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  1. Good luck José!
  2. Well we have tried, not all young but our foreigners haven't been a great success for one reason or another Joao, Matias, Melo, Sougou, Emanuelson, etc
  3. Every season a different position. Consistent?
  4. Did Alan Pardew go with him?
  5. that's why us fans need putting out of our misery
  6. Know what you are saying and clubs don't always rush to clear up uncertainty but I would hope the club realise the rumours that abound and would wish to put an end to them
  7. So you think Carlos is holding out for a box?
  8. Seems there are a few reports that DC and CC met yesterday. The longer it goes with no announcement, the more likely it is that Carlos is going
  9. How many threads do we need?
  10. Or player retention (and presumably acquisition) is not part of the manager's (head coach's) remit.
  11. Could it be Mandela effect
  12. Well knowing one way or another would be good, but I did mean Hillsborough
  13. I am awaiting a statement saying that Carlos is staying
  14. Thought Elphick was good when he first joined Villa. No idea how he's done subsequently
  15. I'll be spending most of it reading the OP
  16. I don't like him as a striker
  17. No. A number of players have made errors that might be seen as costing us a point or points but none have consistently made errors that have cost us. Our full backs have had mixed seasons but I wouldn't say any of them have cost us in the grand scheme of things.
  18. So you are just here to ask us not to be abusive? Why did you think we, here, would be?
  19. Jaap Stam
  20. SJ = Slaviša Jokanović JS = Jokanović Slaviša
  21. That happened at Middlesborough