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  1. Looks like him. How did you spot this?
  2. I see Paul Corry plays for Shamrock now
  3. Ha! I can't count. Thanks
  4. The report was , as I read it, was x,y and z have contracts that are expiring, Wildsmith and Dawson have been offered new contracts. Some of those remain will quite clearly not get offered new contracts but it maybe that we see how we fair in the market and if the likes of Sasso for instance is not fixed up we may offer him one. Basically the club have said very little and quite right so.
  5. Is he suspended for the first two games?
  6. Good luck José!
  7. Well we have tried, not all young but our foreigners haven't been a great success for one reason or another Joao, Matias, Melo, Sougou, Emanuelson, etc
  8. Every season a different position. Consistent?
  9. Did Alan Pardew go with him?
  10. that's why us fans need putting out of our misery
  11. Know what you are saying and clubs don't always rush to clear up uncertainty but I would hope the club realise the rumours that abound and would wish to put an end to them
  12. So you think Carlos is holding out for a box?
  13. Seems there are a few reports that DC and CC met yesterday. The longer it goes with no announcement, the more likely it is that Carlos is going