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  1. Nevermind ill just generally assume they were together at one of them London gentlemens clubs
  2. They were hugging and exchanging compliments for a loooong time after the whistle. Whats their connection? could he lure him to hillsborough? Would he be an improvement on the mighty lee? questions
  3. Agree wholeheatedly , zero mistakes defensively some good balls out from the back and an excellent goal to boot, no contest really
  4. In place of whom though. Fletcher for me mom, cannot remember when ive seen a centre forward work so tirelessly and effectively all across the pitch ( bar the ood lapse just in front of their goal).
  5. looks a bit short on confidence. however did well today. You can see hes got a footballing brain as he anticipates situations and stole the ball off em 3 times, protects the ball with his sheer size, and although he lacks essential winger attributes such as pace, exceptional crossing ability or a shot capable of putting fear into the oppos, when i squint, I see Waddle himself strolling down the line and that does make me feel warm inside. So all in all £5m reasonably well spent.
  6. Looks about on par with forestieris vicious dive on dawsons poor shin
  7. I got so depressed reading this i had to rewatch the forestieri-free extended highlights of SWFC 3-0 Arsenal (starring amog others Helan and Sougou). Feel a bit better now, can thoroughly recommend this treatment.
  8. Now do correct me if i´m wrong but i seem to recall one one just maybe 2 occasions last season when FF didnt play although seemingly fit due to " lack of energy" or summat diffuse. I don´t know if this was in one of those intense sat-tue-sat-tue bits of the season but I do remember CC saying something along the lines of " we need players that are with full energy, therefore he does not play". So playing devils advocate for a minute, does it seem too far fetched that we have on our hands a bit of a moody boy that has some neurotic vein and that this is just another one of those dips. You could understand CC accepting this to a degree but maybe this was the straw that broke the camels back. I do understand that with contract renewals comin thick and fast recently (also renewing contracts that are far from running down) FF´s contract has been discussed internally also involving his agent, and with the reported interest in him from other clubs 1+1 does seem to add up to 2, i´m just a bit flabbergasted by the sudden turnaround from " I want to end my career with SWFC" to this here situation and think theres more to this than meets the eye. Anyway, Knockeart would be more than adequate replacement and I think DC would go and get him just for the principle, if FF were to leave.
  9. It's just that I'm yet to see him make a bad performance at center back, until he does I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt
  10. I'm curious you highness: who's your no 1 and 2?
  11. Was wondering how he did today, anyone who's been care to enlighten me? Now in theory he cold make an amazing center half, he's got the reading of the game, the tackling, mentality of never say die that will win the duels in and around the box. What was lacking at center mid, vision, creativity and passing range won't really be required for this role. Also with him on the field we would get the pros of him shepherding our younger players (Joao Stobbs hirst etc) who I hope will get some game time during the season... Thoughts?
  12. Kieran Lee. Theres something about him, seems so shy and tender, I'm actually worried he didn't get a decent contract because he didn't want to make a scene during negotiations.