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  1. It's not bizzare it's owlstalk. Same fans that will be saying Rhodes is best striker in league when he has 6 in 100 games.
  2. Because no one can predict when we would play them.
  3. Even if you get in without paying you pay in other ways.
  4. If it was 11 in 12 it would be. All I know is Lambert wasn't playing hum towards the end of his time there.
  5. They were playing Canada.
  6. Before Bannan joined us my pre conceived ideas of how he was from other fans was a player who always played sideways and backwards and wasted corners. When he signed for us I couldn't believe how far from that was and found it ages to see why Villa fans didn't rate him. He was direct and precise with his passing and worked very hard. He still does the latter but i am worried he is now turning back into that player Villa didn't rate. Could be a confidence issue. Unfortunately we don't have any cover.
  7. As I have said from day 1 he is on the decline. He struggled at Boro hence why even as a struggling side in the lower ends of the Prem they still didn't think he was needed. When Rhodes was prolific he was never fast - he was certainly a hard faster then he has showed the past two seasons. Even at Blackburn towards the end of his time there he was starting to get dropped. Its not me having a go at him it's just clear he is not the player he was and those who fight his cause do it because he once was a great striker at this level.
  8. Must be FF fault for running around to much m.
  9. England looked much brighter with the wing back positions. Hunt and Reach are more than capable of playing this role in fact some would say ideal. Sasso can be the ball playing centre back with Lees and Loovens keeping an eye on him. HUtchinson and Bannan/lee In middle with FF Macca and Rhodes moving forward. Sureky it's time for a change. Chelsea changed their formation to wing backs after a run of poor form - why can't we.
  10. Wing backs ennif. Don't worry your BFF still got in my team.
  11. Another day another game ....... another lack of service for our 10m man.
  12. My point was I think we have the players to play wing backs
  13. I was thinking that too - perhaps Sasso would be ok with Lees and Loovens with him.