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  1. LOWeStoft fc
  2. We might have a different outcome to last season great season marred by the nerves in the final. This year indifferent performances mayne (maybe) topped by a great win in the final
  3. But would you accept criticism from so called fans who never go to any games?
  4. ATDHE. Anagram of Kiss of DEATH
  5. All we need is a couple of convincing wins and the whole place starts buzzing again, like when we beat newcastle
  6. Maybe because hes got 14 effing letters in his name, must weigh a ton to have his name on your shirt+he had grey hair and was the size of susan boyle
  7. Let me throw your toys back in the pram
  8. Theres loads on here who criticise who havent been to see a game for years they are the ones who i dislike the most.
  9. Leeds have been thru the mill wirh dodgy cellino, but the fans put ours to shame, the decibels from them was off the scale they are behind the team 100%
  10. We need a lot more like you
  11. We are a bunch of morons if you think about it, every thing the club has done good or bad over the last 2 years has been met with a barrage of critics, we win we moan, we lose we groan, individual players being singled out with insults on here cos they did wrong somewhere, well if i was a player reading some stuff we come out with, i would tell us to f@@k ourselves, and ask for a move elsewhere, social media is the ruin of mankind, and we all can shove twitter and facebook where the sun dont shine. Get some positive threads going before we fall flat on our faces
  12. WeaLdStOne fc
  13. You having a laff? Like it
  14. hudderSfieLd tOWn
  15. gLaSOW rangers