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  1. Yeah and never injured either.
  2. Why we don't just send him out on loan to League 2 for first half a season then league 1 for second half of season is the most baffling aspect. He is 18, not 16. There are 18 year olds pplaying throughout the football league.
  3. Looks good to me.
  4. Not a lot of difference in their style.
  5. He has had a raw deal in my opinion. Get's a lot of criticism on here from the same fans that were delighted when he signed. The same fans that say Abdi will come good. There is not much difference in the games of Mcgugan and Abdi, is it a coincidence they have both struggled for games? Yet Abdi is not getting picked because he has been unlucky and Mcgugan is a bad professional apparently.
  6. So that Loovens is an improvement on Sasso.
  7. Prefer Joao to start than Rhodes in certain games.
  8. Funny how quickly people write Wallace off despite the amount of wingers he's already outplayed in his time here. Its his shirt to lose.
  9. Looked poor and past it last season.
  10. Hooper.
  11. Hooper great odds.
  12. Still bad not to score.
  13. Watched him in a game last season on TV, he is far too slight at the moment. Obviously a loan is the next stage of his development.