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  1. Fulham Tho!

    Blimey....he is far more articulate on pointless ! Although I suppose that's what they finished up with yesterday ....... :-)
  2. Snodgrass free to leave West Ham

    An absolute must signing as Boyd needs someone to keep him company on the bench....! #carloshateswingers
  3. can the club do anything right?

    That's handy....what's the number as gonna need one later :-)
  4. Would be boring on here if we were promoted as when we lost we would expect it and blame no one !
  5. Boyd

    Seems baffling to say the least. That Bently of his costs a few quid to run so he must be getting plenty for getting splinters in his jacksie !!
  6. Line up tonight

    Agree with that and hope they storm it tonight....has earned his place Winnall and this partnership should IMHO get a good run together.
  7. Progression

    They won't I believe its euro wide isn't it.....?
  8. 1-0 93rd minute scrappy goal from Winnall.....come onnnnnnnn !
  9. Progression

    PSG !

    harsh but true...

    Who rihane? :-)

    If we didn't have a manager who I am currently fully behind........I would still take him with our squad....just my opinion.
  13. So when do we class it as as bad start?

    I feel if we can beat Sunderland who had a really good result against Norwich it will get us back on track. And then if we are on 8 or 10 points after 5 games we should be feeling much more relaxed about things. However, a loss tomorrow and anything less than a point at Fulham and a win at Burton will mean meltdown and in reality a poor start that CC will do well to overcome.
  14. Bullen and Carlos

    I've danced with a woman who danced with a bloke who danced with princess Diana....that makes Diana my cousin doesn't it ?
  15. The Wednesday -V- Queens Park Rangers - OMDT

    Long distance support from Brescia today.....scintillate you wonderful Wednesday wizards....4-1