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  1. Last two were when we signed Bothroyd and Barkley - we had a great start to the league under DJ and those two signings looked to be the piece of the puzzle Wednesday seemed to be missing. How wrong were we Before that, Windmill Arms Before that, Lloyd Owusu
  2. Really didn't want him to sign, but I'm so so so excited now
  3. Another striker would be nice, but not worth paying 10+ million for Rhodes. Maybe the lad from Grimsby.. Bogle? scored heaps of goals and may be the finisher we need. Agree with Hootie though, prioritise another centre half as Sasso doesn't look up to the job. His move felt like a bit of a panic buy.
  4. My guess is he'd be educated at one of the internatonal schools in Bangkok - maybe regents or Pattana. They re taught the British (GCE/IB) curriculum in English and usually have British teachers educated in the UK. with what their family is worth, not a prayer he'd be educated in the Thai state system.
  5. For 2000 baht and a cheese/ham toastie from 7/11 they will.
  6. I saw the security guard at the office play the minute's silence video.. beyond that, nobody has a clue who we are
  7. Surprised with no Emanuelson - surely he's close to getting a look?
  8. Thanks for the info folks - night have though that Orlando, they're really upset by his death. Even Bangla Road was closed last night.
  9. Anybody know any bars showing the game or any wednesdayites in the area? Live between Patong and Phuket Town.
  10. I was a big man United fan as a kid and somebody who worked for my parents was an avid Wednesday fan. So they took me to the training ground to watch the players train and to get pictures/autographs. Met big Kevin Pressman and my first words to him were him were "did you see the man United score" as a five year old. They gave me and my brother some of their lads' old kit. Needless to say, we were hooked and the rest is history. Helped my dad was a massive wednesdayite as well.. went to our first game a few months later and saw Wednesday beat Newcastle 2-1 with Di Canio scoring after 30 or so seconds.
  11. Anybody based in and around Phuket? Job sending me here for six months.
  12. Where did you watch the game in the end? would have said Kenna's or the Kings Head
  13. As title - more than likely the only game I can make this season, so would be appreciated.
  14. I agree Ricky and to be fair, you've argued your point to a large majority for some time now. However I've always thought a bit like AlanHarper - there's a hypocrisy that really drives some fans around the bend, especially Wednesday and Forest fans (who were also subjected to the day's events, but don't even receive a passing mention). For example, there was somebody who back in their champions league final days rang TalkSport and bragged how they had managed to get into the ground without a ticket. Sorry, but where are the HJC condemning this kind of behavior? They've been stereotyped with this kind of thing for 15/16 years.. You couldn't make it up. Add into the equation about Margaret Aspinall talking about safe standing (which she isn't qualified in any way, shape or form to do), the whole Alan Davies saga (and something similar happened to me.. Retweeted and then blocked by some Liverpool fan with 000's of followers and subjected to abuse.) and the enquiry/panel (people from or associated with Liverpool shouldn't have had anything to do with it). It even happened this year in my job - talking to one of my guests in a hotel and he said how his lad was going to the Europa League final without a ticket "to enjoy the atmosphere". Also.. There remains the questions of justice. What justice is sufficient? And If that justice prevails, will it be laid to rest? I've always thought the FA should never have backed down with that semi-final. Just because it makes one club more important than the entire competition. Don't get me wrong, it's horrible what happened and I fully support those who were culpable to be sent to prison/stripped and even made to pay back their pension/made an example of. But like I said above, will that be the end of it? I really don't think it will be.