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  1. No problem @Karl Just 5% of your royalties will be fine.
  2. Were you walking down Wembley Way tutting at everyone last season?
  3. Wonder who handles Abdi's twitter account. Can't be many Championship footballers who have their own publicist/social media person
  4. I read the title as "A peek into the wife of Fernando" Safe to say I'm disappointed and won't be returning.
  5. Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Fox Wallace Hutch Bannan Reach Winnall Rhodes
  6. I've watched that video an unhealthy amount of times already. But it gets better every watch, especially when you whack the sound up Think it would make more sense for 'By wisdom and courage. We're on our way back' to come after the 'We are legend' bit though.
  7. Big player for us both in his physical presence but also mentally. Brings great confidence to the team. Sasso looked much more assured today as a result
  8. What was your stake?
  9. Congrats everyone. I still need us to win for my bet to come off. Don't remember the days of Reda Johnson do you? Printing money
  10. Not a bad shout considering out first half performances this season. I've just got Rhodes to score and us to win @ 3/1
  11. Things improved towards the end of the half but I'm not sure I can bear to watch Pudil and Sasso's passing for another 45mins