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  1. My gf asked me why I'm not as passionate about anything else as I am Wednesday. I don't know exactly how to explain it all to her
  2. Knew Steve on a different forum (Madsteve) where he updated us on his condition over the last year. Told us a few weeks ago he wasn't in a great condition and to expect him to stop posting soon. Even so it came as a shock when I found out. His knowledge on most things, not just Wednesday, was absolutely fantastic. The stats and post game analysis he provided was top notch. He'll be missed by many. RIP Steve and condolences to Max (the "young padawan" Steve spoke about all the time I assume) and family.
  3. Had a fiver on Wednesday to win 3-1 and Joao to score anytime. 65/1 Still a bit annoyed tbh
  4. I don't believe you. The Easter range should be coming in about now surely?