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  1. Pugh pugh Charlie mulgrew cuthbert dibble and grub
  2. He's lined up to be the next hunk entering Love island,so we won't see him for another couple of weeks.
  3. Any twitterers got the team news yet?
  4. FF

    Fernando could be our knockeart this season.
  5. World's gone mad
  6. Really hope we can tie Urby down on an improved deal, thought he really ran the engine room in the last ten mins agsinst fulham.
  7. If it went to extra time? We're not exactly a young team and it's the second game in 3 days. Udders are a younger team than us. Reading looked absolutely shagged in the last 20 mins last night. Albeit under some serious pressure.
  8. Fancy us more against Fulham with their attacking style. Dodgy at the back. Reading are pretty efficient, and a bogey side for us.
  9. Heart palpitations just thinking about it.
  10. I'm bricking it. a lot of people on here seem very confident about tomorrow but I've got this nagging feeling they're gonna do us.