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  1. Well, you might pass the Turing test, but there's no way you're ready for high society with manners like that!
  2. Internationalowl, are you a McVities advertising bot?
  3. Either.
  4. Well bloomin said. And to be fair, I'm pretty sure he's a plastic taffy. Essex born?
  5. Is there a more popular bit-part player anywhere in football?
  6. The headed assist from Waddle? 92/93 season. Leapt like a salmon on crack!
  7. I appreciate that's not your intention, but that's the inevitable terminus of your comparison.
  8. Because ethnicity isn't the sole factor in football support. How many Owls have a tradition of support they can trace back to great-grandparents? What were the demographics 50 years ago? You're effectively complaining that ethnic minorities aren't adopting your pseudo-religion and converting to the One True Faith of WAWAW.
  9. And I'm sure you'd be welcome to come round for a cuppa and a rich tea in the eyes of most of our fans. Where's the love for Viv!
  10. I prefer data to anecdotes. The most recent census suggests Sheffield is 83% white.
  11. But we've got Englishmen, Scotsmen, Argentinian-Italians (or is it Italian-Argentinians?), Portuguese, Kosovan, Irish, Swiss, Welsh, Dutch, Czechs (I miss anyone) representing us, as well as fans of all hues and nationalities around the world. Our stadium stalwarts are drawn from the local population and so reflect geographical locality rather than the entire nation. It is what it is. No need to introduce "racial bias" or whatever into the equation.
  12. Our society should be meritocratic, and football, as a sporting competition, should reflect this. Tokenism is racism. Do you watch football for the football or for the arbitrary characteristics of the players? The notion that the white-skinned members of our society aren't representative of multiculturalism is non-inclusive.