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  1. Forestieri Transfer Value

    I'm sure DC wouldn't sell at that price that's why players are going at over the top prices these days that are simply too attractive to turn down. My view re FF is that you would have to be very brave or very silly to pay northwards of £10m to bring a player with his record of, shall we say, ill discipline into your dressing room. I think a £10m bid would be tempting enough for DC to let him go.
  2. Forestieri Transfer Value

    The reason they aren't probably has much to do with Managers thinking he's not worth the aggravation!
  3. Umbro

    Exactly - I hear that they are a brand on the way up!
  4. The Championship This Season

    Really tough league this year. A top 6 finish would be a great achievement in my view.
  5. Forestieri Transfer Value

    If a club with more money then sense really wanted him before the end of the window then reckon we could hold out for £8-9 million. Probably has a market value of between £5-6m.
  6. Worrying

    In the grandstand mate and currently in a car on a long journey home. Is that ok. Do I pass the test for having an opinion! Enjoy your evening.
  7. Steve Bruce OUT

    To be fair who gives a s h i t about Villa, Reading and Derby? Im more concerned about whats happening at Wednesday.
  8. Steve Bruce OUT

    1 point from 9 after Wednesday.
  9. Worrying

    It's the same as last season. Problem is this years Championship is going to be a lot tougher. We are a top half team at best.
  10. Why Carlos has to go

    Hat off to you - you really are a glass half full kind of guy!
  11. Why Carlos has to go

    Has to go for the sake of my health! Can feel the blood pressure increasing with every minute of the season ad we are only two league games in.
  12. Terrible again.

    Teams make their own luck. You can blame the 'missed' hand ball all day long but if you boss your home games then you will win. We don't have the team to boss games. Sad but true!
  13. Terrible again.

    Any team with serious hopes of promotion - QPR at home is 3pts. Anothr s h i t start to the season.
  14. If it's 0-0 after 45 minutes....

    If it's 0-0 after 45 mins Chessie will be gutted!