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  1. 1. Martin O'Neill Already a precedent for managing club + a national team, and I've always liked his style.
  2. I'd prefer Martin O'Neill. Any chance he can manage Ireland and us?
  3. This has been my largest bugbear for months now. When they played together they showed every sign of developing an understanding between them. Great movement, running off each other and making space for themselves and others around them. We should build the team around those two + hooper as our primary strike options next year, preferably with Joao and Hirst pushing them. Pace + crosses + a little bit of flair on the flanks is a must. Throw in a couple of extra CBs to rotate/challenge for first team and we could see something truly special. The ultra-conservative "sit back and defend at all costs" approach needs to bugger off and die a permanent death, too.
  4. Say it with a geordie accent and it's spot on.
  5. Palmer Reach Nuhui Marco "Sicknote" Matias Urby Give Semedo a coaching role and make 5-6 new signings minimum.
  6. Because the fans: - Find and sign transfer targets - Play a huge role in coaching - Choose the tactics and formation - Pick the squad for match day - Are responsible for making substitutions - Control the players directly using Xbox controllers Right?
  7. Recruitment We've brought in players who are arguably upgrades over existing personnel, signed a handful of wingers, yet the team that started today, with the notable exception of the goalscorer, were part of the squad that missed out at Wembley last year. We all know which areas of the team need improvement, and we've failed to bring any decent upgrades in those positions. Rhodes and Winnall have not been as involved as I would have liked either, and Almen Abdi's lack of appearances is borderline criminal. Tactics We've adopted a rigid, inflexible 4-4-2 system which, admittedly, makes us resilient as hell at the back, but which relies on inch-perfect distribution to forwards who can hold up the ball to give other players time to sprint forward in support. Our distribution from the back has been something of a lottery, and our hold up play is frustrating to say the least. Reach stands out as one of the worst offenders in this department. He's an attacking cul-de-sac at times. Use of subs How many times have we been crying out for a bit of pace and trickery, someone who can take a man on or who provides much-needed energy late in the game, only to see Nuhui taking off his jacket to lumber around ineffectively and give away (unfairly 99% of the time) fouls when challenging for the ball? We have a couple of youngsters champing at the bit to get a chance in the limelight, and a fired up McManaman who has a touch of class, yet has played about 10 minutes all season. There's so much more, and then some. But I can't criticise Carlos and co too harshly. He did brilliantly last year with the resources he had at his disposal, but he hasn't quite lived up to that this year, despite the superior points tally. I just wonder what's happened to "we have no word for clean sheet in Portugese", because we don't look like we're even trying to score at times. On the summer shopping list At least 1 new CB. 2 wingers with the ability to take people on. A new LB. Stripes. Perhaps a replacement for Carlos, but I'm kinda on the fence on this one. He's ultimately accountable for the success (or lack thereof) of the club, and we've improved on last year's finish. Part of me wants to give him another year, but another part believes this would be an opportune time to introduce some new ideas. Whatever happens, we'll all be back here next season, cheering and jeering every kick, slide, head, catch and punch of the ball. This wasn't our season, but I remain convinced we're on our way back. WAWAW?! UTO!
  8. So we've taken the cavalier, free-flowing team from last season, coached the flair out of them, brought in wingers but stuck with 3 CMs in a 4-4-2 and played conservative, negative football all year and fallen short in the play-offs. Not what I was hoping for from 2016-17. Bring on the new season. We go again!
  9. This is torture. Why am I watching?