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  1. Got 4k last season. Would've been reduced if we played them in playoffs to 2k.
  2. David Jones, it was at Brentford away.
  3. Not sure mate, only ever listen to it on the way back from games so might not work then.
  4. If he's got a smart phone there's an app called 'Simple Radio' you can download. You can get Radio Sheffield on that if that's any help?
  5. The 2 penalties in Leeds away and Brighton away cost us. Brighton were just better than us at Hillsborough.
  6. Can I firstly start by congratulating CC on steering us into the playoffs under immense pressure. After the Barnsley game I'd have been quite happy for DC to pull the trigger but I've always wanted CC to turn it round and he's done it at the most crucial time of the season, that shows the character of the man and this team. Onto the playoffs. Last season I don't think we were prepared mentally for the final and the big game experience from Hull's players proved pivotal on the day. This year we'll be the team with the experienced and big game players. One question that the other teams haven't answered yet is have they got the bottle? Whenever Reading and Huddersfield have had the chance to put pressure on the top 2 they've faltered. Fulham have had a good run going but have been helped by the Leeds collapse and our mid-season dip. We on the other hand have had to take the bull by the horns in the last 7 games and came to the fore when it mattered most. All the experts and neutrals have got Fulham running away with it at a canter, but I know where I'll be putting my money.... Back against us at your peril. WAWAW
  7. If the ID is going spare could I have it please? Either ID number would be great
  8. Some players and coaching staff arrive up to 2 and a 1/2 hrs before KO. So 9:30am would be about right.
  9. Would be happy for the season to be over now. Huddersfield over 2 legs with the 2nd leg at home, then either of them 2 in the final don't care which one it is...
  10. Pudil has been immense since returning from his layoff, the rest seems to have done wonders for him. No real pre-season following the Euro's and wrote off by many on here (including myself). Looking more like the player we signed at the beginning of last season rather than the player who looked drained at the end of the year. Thought he deserved some praise following the criticism he's received at times this season. Well done Daniel.
  11. The reason alot of people on here moan is because they know we're capable of putting in that kind of performance yet we've flattered to deceive for the majority of the season. Playing negatively from the off causes the negativity in the stands/social media/owlstalk. We are in a similar position to what we were in this time last year but the atmosphere has been completely different due to the lacklustre performances. If we play at the tempo we are capable of playing at, the tempo we played at yesterday, against Norwich at home and against Newcastle away, you'll see a much better reaction on here regardless of the result.
  12. Well I have to disagree also. When playing against us for 'Boro and PNE he tore us inside out. Looked sharp when he first signed but game by game his confidence has completely drained. There's a good player in there, but we won't see the best of him under Carlos.
  13. Poor lads becoming a scapegoat and it's down to Carlos' poor tactics. Full backs bomb on too early so he always has to cut back inside. You can see he wants to get down the wing but is scared to because our negative tactics won't allow. He's had his confidence sucked out of him and it's only going to get worse when he gets singled out all the time...
  14. Good post. Completely agree with everything you've said.
  15. Hi Carlos