for how well we played which forced mistakes and made them look second best for most of the game
  14. True, and I think he was fairly honest.....didn't answer the leading question about them deserving something from the game which, to me, means that he knew they didn't. They made mistakes when Hooper hit the bar and for Fletchers second chance. He also reckoned they wouldn't have deserved to go in 1 up if Shelvey hadn't hit the bar. I thought he was more honest than most managers
  15. Really? I'm not convinced, it looked like he was struggling....but we'll never know as the shot wasn't on target