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  1. Who do we want then....

    Cowleys from Lincoln
  2. Hutch starting

    I'd rather have dropped Bannan and kept Reach on the left.
  3. Channel 5

    Like Barnsley and Huddersfield a few years ago on the final day, they just let the keeper have the ball
  4. Thanks for the memories Carlos

    Thats a one off result for them. They've played very well all season and spent next to **** all compared to us.
  5. Thanks for the memories Carlos

    Are we starting to see why he's never stayed at a club for more than a couple of seasons and has had so many in a short space of time?
  6. Yes we have. Jordan Rhodes is one of the best in this league no doubt about it, but he needs service. How many games has he had it in?
  7. un-workable it big time. Fulham will finish above us, they've got momentum and a fluent attacking side, the opposite of us, oh and they've got centre backs as well!
  8. Swap the results

    Norwich's away record this season is dreadful, not many would have been happy with a point.
  9. Alan McNally not impressed on Sky
  10. Can't do anything about them sort of strikes
  11. Surely not, most clubs even as far as amateur sides have some sort of initiation for new lads
  12. Happy mcmanamans on, but why oh why do we always have to wait until we're playing awful and losing before changing it, do it from the start!
  13. Gutting! How the roger Sasso and Fletcher missed is beyond me
  14. Quite looking forward to the second half, we'll finally see some attacking intent! Exciting with arguably the best front 2 in the league