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  1. The one with the magnificent ears. Obvs.
  2. Me and David Jones, we got a thing going on we both know that it's wrongBut it's much too strongTo let it go now
  3. Is that a gun in your pocket...
  4. You can't get match fit in a gym
  5. We're never gonna field a Scottish goalie in this division
  6. He'd be better as a midfield beast
  7. Why? What changes?
  8. Problem : Didn't get promoted Solution : Get promoted Simples!
  9. Westwood, Lees, Jones, Fletcher Who has the best ears?
  10. It might depend on the size of your tongue
  11. I deliberately left it to the viewer's discretion.
  12. Jones for me
  13. Friday afternoon and I'm reyt bored
  14. They're all earier than the South with its empty boxes
  15. Just stand them next Lee then we'll know.
  16. Bummer
  17. Middlesborough drew with Mansfield the other day
  18. They don't come at all until we get takers for the boxes.
  19. I wasn't really suggesting all the failures fell into that argument but the number of 'failures' doesn't necessarily point at bad recruitment. Including your examples some 'failed' as they were kept out by the successes some 'failed' due to persistent injury. Not necessarily something that could be foreseen at time of recruitment. some were calculated risks (Urby). No knowing his pay clauses this may not have been as bad a signing as people think if it were linked to playing time. some didn't buy into the programme (McGugan ?). Again something that might not be foreseen at time of recruitment. some just weren't good enough. You can't win them all. some not recruited by manager? All in all I don't see that there is significant evidence that 'recruitment' was bad. Perhaps enough to review the process.