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  1. Just going to leave these here. Sam Hutchinson Determination 20 Aggression 20 Injury Proneness 20 Not saying correlation is causation, but...
  2. You mean Latin, surely? From semestris, meaning a period of six months, or six-monthly.
  3. Aye, agreed. When he needed friends it seems he was surrounded by leeches and sycophants. Also arguably the best Englishman.
  4. Had Gazza stayed sober, mentally healthy and injury free, I'd almost certainly agree. Sadly, the man himself robbed us of the potential he promised.
  5. Simple enough this one, for me. Chris Waddle is arguably the best English footballer ever to kick a ball.
  6. You know those little cards you can get at some establishments, allowing you to rate your customer experience, or the customer feedback forms that anyone who makes an order online will be familiar with? There's often a multiple choice format wherein you might grade the service, the quality of the goods purchased, etc. Football clubs tend not to have such forms. The customer therefore uses a variety of other means to inform the management of their thoughts. Traditionally this takes the form of clapping, cheering, whistling, sign- and scarf- waving, singing/chanting and BOOING. You're complaining about people expressing an opinion you don't like because other people might not like it either. Straight to the point of the matter in the first sentence. If our players lack the strength of character to cope with jeering and booing, they're in the wrong profession. I'd gladly trade my income for theirs to be booed at for 90 minutes 2-3 times a week. I'd even allow the throwing of soft fruit and veg.
  7. Nor I.
  8. Trying to avoid posting on here, but this is utter gonads. Getting mentally prepared for the disappointment of missing out.
  9. The photography or the amount of support?
  10. Aye. I'm genuinely excited by the potential of Winnall and Rhodes as a partnership. No matter how this season ends, next season we'll have a fantastic front line. Lucas has bags of potential too. Carlos might just have played a blinder sending him on loan.
  11. Robot referees, that's what's needed.
  12. We've still got the magic man.
  13. Lee Probert, prime thrower.