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  1. Team for Bolton

    Dawson (isn't wildsmith injured?) Fox Venacio Lees Palmer Matias Jones Wallace Winall Rhodes Joao
  2. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Anything other than a defeat is a result with this one. My money would be on Fulham 2-0 I just hope the new centre back is ready to go straight in and is an absolute beast. I also hope we are fighting for this one from the first whistle to the last.
  3. Umbro

    I don't know why we needed to have a manufacturer there... couldn't we have just stuck a 70s style owl there as the logo of kit was made in house, or just written 150 or summat Really couldn't care less who makes the kit I just want it to be a straight forward blue and white striped top. If thats a nike template or made by admiral then whatever.
  4. Match day rituals

    That or a sausage and tomato sandwich from lilys
  5. Match day rituals

    I always feel a bit twitchy if i havent drunk the blood of a christian child on matchday.
  6. Next season kit

    Away kit is grim, home kit okay if we can't have stripes
  7. Next season kit

    2 Smurfs one cup?
  8. Next season kit

    Someone somewhere must have a picture of it
  9. Bang on for me, that
  10. Lincoln friendly

    Ah I see I've given up on social media it's like being trapped in an echo chamber with the most boring people I've ever met screaming at me MY LITTLE PRINCESS LEFT HER DUMMYS FOR THE DUMMY FAIRY, I WENT FOR A RUN, BLAH BLAH
  11. Next season kit

    Jesus Christ it's just some paw prints where the camera won't even see
  12. Lincoln friendly

    Only video I can see on Hirstys Instagram is of the Sunderland u23 game he scored a hat trick in
  13. Next season kit

    How does anyone know it isn't Lacatoni? And is it just me that gets hungry when they see the word Lacatoni?
  14. Next season kit

    So it's Braga but blue and white yeah?