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  1. I'd love to see us switch to 4-2-3-1 next year. Two players for each position up top. Rhodes/Winnall/Fletch FF/Reach Abdi/Hooper 2 new signings With Bannan, Hutch, Lee and another centre mid behind them. A couple of flying top class fullbacks with an end product would also probably improve our attack as much as anything else.
  2. He would have been Carlos 'bench impact weapon' in the final 10 min of games
  3. No I don't see why he would change his style. I think we'll continue to be narrow and defensive minded. His last game in charge he brought Nuhiu on - who hasn't scored a league goal in over a year - over Winnall who's scored about 15 in that time. It'd be a stretch to suggest that he'll go from such a defensive mindset to being attacking and free flowing. It's what we want but it's unlikely to be what we get based on what we've seen this year.
  4. Not happy. Abdi and Winnall should be sold immediately then. Carlos doesn't rate them. No point bringing Macmanaman back full time either. Doesn't rate him either. Also no point signing a right winger as it'll be Wallace no matter what. Or another centre mid as it'll be a defensive minded 4-4-2. Basically don't waste money on signing anyone because it'll be the same stale XI every week with a focus on keeping things ultra tight at the expense of pushing forward. I'm sorry but I just can't get those shocking, utterly turgid performances vs Hudders out of my head. And you'd have to be naive to suggest that Carlos will change his approach. For me the final straw has to be bringing Nuhiu on ahead of Winnall in the 2nd leg. Inexcusable.
  5. There are two glaring reasons why we need a change: 1) our performances against Huddersfield were disgraceful. Carlos was clearly out coached despite having the better talent at his disposal 2) CC failed miserably to integrate our new signings. Abdi, Buckley, McManaman, Winnall and Rhodes all struggled either through being given limited opportunities or being played out of position/utilised in the wrong system CC has done a good job and set us on the right path. But it's clear to me that we need a fresh injection of ideas. I would hate to spend another 20m only to see the same line up from 2016 every single week.
  6. I agree with your sentiments but... Abdi, Rhodes, Winnall, McManaman... I would be willing to bet that under a manager like Wagner or Jokanovic these guys would have been sensational for us this year. The treatment of Abdi Macca and Winnall was quite frankly shocking for the most part. Completely wasted.
  7. If Carlos stays I can see us spending another 20m, reaching the play offs with him still playing the same team as last year
  8. I'd rather we signed two quality fullbacks. Pudil and Hunt are liabilities for a club seeking automatic promotion next year. A winger the quality of Ritchie or Knockhaert would be very handy too.
  9. Carlos entire attitude to this 2-leg tie can be summed up by our most dangerous winger in McManaman not even getting a spot on the bench. I would have started him because he gives us width and the opposition something to worry about. But to not have him, or any wide threat on the bench? Shocking and indicative of Carlos' almost paralysing defensive approach.
  10. Yeah but what's Hudders budget compared to ours? An unfair comparison. Give Wager 20m to spend and just imagine what he could do.
  11. If Hudders don't go up then break the bank for Wagner & Mooy for next season. We'll go up automatic.
  12. If we scored loads of goals I doubt we'd be finishing 14th. I don't see 'scoring loads of goals' and 'keeping things tight' as mutually exclusive either. I'm sure we can keep our defence in order whilst playing a more dynamic style of football. That's what good teams do.
  13. We had the better players. They had the better team. Credit to Wagner. And Mooy. Best player on either team over both legs by a mile.
  14. What did we have, about 3 shots on target during normal time across both legs? The team with Carlos' set up don't give the fans a reason to get excited. The Brighton away leg last year was a rocking atmosphere in the first 20 because their team was attacking relentlessly. We on the other hand have strikers who can go a full half without touching the ball. No wonder the fans struggle to get excited.
  15. Should never have reached pen. Awful performance and team set up.