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  1. Yes and if you are XXXL or XXXS you are sorted!
  2. Red Lion, Black Labrador and Queen Vic. That's just 3 from a quick trip advisor search!
  3. Absolutely and you want the team to have plenty of his next Saturday. Can't see Carlos telling the bookies to pay out on Wednesday though before next weekend
  4. Someone's got to when they let your sort on here!
  5. No all 46 fecking games matter but after next week we'll know what we have to do or not do to get into play offs, which is consistent with the OP. Just setting you straight.
  6. It's threads like this that bite you on the arse! We are in a great position but it's next weekends results that give us the clear picture. You can be as cocky as you want, that's fine, but it won't determine owt next Saturday. On the other hand you could look a bit of a tw at.
  7. 5pm next Saturday and it's all clear on what is needed (or not) and by who. Enjoy it while you can.
  8. Dead rubber or could be the biggest game of season (well after QPR, Derby, Ipswich anyway!!) The suspense is building. What's it going to be?
  9. Just match Leeds result and happy days!
  10. What a set of results today! Thought that it was 3 teams fighting for 2 remaining play off places but after today it's now 5 teams fighting for 4 places.
  11. Fulham team to avoid in the play offs for sure. They looked exceptional on the highlights from the Udders game. Got to fancy them in a 2 leg semi and in a one off game on the big Wembley pitch they must be favourites should they make the play offs. That said teams will be wary of us. Match Leeds result next week and we can rest v Fulham.
  12. Wolves away and Birmngham away who are scrapping for their life. Can see Udders sweating over the last game v Cardiff.
  13. Tekin their chances more like. If only.......
  14. Rhodes (thinking to himself) 'Thank god the stripes have gone or you would look a reyt fat bugger'