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  1. Love you Kieran Lee
  2. Think London Bridge / Borough market area for us
  3. Would be so typically Wednesday to miss the opportunity to go 4th 1-1 Rhodes
  5. Took me a few moments to realise it wasn't BILL ON FIRE
  6. Off up to the game today. Which brings back traumatic memories of holding @owlstalk car door shut with a piece of string GOAL GOALS GOALS 0-4
  7. We are going to Canal house and Waterfront now I think
  8. Sasso would be one of those beautiful French patissiere desserts
  9. Such a nice bloke.
  10. As per thread title... Anyone recommend any boozers for away fans on Saturday? Always used to go in the Larwood before the game, but heard it's not so away fan friendly these days Is it best to stick to the city centre? THANKS
  11. Sasso also scored a nice goal in 2015 pre season. He is a threat from set pieces for sure. And obviously he is bloody beautiful. I will never forgot wet-look Sasso at Birmingham away last season.
  12. GOAL GOALS GOALS Can see nothing but GOALS
  13. I think people presume Sasso is weak because of his stature. Don't get me wrong, he definitely needs to bulk up, but I think he's decent cover and doesn't deserve the stick he gets.
  14. GOAL GOALS GOALS We demand them 3-0 Weds Rhodes Fernando Reach