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  1. The Sun are sort of suggesting he wants to work with Bruce (again) and so favours Villa. Don't know if that is true or just Sun speculation.
  2. I thought he was injured
  3. concretist Noun (plural concretists) An artist of the concretism movement. Definition of concretism : representation of abstract things as concrete; especially : the theory or practice of concrete poetry
  4. Whose tweet?
  5. Now works in a chippy
  6. There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis
  7. Pele and the Kop is a great one too
  8. The Semedo one is a definite though I prefer this version
  9. Remember, Football League winners four time (back to back twice) FA Cup winners 3 times League cup once These are probably more important the the big moments many of us actually remember, like Boxing day and promotions and Wembley and stuff. But it needs to be a blend
  10. Is it supposed to cover the Premier League era or the whole club's history. We've got 150 years! More than one page worth!
  11. How were you chosen? I didn't vote for you
  12. Excellent
  13. That is too early