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  1. I don't get the whole work permit thing, if he isn't a brazil international won't he struggle to get a work permit?
  2. Not enjoying the transfer rumour thread this year then?
  3. It is rather peculiar that we don't have as many black players as a lot of teams. That's the end of the discussion really isn't it. It's just a quick of circumstance. I mean we have valued and happy BME players at all levels. So, it's just a funny thing. Like when some teams have practically all black teams. Just a quirk, I'm sure they aren't turning white players away because of the colour of their skin. Its certain our recruitment policy is 100% colour blind.
  4. Knickers and hose?
  5. I'm from Donny. My dad just started following Wednesday for a wee up with his mates. But you can't switch teams, you're basically just gonna follow the tream your dad does.
  6. Seems I might be the only person in the world who has never been impressed by him
  7. I hate derby. Team full of absolute 2@s.
  8. It's a yes from me.
  9. Westwood Lees Hutchinson Hunt Reach Lee Abdi Bannan Hooper Forestieri Hirst
  10. I wish.
  11. If we were struggling with ball retention I might consider COF with 10 minutes to go
  12. I prefer two up front... I'd combine DP with OWO. With PSE coming in behind.
  13. Get him on loan to league one somewhere he'll start for this season, needs more game time than we will offer
  14. Sauce?
  15. Stat website reckons Hourihane was the top defensive player in the league last season. So he could genuinely be something a lot closer to what we need IE a midfielder that can break down opposition attacks and move the play forward