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  1. Well.....go on then we are all waiting :-)
  2. I would rather be relegated to league 1 than have David Moyes.....no offence David.
  3. Get out of my house !!
  4. I believe that was the beginning of the conversation...... DC....Carlos we have a big problem CC....I know I am sorry we messed it up this year DC.....no not that you buffoon, it has nothing to do with the football CC....well what is it DC....owlstalk are not happy so we need to sort out your future today
  5. What's happening Friday? :-)
  6. Aye bonny lad....m25 like man....
  7. I listened to Kevin Day a Palace fan on talk sport who absolutely hated what Pardew did at Palace. I believe it is his son who plays in the academy there and says that they actually go in for training every day since he left and bid sam took over !! He does usually have a good first 12 months so that might be all we need??
  8. Does the fact that the first 3 games next season could be.......Millwall (a) Burton (h) and Bolton (a) rather than Liverpool (a) Man Utd (h) and Chelsea (a) feel like our season has once again be wasted....? Our best season for points and finish in donkeys years and yet still feels like a real let down. I suppose it shows how far we have come and that reality needs to bite before we go again.
  9. Pace needed please.....sadly lacking....!
  10. Who would buy him....genuine question ?
  11. Jesus.....Carlos stay please ! My worry is wally with the brolly been at our last few games ......... noooooooooooooooooooo !!!!
  12. Rich beyond the dreams of avarice....
  13. Perfect then as all other bogey sides put to test this season......
  14. Are you Jaap Stam?
  15. Get well soon mate......don't watch because if the first 20mins is anything like Brighton last year it will finish you off !!!! Hope you get well enough to be at Wembley.