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  1. Just got back

    He hasn't gone alarmingly backwards. He drops clanger after clanger, with the odd camera save thrown in
  2. Team for Bolton

    I think you won't be far off with that. I expect to see João on the bench too
  3. 442 Carlos gets it right

    I thought Boyd was poor in the first half and strong in the second.
  4. No Winnall today

    I thought Carlos got it bang on today. Nuhiu did what he was on the bench to do when he came on For tough away games it makes sense to have Nuhiu on the bench, not at home though
  5. Fulham had fergie time

    Well he was probably adding for our time wasting, I saw Bannan and FF both smash/head the ball into the crowd Plus, I actually thought the ref was a little favorable to us today...for example, I didn't see that as a foul on Hunt at the end. He gave us a lot of the 50/50s
  6. Bannan and Jones

    I think there's more to the results than the players you mention. But what I will say is that Jones looked much more confident than ever before today. A dummy here, a shimmy there, brave passing...looks like the player we thought we'd signed
  7. Bannan

    The thing is everything good about us goes through Bannan, so when it's not working he gets the flack from the Fanny Clappers because he's the only one brave enough to keep trying the right thing, not the easy thing
  8. Carlos haters

    It's funny seeing the Fanny Clappers caution about it just being 1 game and 1 performance (forgetting QPR and Sunderland) when they were freaking out after Preston
  9. Bannan - Reach - Fletcher

    Reach was a little wasteful but it was a really good performance by all. Bannan was a giant. Ran the show. Pudil has to get special mention. Really tough game and was near faultless
  10. Bannan

    Absolute masterclass.
  11. FF back training with the team

    There's a few posters working REALLY REALLY hard to drive an anti CC agenda
  12. Forestieri, Joao, Nuhiu

    So no report on what happened when we scored? im calling BS too
  13. What's happening at our beloved Club

    Whats happening is that we lost the first game and most on here don't have the bottle.
  14. Sam

    How can you say what would have happened if he didn't win the challenge / compete for the challenge
  15. Sam

    The irony is that if he didn't get injured people wouldn't be complaining about the challenge Infact, it was just the landing that jarred his knee The Fanny Clappers are so desperate to blame everyone it seems