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  1. Randolph starting. Westwood on the bench Martin O'Neill
  2. 16-0 Wednesday UTOFTBWTIDWAWAW
  3. Difficult one. I'd be tempted to leave him on the bench and play Rhodes or Fletcher up front with Winnall, assuming Hooper isn't fit. I think Winnall is the best option for filling the Hooper role.
  4. I have a feeling that it times you out after 3 hours
  5. Same just happened to me.
  6. Been queuing since 8:45. Got to 200 in the queue and it's just reset me to 2580 in the queue for no reason at all
  7. Do you work in a crèche?
  8. Nearly 2 hours later and I'm still 700+ in the queue
  9. Joined around the same time as you maybe just before and it put me 1400 in the queue. Currently 870....................
  10. Are people that have got through just using the Quick Seats option? Is so, how does it work? Do I need to pick an area of the ground first? Does it prioritise 2 seats together?
  11. JUST BROKE THE TRIPLE DIGIT BARRIER... 998 Looking forward to being chucked off soon so I can go back up to 3k
  12. Taken well before 9am
  13. Well I thought logging on at 8:40 would do it, but apparently I underestimated peoples level of dedication. 1141...1158...1182...1134...1145