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  1. Agree on Nilsson. Imo he's the best right back to have graced the Premier League. But I also think that Chris Waddle in his prime was absolutely world class too. I can count on one hand the number of truly great wingers over the last 25-30 years and Waddle was one of them. The word 'genius' applies to him because beating a great defender with trickery is the most difficult and thrilling aspect of the game and he did it with ease like few others have before or since. You don't really see his ilk anymore because the game has veered away from the flying, pure winger at the top level with the 4-4-2 often giving way to more narrow formations.
  2. Bannan has been awful this season. Whenever I've seen him on the televised matches he often gets caught on the ball and misplaces overly optimistic passes. He must go to bed at night and dream that he's Pirlo or Michael Laudrup because he tries to pull off the passes of a genius when in reality he doesn't have 1/100th of that sort of ability. Also, is there a central mid in this league that scores fewer goals that Bazza? Get a manager in that's willing to play Hutch, Lee and Abdi in a midfield 3 (with better depth than Baz and Jones behind them) and with the likes of FF and Rhodes ahead of them we can dominate this league.
  3. One of the players we have to improve upon for next season if we're to make a proper run at the top 2.
  4. I think he has to as we absolutely won't go up if Carlos stays. It's a tough call to make on a genuinely likeable manager who's done good things at the club. But then it's a tough business and a new manager might be the only way we can salvage something from the season. Look at Leicester as an example. Or even Dave Jones a few years back. That change won us promotion.
  5. I thought the 5-1 win over Norwich was the start of a run, but not this kind of run! Though to be fair apart from that match and the win away vs Newcastle we've been bang average all season.
  6. Fulham are nailed on for the play offs imo so I wasn't fussed about tonight's result. It's Leeds and Reading in particular that we'll have to overtake.
  7. Easily a top 3 squad but 6th appears to be our limit! I do admire Hudders. They win for fun where as Norwich game aside we have to scrap tooth and nail for every point.
  8. ...but had we beaten Brighton as we should have we'd only be 4 points off automatic right now! And I reckon favourites for 2nd spot given their poor form. Oh well, hopefully the Norwich game was a sign that Carlos has 'released the hounds' because with FF on the left and two proper strikers up front we can put the cleaners through anyone in this league.
  9. We were completely dominating and obviously in need of a goal. CC then takes off Rhodes and Abdi and then we lose control of the game and don't even look like scoring. And Winnall was arguably MotM vs Birmingham and now can't get a game. Why not bring him on? I just can't work it out. And I bet the players can't either.
  10. We need a goal so he takes off the best striker in the division. I don't care if he's been quiet there's just no logic to taking Rhodes off there, let alone Abdi
  11. I've seen enough in these 15 minutes in the 2nd half to say that CC should never choose Fox/Reach over Reach/McManaman again.
  12. He's oozed class and hasn't taken a bad option. I reckon McManaman would provide him with another outlet going forward and stretch the defence as he's a proper winger.
  13. We just need more numbers in the middle; which is a common theme. Fox & Wallace off Bannan in a midfield 3, Reach to lb with McManaman & FF supporting Rhodes.