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  1. Sam Field

    I thought this thread was about a cockney complementing our pitch
  2. Fox and Pudil

    Yes mate. Loved it for first 4 years now it's getting way too busy. Will be looking at other options next year including BOP.
  3. Winnall to Leeds

    I would prefer to lose Rhodes as it will ease the FFP position and I think Winnall will become a much better player if he stays here.
  4. Fox and Pudil

    Nice part of the world. Got a few mates moved there after having enough of Auckland
  5. Fletcher

    It's weird as most of our forwards get stick for various reasons apart from hooper. I was one of many to have a pop at fletcher last season. But since Newcastle at home he has seemed the real deal to me. remember he was one of few to do his job in the playoff second leg, got his goal with a great header and is the reason we didn't really need Rhodes. Good movement and strong in the air. the only negative with him and hooper is lack of pace but if this is addressed via the wings or even in central attacking midfield before the window is shut then I don't see a problem
  6. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Genuine question. When did we last score 3 away from home and how many times under Carlos?
  7. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    This has got draw written all over it. 5 draws from the 6 games involving both clubs.
  8. FF to Brighton

    Nail on head. i find it quite cringeworthy that people are defending FF. he's trouble....plain and simple. I don't doubt that he may have an impact somewhere else but he had to be more than squeaky clean after Norwich last season and he has failed. This feels different to the Di canio affair. I remember watching MOTD in 98 being angry with Wilson for immediately hanging him out to dry. CC is proving to be a flawed manager tactically but I just don't think for one minute he has done anything wrong in the handling of FF.
  9. FF back training with the team

    I completely disagree. We have slowly become a club where players can now flourish. We used to be a graveyard for defenders,midfielders and strikers(never keepers weirdly) at the start,middle or end of their careers but now we have players that have made their name or had their best years here: Lees Westwood Lee Bannan (arguably) i include Forestieri in that bracket. He is more valued now then when we bought him from Watford for sure. Whatever happens next we will benefit from FF. sell him and we strengthen in other areas and relieve the FFP pressure, keep him and we have an albeit inconsistent match winner on our hands. This is what a well run club does,make sure we profit either way. Some people don't give the club the credit it deserves. I think we still have a few more streetwise moves To come before the window shuts.
  10. Forestieri Transfer Value

    Mate have a word with yourself..he's hardly once in a generation player. He's a very good but inconsistent championship player. There is a reason why Watford sold him and a reason why he isn't playing in the prem. If he turns round and puts in a season like Knockaert at Brighton last year then I will bow down to your superior knowledge but i predict that won't happen regardless of which club he is at.
  11. The Championship This Season

    I think Wolves gamble may pay off. I reckon they will finish top 2. Despite their start I still cant see cardiff in the top 6
  12. Rhodes did alright today

    Said it months ago, Rhodes is simply an average championship striker who is very good in the air. The only way he will score loads of goals for us is if he gets 2 or 3 decent headed chances per game. The rest of his game is just not good enough for where we need to be. too many people looked at his record up to 2015 and thought easy he will bag 25 a season. Was never going to happen. Successful championship strikers now have at least one of pace or power...he has neither.
  13. For those wanting Carlos to be replaced

    If Carlos goes then we would've had a terrible start to the season and will be playing catch up for maybe 2-3rds of a season. If he stays then at least we know we will be in the hunt despite negative. Football. It's a strange situation to be in. It right now I would take a carbon copy of last season I just get the feeling if he does go we will descend into Derby County mark 2. then again I am starting to turn against him now not particularly based on yesterday or his summer recruitment but Huddersfield away in the play offs still annoys me to this day. 6 straight wins and playing a team bang out of form and we barely muster an attempt on goal.
  14. We lost

    Not sure what people expect. We have been defensive and inconsistent away from home for two seasons under Carlos now. He hasn't got the ability to address the defend first at all costs approach. The away form is the one consistent thing over two seasons. where Carlos will live and die is home for again. If we are superb at home again then this will keep him in a job as I'm sure chansiri will be happy to roll the dice at top 6 finish. it is clear now Chansiri backs Carlos unless we are too far off the top 6 by Xmas. It is literally all about results for mr chairman.
  15. Team News

    Let's hope that central midfield doesn't drop too deep. Quality on the wings and up front. Looks a good team apart from left back