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  1. Class act as are Radiohead
  2. Don't worry....most of the population of GB don't come into contact with them.....so you are not alone.
  3. More chance of smoking grass on the kop matchdays......:-)
  4. Look under the "celebrities" tab on xhamster and away you go.....!!
  5. Or Graham Pugh
  6. They won't....he lives in Barnsley :-)
  7. Which Antonio :-)
  8. The last one against Hull was a better chance....:-)
  9. The Star are just stirring it up :-)
  10. So we are 'stuck with Rhodes' and want shut of Winnall......really...!! would be the starting 2 for me every week with a good winger and hooper behind them.
  11. If they are I believe we will be champions by Christmas.........
  12. Wish someone would blow me for £170m
  13. Well.....go on then we are all waiting :-)
  14. I would rather be relegated to league 1 than have David Moyes.....no offence David.
  15. Get out of my house !!