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  1. So when do we think the new home kit will be released (assume it'll be a new away shirt as well?)
  2. You sure Sky Sports haven't been tinkering with the volume level on the mic's??
  3. We'll have stars on our 3rd strip next season above the badge, cue the Italians thinking we've won the premier league 40 times !!
  4. Planning Permission granted today for this. Valid for two years. wonder when the new wrap will go up.....
  5. I have 1 spare Adult ticket available for the away end. £35 including postage, with bank transfer i can post today for recorded delivery. PM if interested
  6. That's it ! Cheers, Awesome . Best kit EVER (that we've not had!)
  7. Any photoshop wizards who can turn Mel's Shorts Black with the white stripes down the side???
  8. While this is an awesome strip, and near perfect, would love to see this with Black shorts. Wonder if it was ever tried? Don't recall any change shorts.
  9. RIP WMJ always ripping the useless posts on here god bless & UTO forever man
  10. Hope they manufacture enough to meet the demand this time. Expect it will be very popular.
  11. At least it's a decent colour blue, and not the slightly bizarre aqua green blue of the sides of the south stand and weird colour of the north stand side.
  12. Maybe the mural that's been commissioned will be spread across the full length.
  13. Exactly. How long has it taken Brighton to build to where they are?.