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  1. ...and they would have spaffed on Rhodes too given the chance
  2. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/10242286/ifab-anounces-law-changes-softening-rules-on-fouls-in-the-penalty-area
  3. TLDNR
  4. At least they got a penalty. We didn't for the push in Fessi's back
  5. Hutch doesn't foul people
  6. I'll help eat the cake
  7. ...and why is Bruce even there!
  8. Matias would be an easter egg. You only get them once a year
  9. Nail; head
  10. Inconclusive
  11. Over and out
  12. Following on from that, if Hutch were injured or suspended, could Sasso fill in for him?
  13. I think it is flawed
  14. Quite funny, signing Rhodes and Winnall and 4th choice CB gets a brace
  15. Who'd have thought? Always liked Sasso.
  16. Trust him
  17. Yeah, Semedo. He's magic you know
  18. We moved from Huddersfield to Sheffield when I was nine and when I started my new school the first thing people wanted to know was "Wednesday or United?". I said Wednesday because I had never heard of Sheffield United. ...and we drove past Hillsborough on our many trips from Huddersfield to Sheffield while house hunting. It was so impressive. Wednesday ever since
  19. Ha! He is 37 and only played once