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  1. Merry Christmas from another Owl in NZ, do you know if the Newcastle game is on here? Sky says it's Barnsley but surely that's not right.
  2. Di Canio definitely did, I know from talking with his wife that they had 4 Christmas air fares booked back to Rome that she had made in November one year.
  3. it is a Latin tactic to refuse to travel, Di Canio refused to travel against Leeds, ended up playing as Lil Fucillo talked him out of it. Forestieri may not be factoring in that this Chansiri will take this matter as a challenge to his authority and that the loss of face in selling him may not be acceptable.
  4. Much prefer him to sign for anyone but United, hard working player who would improve them.
  5. Surely there must be somewhere better to take these pictures
  6. Good Omen perhaps, sitting at my desk in Wellington, NZ. Radio comes on and first song is Jeff Beck Hi Ho Silver lining, either that is an omen or I'm living in a country that is stuck in the late 60's. Up the Owls!!