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  1. Shenley Road would be my guess
  2. I think he was just sent to the stands
  3. I cut my own hair
  4. I don't want to play them. It would spoil the occasion. Enough that we get promoted and they don't
  5. Why? Do enlighten us. Yeah, why?
  6. Oh is that Reach with the outsized hair band?
  7. Shame
  8. ...and I was thinking it was probably the other Daniel Pudil
  9. Jon Gorenc Stankovic: Huddersfield Town defender out for up to 10 months Is he a big loss for them?
  10. Though I count 16 players there which would suggest there some players who are training but out of shot
  11. I hope that is correct.
  12. I think it wrong that the angle is "we've picked Defoe, what a disgrace we have no strikers". Defoe has got picked on merit and his age and absence and any other factor are irrelevant. It should be just an article about the fact we don't have many strikers
  13. Lee back in full training? Lees maybe?
  14. Perhaps they forgot about the clocks changing