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  1. That montero from Swansea would be a good signing. Was immense a few seasons ago. Seems to have drifted out the reckoning .
  2. Why does he get a chance to prove doubters wrong and Lucas doesn't? He has already done more in a wednesday shirt. Is not in his prime yet and has more to his game then the limited Rhodes. Seriously someone get a stat of Rhodes last 80 chanpionship starts to goals ratio. If he is to be given the support then Joao should benefit from the same.
  3. Oh right. Not a good reason then see what you mean - should get the slow ones back in. I hear you. He also scores more then the rest - Which is not ideal we need slow weak strikers up there who can't score.
  4. Next season is Joao season. From our strikers he's the only one with pace and the ability to glide past people. He can easily have a season like Kodija or Abrahams. He's cut from the same cloth . Now here we have a striker with everything. Pace, mobility, trickery and can finish when confident as proven away at Brentford and home to Huddersfield - quality finishes. Yet for some reason our fans have written him off. He's never been given the run Rhodes has been given or the support. Joao would have scored more than 3 had he been given Rhodes run. He needs support from the fans and coaching staff because if he gets going there will be no stopping him. Give him the same support as Rhodes, have we not learned our lesson with Antonio. I predict Joao will blossom this year.
  5. Love Owlstalks experts. Put our top scorer from last two seasons on wing so we can accommodate a striker who scored 3 goals.
  6. Most of us supporters would have taken one. In time of battle you don't need wimps. Simple. He's the wimpiest player we've ever had.
  7. Lee Cattermole.
  8. Can we all agree it's not strikers? Hooper, Rhodes, Fletcher, Winnall, FF and Jooa. We don't need much. A centre back to partner Lees making Loovens 3rd choice smd Sasso 4th choice. A centre midfield player to compete and cover Hutchinson injuries. A winger who can penetrate and take people on. Probably all we need. 3 players.
  9. Strachan is clueless, like Karanka. Do they not realise Rhodes scored loads 4 years ago and all they need to do is change the way the whole team play to accommodate him.
  10. Would suspect the premier league scouts have a similar knowledge of football to me. He is quite clearly slow and weak for a start. He's not dynamic. You have to set up your whole team to suit Rhodes and in this day and age that doesn't happen.
  11. There is no way this Rhodes deal is a done deal.
  12. People are quick to criticise Carlos about this and that, despite the fact he's our second best manger in the history of the club and changed the whole mentality of this club. Yet the striker we paid a club record fee for has been mincing about upfront since January, didn't have confidence to take a pen and has shown as much heart as Bothroyd did, yet for some reason he's still the saviour. 3 in 20 and on course to being one of the mosh expensive mistakes in the history of the club.
  13. People in other threads saying we need to sign a playmaker and giving Moy as an example we have One in reserves
  14. For me is as bad as FF refusing to play. FF gets slaughtered on here by some, yet he stepped up and had the courage to take one. He also had the decency to post a message to the fans after. People say he doesn't want to be at Wednesday are troublemakers, he was probably playing trough injury too. For me any striker who refuses to take a pen is like me going I work in a sales environment and refusing to pick up the phone. It's absolutely pathetic. Putting pressure on your team, making a right back take a pen. How on earth can a 11 million pound striker stand their arm in arm with team meats and say he's not confident - and then watch a right back take a pen in our biggest match of the season. Unforgivable but following all his other pathetic performances not surprising.