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  1. Fulham are playing quite freely like we did last seeason. we are more effective and disciplined like Hull were last season. we all know what happened there.
  2. He's going to come on in the 95th minute and score the winner and I'll soak my 18 pints up with a nice humble pie.
  3. Yes time to be confident! We are Wednesday. We are Sheffield Wednesday. Who are Fulham, Huddersfield and Reading. Reading play in a car park. Fulham play in a cottage Huddersfield haven't lost since 1909 fuxk em all
  4. They are part of the 4 centre mid options
  5. Let's f in do this
  6. Absolutely no one. Best keeper in playoffs Best CB partnership Match Wimner and proven match winner in playoffs in Wallace 4 fantastic centre midfield options Fernando - the best player participating in playoffs Strikers any of the others would be jealous of. Carlos - experienced in this situation and with a steely determination. Imcredible fans. Were on our way.
  7. Agree but what also left a bitter taste in the mouth were the vast majority of posters on here wanting Carlos out after all he has done.
  8. Just think away in a playoff game he will want the extra pace of FF on the counter.
  9. He just seems to have lost a yard of pace, I know he was never quick quick but he used to be a bit sharper. I take on board your point about match fitness but to be fair he got a run of games not afforded to any of our other strikers and he still had a pre season at Boro. We have seen with Pudil though, things can change maybe it's just taking him a while to adjust to a new team and way of playing like David Jones. I will lay off him a bit as he's doing his best.
  10. Westwood has been player of the season for last 3 years. Never felt so secure going Into games with him in goal. Even before we start the playoffs we have a great chance with him in goal.
  11. Fernando will start the away playoff game up top.
  12. I do. I just have been very very dissapointed with him so far.
  13. Unfortunately also looking to be the truth currently hope I'm wrong
  14. Just because people have different and varying opinions doesn't mean we are not all Wednesday.