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  1. I was Turning and throwing all over the place tbh
  2. Boyd

    First half meh. Was much better in 2nd half. Enjoyed the steward trying to tackle him
  3. Nuhui to Leeds .

    Is everyone going because of the Christmas lights?
  4. Nuhui to Leeds .

    Is everyone going to Leeds!?!
  5. Fulham Travel

    Oyster is waste of time these days unless you get a monthly pass You have to pay a £5 deposit, queue at ticket office (if there even is one), and contactless is capped and just as cheap as Russ says.
  6. Next season kit

    Away kit is awful Home kit is as expected
  7. Sasso

    Our team just got a whole lot uglier
  8. Sasso back to Portugal

  9. Play off final

    Might watch some of it Want Reading out of our league
  10. Carvalhal to Porto

    Everyone loves a bargain.