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  1. Repeat again
  2. Phew we can relax
  3. I'm phucking working
  4. Relax win lose or draw, you still working on monday to pay for your bills
  5. Someone at wembley will know
  6. Thats the spirit, and yes dont know how I came up with the title, I must have been inspired
  7. Yeah but he keeps his cards close to his chest
  8. What are our chances of going up? Better than last year? I'm more confident this year cos I thought Brighton were gonna knock us out last May
  9. Sacked on Christmas Eve, how cruel was that?
  10. Loads on here will know phuck all
  11. Exactly 27. 5 yards from each other
  12. All Rhodes lead to the premiership.
  13. Its a WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN situation
  14. Shhhugar
  15. I dare not go there, why is it bad?