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  1. Carlos Incident Video

    Steward on a power trip. Nothing new there. Carlos should've nutted him
  2. Joao

    Assume his goals from yesterday for the U23's have been posted somewhere although I can't see them in here so I'll add them
  3. Joao

    I realise I'm probably in the minority here but I think Joao would be very useful to have in the squad. We don't have another striker that can offer what he does. It's madness to think we have Fletcher/Winnall/Rhodes/Nuhiu/Forestieri [and Joao] all competing for one spot in Carlos' preferred 4-4-2. Slightly questionable recruitment considering we're so short in other areas of the pitch.
  4. Happiness and Joy

    This thread needs more negativity. That shirt is bloody awful
  5. I get your point but Oxlade Chamberlain is a very bad example.
  6. So, am I the only one...

    Thought we were poor first half and Sunderland gave us too much respect. Second half was a different story though. Abdi came off (who didn't look that interested to me, nor match fit), Fletcher came on and changed the game. Fletcher has to start. His link-up play with Hooper is key. For whatever reason CC hasn't stuck with this combination even though they look to be on the same wavelength. I guess it's pressure of playing your £10m man. 4-3-3 could be the solution. Hope the penny has finally dropped. > Special mention to Bazza Bannan too who ran the show while also doing twice the running of just about every player on the pitch (Reach perhaps being the exception).
  7. Barry F&%!in Bannan

    Fantastic today. One of the hardest working and most gifted players we have and is proving that so far this season.
  8. Dave Jones

    The Crab says Hi
  9. Owls v Sunderland stream here

    Pay a fiver you tight gits
  10. Half time assessment

    We were poo . Abdi is going through the motions. Fletcher and Boyd on please.
  11. Line up tonight

    Pudil at CB. God help us
  12. iFollow

    Pretty solid for me first half, seems crazy there's no commentary though!
  13. iFollow

    Stream quality is decent. So far so good.