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  1. Carlos body language

    Frustration too I guess in not bringing new players in
  2. Not the same vibrant character he was before, must know something we dont.
  3. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    Not losing sleep over that, bolton will dump us out anyway
  4. Apart from training ground bust ups, we're not getting any yellow cards this season, which is good news when it comes to suspensions. But we have a problem with injuries maybe thats why we are not getting players booked for bad fouls or sendings off,?
  5. C'mon super Wednesday
  6. Ransom request

    Used to be called transfer requests, ahh the good old days of no nonsense managers and chairmen
  7. We're going nowhere fast

    We need someone to give us a good hammering, only way to get some reaxtion Reaction from the club
  8. Losing ground after just 3 games, we need a guy in charge who knows how utilise his squad, Mcgeady looks world class under Grayson, he was largely ignored by Carlos, so many of our players are out of position, C, mon lets get this sorted before its too late
  9. OFFICIAL - Frederico Venancio signs

    This is the " right side fred"
  10. Carlos Out

    Phuck yew all
  11. super computer predicts that

    Last year it predicted huddersfield would get relegated, utter rubbish
  12. ... Apart from the fact we look disjointed, knackered and no idea what to do when we have the ball
  13. Miguel Llera

    Close to pulling my teeth out
  14. Miguel Llera

    As a one off, would do the job for us this season, for me a legend