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  1. It is only football. On Wednesday morning I went to the hospital with my parents to get the prognosis on my father's brain cancer, which wasn't as bad as feared but still not brilliant. Personally I'd pay the price of another year in the Championship if it means having him around for that year.
  2. Orlando Trustfull.
  3. The over hyping of Fulham is crazy. Was so angry at sky sports news today harping on about dominating us I emailed them pointing out that the match reporter and the studio hadn't even acknowledged that we'd made 10 changes. Needless to say it achieved nothing. Really hope Reading trounce them over two legs.
  4. Amazing double standards. Another thread is banging on about Fulham fans worrying that "dirty Wednesday" are going to kick lumps out of them on Sunday, yet if we rest key players it's to avoid them in the playoffs, not to save players having lumps kicked out of them by a side with a worse disciplinary record.
  5. It just shows how important winning this Saturday is. If we lose and Leeds win the last day is going to be incredibly tense.
  6. Awesome day / night. Drunk as ..... so off to bed. Going to be a long drive home tomorrow.
  7. Would love to. Can you chip in for diesel?
  8. Would never have imagined how today would turn out when I left Cornwall at 6.45 this morning. Currently downing the vodkas in Shakeys before hitting the town tonight.
  9. Packed, kind of awake and getting ready to set off. Come on Wednesday!
  10. Thanks for your help (some more than others)..... may go for the spend the night in Sheffield option and go out on the town if my mate's missus will give him pass.
  11. Live in St Austell and would be more than happy to sort something out in the future. Where are about are you?
  12. Making a very long overdue trip up from Cornwall for the game against Norwich and could use some tips on where to park please.