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  1. People seem really kean to share their genius ideas for a new coach. How about Quique Sanchez Flores
  2. Basically, I'd like us to go out and play like we did in the 15-16 season. I reckon Reach is best as a LWB and can take over from Pudil. We need to sign a RWB with better end product than Hunt. Loovens needs replacing. I'm one of the few who rate Sasso, would be comfortable with a Lees Sasso CB pairing.
  3. I think poor is overstating it, but full back bus somewhere I'd be looking to upgrade this summer, on both wings. We've lacked service or penetration from the rings this season.
  4. I think, the complex and weird theory he's gone for, is to hold them away and smash 'em at home. I imagine it's in his book.
  5. My dad Victor says If you don't bounce.....
  6. Tuesday night for rock night at Karisma, then Saturday at Visage for "britpop" Free bottle of VK with entry before 11pm
  7. After being exposed to that song in Donaster's Karisma every Tuesday night for years I absolutely detest it. Tune in next week for more cool stories.
  8. Probably in the Graduate. Lots of tellys and the landlord is an owl.
  9. Watched the news yesterday and Huw Edwards didn't mention us at all. Obviously a blade. What an absolute poo .
  10. Westwood Palmer Lees Sasso Fox McManaman Jones Bannan Reach Rhodes Winnall Mostly not our current starters, some players that have shown themselves capable of playing every game without getting booked or injured. Give Lee Hooper and Fletcher a run out at the end of the game.
  11. Mark Clemmit and Garth Crookes both said they fancy us to go up today
  12. Hopefully we've got scouts out there looking for under the radar gems, that won't break the bank. A few experienced British prem players too.
  13. What happened to that Dele Alli who were at MK Dons, worth a punt?
  14. Is that McGugan? Doesn't look like him at all.
  15. We'll beat derby and Ipswich and the Fulham game will be a dead rubber. Which we will also win.