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  1. A separate official that time keeps is a good idea IMO just like rugby.They could stop the clock in line with all the bullet points in that article. Take his responsibility away from the onfield official. No need for added time you play till the clock runs out and the hooter sounds. The clock should be visible to all on the scoreboard. Dont agree with 2 halves of 30mins though. At least 40 each way. If rugby can play for 2 halves of 40 I'm sure footballers can.
  2. Why is it taken for granted that he would be a fantastic coach?
  3. F - false A - accusation C - cringeworthy T - tasteless
  4. Think It's the realisation that we aren't as good as many believe we are. This years play offs presented a fantastic opportunity for promotion - no stand out favourite but we fell short. Others will say that it's been a great season to finish 4th (which it was).
  5. Like the confidence but IMO no way will the team that played tonight finish in the top 2. We need to find a 20 a season goal scorer and someone and someone to create the chances. Add to that a manager that can get us playing , like it or not, how udders played tonight - comfortable on the ball,moving it quickly and intelligent running off the ball.
  6. We didn't move the ball quick enough. we didn't play to feet enough and work he ball through the thirds we didn't get it wide or play it in behind their full backs there was acres of space between or midfield and forward line we were too happy to sit deep. certain players have the worrying tendency to ball watch which against a team like udders who move the ball quickly is suicide.
  7. Totally agree. He's just scored 5 mins earlier and we bring on a player that at the minute seems to have zero confidence or presence. If the change was essential should have been Winnall.
  8. No worse than any other forward player tonight. I wouldn't have had him in my top 5 penalty takers though or Hutch for that matter! Nuhiu should definitely have taken one and Rhodes (although his confidence looks shot)
  9. He switched off ball watching which is unforgivable but that said he wasn't the reason we lost. We were beaten by a better team. They got round the back of us too easy, something we didn't. We simply put it on the head of Fletcher and Rhodes. Not one for knee jerk reactions but I think we need a different pair of eyes to take us forward. It was simply the same again, Groundhog Day the type of performance we have witnessed all season. Very happy with play offs but the team as it stands is far from ready for the Premier League. All the best to Carlos as I think he himself he will make the decision on his future.
  10. C'mon Wednesday. Let's kick em in the Udders and put it to bed early so we can all have a party.
  11. That's incredible if so. Why does this happen? Hope he refs a 'Championship' match and not a 'Prem match in the Championship' Good job were not playing Fulham!!
  12. Back at West Brom most likely. Was never going to get to udders for noon kick off was he!
  13. For me we now have the situation that Play Offs should be. A straight shoot out between 3rd v 6th (with Reading at home) and 4th v 5th (with Wednesday at home). Play offs should be one game not 2 legs with higher league finisher getting home advantage. Much more exciting.
  14. We need to be more Merc, Merc, Merc today.